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All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source.
Pet Remedy helps with dog anxiety, cat anxiety and general pet stress including reptiles, birds and larger mammals

Kirsty Lawman
12/11/17 Facebook

Would really recommend this product - it helped my dog with the fireworks and settled him very quickly

Shonagh Staten
31/8/18 Facebook

Thanks to Pet Remedy for assisting with this little lady. This is Finnegan; she's around four months and was found in someone's garden. The finder (her current foster mum) has a boisterous boy, and the diffuser has been set up today to see if it helps calms things between the pair of them. Hopefully it'll work it's magic on her foster brother.

ShanTails Dog Grooming
5/11/18 Facebook

Erin all settled now after using pet remedy! And so is the cat!! Xxxxx

JynxnJessie 5/11/18 Amazon
5/11/18 Amazon

Just great. Helped calm down our kitties on Bonfire night 🙂

Sarah Firth
5/11/18 Facebook

Many thanks for the help and advice you gave me at the National Pet Show in Birmingham yesterday. My 6 month old kitten, Ernie was not dealing well with his first exposure to fireworks. Within an hour of putting in the plug-in, last night, Ernie was much more relaxed and calm, sleeping through the fireworks which still were being let off late last night. He was so content that he fell asleep in his play box on top of his fleecy blanket. Many thanks. I will certainly recommend this product to other owners and top up my plug in as and when required.

Tracey Alstrom
4/11/18 VioVet

This is really good! I admit i wasn't sure it would work but has helped my dog with this years fireworks! She is terrified of them and thus helps her to relax, its not a cure but has really helped her, instead of her wondering around panting she lays in one place for a while at a time!.she is not so stressed at all, im really pleased with this, it has really helped! Its not a cure from being scared but helps!..AAA++

Sarah Lewis
4/11/18 Facebook

To Gill & Pet Remedy Staff,
So every year Ben’s fireworks phobia has gotten worse & worse to the point he paces up and down, crying & whining but more disturbingly as he’s trying to get away from the noise he jumped out of the bedroom window last year and this year the window is shut and the bedroom locked so he can’t get out that way although he just head buts the front door, which is very distressing as you can imagine. I’ve tried in the past calming tablets, calming liquid you add to the dog food, adaptil plug in and spray and getting Ben a thundercoat to wear. So this year knowing I had to try anything and everything no matter the cost I came across You... PET REMEDY who were selling a kit comprising of pet wipes, 200 ml spray, plug in, 15ml spray ( for when your out n about ) the set was £36.00 I was willing to try anything so when the kit arrived I was armed n ready!
Saturday there were firework displays going on so I used a wipe and some spray and Ben was a different dog yes he was slightly agitated but he laid at my feet and that’s where he stayed for the 4 Hours it was going on. If I moved then Ben got up and followed me so closely I almost fell over him a few times but as soon as I sat back down so did Ben .... I don’t know what is in the make up of ingredients but THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH PET REMEDY I know where I’ll be getting more in the future and recommending it to all my doggy mates who go through the same.

Pic 1, Ben with his pet remedy kit, 4 pics of the start of Ben getting agitated in the first 5 minutes of fireworks, then after Ben using his pet remedy spray & wipe just laying next to the sofa for 4 hours. Thank you

4/11/18 Amazon

I thought I had tried everything for my extremely nervous dog who shakes so much at fireworks, storms etc but I tried this and the bandana with the calming spray and what a change in her! Yes she still shakes at the extremely loud fireworks but she now stops as soon as the fireworks stop as before she would be in a terrible state for at least 30-45 mins after they had finished! The last couple of nights she has just been so relaxed and stayed with me the whole time rather than going off to hide! I know every dog is different and it might not work for your dog but give it a go. I’m glad I did!

Georgina Abigail Mandeville Keen
4/11/18 Facebook

100% recommend pet remerdy. it has worked so well for my dog who is terrified of hiccups fireworks and the like sound on Facebook.... my cat also love it

Ingrid Thompson
2/1/18 Facebook

I can vouch for the Pet Remedy calming spray. It seems to work really well on cats

Victoria Wright
1/11/18 Amazon

I plugged this in when I got it and almost immediately our dog seemed calmer. He is not so stressed when we leave the house to pop out now. The smell seemed fairly strong when first plugged in but I don't even notice it now and didn't after about an hour of having it. Will definitely keep buying this.

Emma McKeaveney
31/10/18 Facebook

I got one of these on Saturday at the supreme cat show. With on hours of plugging it in at home I noticed a difference in my cats they was very relaxed. They didn't really notice the fireworks going off out side. To anyone thinking about buying one it's MUST!

31/10/18 Amazon

The smell of this is lovely, not overpowering or chemical smelling like so many diffusers are. I have noticed it has had some calming effect on my cats but it is being used in a large area so clearly the effect will be limited and is certainly better than other calming diffusers I have tried previously. I will continue using this product by purchasing refills because I would miss that gentle background aroma if it wasn’t there. I have absolutely no negative comment to make about this diffuser.

30/10/18 Amazon

Only had this for just over an hour. And my dog has gone from a shaking wreck (she literally sits and shakes all day long) to calm and playful. Tried lots of different things but none have worked except this. Haven't tried walking her yet but happy with how it's helping in the house. Started working in about 30mins. Two spays on bandana. Hoping it will help with fireworks and walking her as she is terrified of the outside world, loud noises, children, men, big dogs, fast moving objects, balloons, anything loud that's moves that's big lol and she's only small so most things are bigger than her. Serene um calm she's been on for a week and no improvement. So very happy with this.

Julie Cusack
29/10/18 Facebook

I have 3 Pet Remedy diffusers around the house. This wee girl always lets me know when it’s time to put in new refills and she instantly becomes a little angel again, much to the relief of her big sister. Big thumbs up to Pet Remedy.

27/10/18 Amazon

For years I have used felliway. I wasn’t sure if it worked. Tried this one because it says it’s natural, it seems to work with our four cats so I will use this make in future.

26/10/18 Amazon

I was concerned about firework season this year as I have four gorgeous dogs, three of which are rescue dogs. My boy is highly strung, temperamental and grumpy and I’ve tried calming stuff in the past to no avail. I
honestly was really sceptical about diffusers, and I was worried they wouldn’t affect my dogs. I have a 7 month old pup who is petrified of loud noises especially fireworks. I honestly can say this worked almost instantly for my four. They settled down, and loud noises didn’t startle them, infact they stayed asleep and we jumped!! They seem much calmer now, and didn’t even flinch when a firework went off!
There is a bit of a smell, reminds me of the plug in mosquito repellents but you get used to it and forget it’s there. It uses little electric (have a smart meter) and Is easy to assemble. I would recommend this to anyone with animals, especially around firework season.


This has really calmed my cat. She no longer over preens herself and no longer runs away.

Daphne Hall
25/10/18 Facebook

Seems to help one of my Border Collies relax when going to bed, when she was always anxious this does not seem to be the case now

Carol Ashworth
18/10/18 Facebook

Great as a calming aid with our rescue dogs.

Hecate Trivia
18/10/18 Facebook

Have been using Pet Remedy for a couple of years & it's brilliant! Works better than anything else for my cats & also helps me to relax
Martyn couldn't have been more helpful - thank you for sorting the new atomiser

Karen Kattery
18/10/18 Facebook

Our cat Tiffany was extremely distressed when we bought our new puppy Cooper in to the home. Tiffany disappeared for 18 hours and refused to come back in the house. We tried various different things to calm her but nothing worked. A relative suggested we try pet remedy, it was a instant success. Tiffany loved the plugin purring and rolling around next to it whilst the puppy watched her! We also used the spray and wipes. Tiffy is happy to be around Cooper now, even next to him on the floor, which was a definite no, no. I can’t recommend these products enough. I have a happy house again

Christine Bland
16/10/18 Facebook

Fantastic stuff really works for my whippets was sceptical but so happy I started using it

15/10/18 Amazon

I think pet remedy is fab it’s helped my dog greatly, I would definitely recommend to others. One very happy customer and my dog is very happy too. Thank you

Debs B
15/10/118 Amazon

Seems to be working well - will find out when fireworks really start but bought it early to hopefully help prior to all the noise.
Dog seems a lot calmer and happier in herself.

David Clover
10/10/18 Amazon

Nice to have a product with natural remedies and no toxicity problems. Worked really well for a household with 5 cats. Very pleased with the purchase and as I write this review a couple of months after purchase, I can say that I have now bought the refills too. Thank you Pet Remedy.

9/10/18 Amazon

The smell is far less offensive than the dog's farts. The spray itself seems to have worked. I no longer have "I'd rather cower in my basket and feel pathetic than go outside and play because my dad isn't home for another few months". I spray a little on my hands and gently massage it around his head, leave him 5 minutes, and he (the dog, not the husband) comes prancing around me asking to go outside and play with his equally huge brother. No hesitation to recommend this (not least because it's cheaper than the other brands).

Dilys Barr
8/10/18 Amazon

Brilliant has really made a difference to our cat who has big anxiety issues

Kickboxer Carol
6/10/18 Facebook

All these products are great I use all of them for my stressed out cat he's gone from pulling his fur out literally to being contented again I'd recommend them all

S. Wheler
1/10/18 Amazon

Since installing this product my Jack Russell dogs have been calmer when balloons fly overhead. Will wait to see what happens on bonfire night this year!

Jo Titman
1/10/1/18 Facebook

My two adorable gremlins enjoying the sunshine. Both rescues had the one at the back 4 years now now age 9 and newbie 18 months in the front who arrived last weekend after my boy sadly losing his friend a couple of months ago. Both settling in to the changes brilliantly with the help of pet remedy, thank you.

Esther Froy
1/10/18 Facebook

This stuff is brilliant i use it for 3 of my staffs as they hate fireworks i rub the pet remedy wipe under there chins and over there body also use the spray and plug ins too helps alot for fireworks

Charlotte Freeman
28/9/18 Facebook

Don't think we'd get threw bonfire night with are cat without PR !

Joe Hamilton
28/9/18 Amazon

We think this has helped one of our cats quite a lot who is constantly stressed and on edge. He seems a lot more relaxed and less anxious. At the beginning we used to have it on for long periods of time and move it from room to room. He became noticably more relaxed over the few weeks and has now reached a point where we no longer really use it unless we have friends or family around as he hides under the bed, we turn it on and a few hours later he often will come out. The only problem is that it does really smell of stinky feet. It’s not unbearable and doesn’t make the whole house smell but it is quite strong and will stink out a small room. Once it’s turned off the smell does go quite quickly. For us, the bad smell is worth having a happier cat

Amazon Customer
26/9/18 Amazon

Really calms my anxious dog
First time we plugged it in, he slept next to it for hours and was so calm and relaxed.

Diane McMilan
24/9/18 Amazon

I rescue shih tzus & this is a god send for nervous little dogs it definitely has a calming effect.

Gill Andrew
23/9/18 Facebook

These are our pigs,the little brown one is Kevin. He’s a rescue piggy who arrived 2 weeks ago All the changes he’s had in the last 9 months have made him a bit snappy. After spraying his hut and surroundings with Pet Remedy spray we can definitely see a difference in him today. He’s a lot calmer and seems to be settling down with his new friends Peppa,Hattie & Babs!

Debbie Mitchell
23/9/18 Facebook

I have been using this for my Welsh collie for the couple of yrs. When there's thunder & bonfire. New year's eve. It's great. I can even put it on my sofa ( that's where she goes when she's scared) & it doesn't stain it. It really calms her so much she goes to sleep. Wouldn't use anything else.

Sarah M Collins
23/9/18 Amazon

Found the smell to be quite overpowering for the first few weeks but I don’t notice it at all now. It seems to be helping my cat more now, four or five weeks in. She’s eating better when am out and not waiting at the door every time I come home so ordered refills, She keeps getting better with it

Helene Louise Lave r
23/9/18 Facebook

Our cat Tiffany was extremely distressed when we bought our new puppy Cooper in to the home. Tiffany disappeared for 18 hours and refused to come back in the house. We tried various different things to calm her but nothing worked. A relative suggested we try pet remedy, it was a instant success. Tiffany loved the plugin purring and rolling around next to it whilst the puppy watched her! We also used the spray and wipes. Tiffy is happy to be around Cooper now, even next to him on the floor, which was a definite no, no. I can’t recommend these products enough. I have a happy house again

Taylor T 95
18/9/18 Amazon

Absolute live saver. I have a saint Bernard who decided he would try and eat the walls every time we left him. I bought my first one of these in 2015 and buy the refills about once every 4 months. I have only just had to replace the actual plug socket which for me was amazing as it is always switched on. This is well worth the money

Claire Brimble
15/9/18 Facebook

William who is one of the many bunnies I care for in my rescue recently had an operation on his ear. He wants to say thank you Pet Remedy for the sample box yousent as it helped him on his journey to and from the vets and at home while he recovers, we will be highly recommending your products to all adopters x

Sara Barton
14/9/18 Amazon

Have brought several, seems to work well, we have 11 indoor Cats, and 4 Dogs. All act so much calmer. Can tell when need to replace chemical.
Price is very reasonable compared to other brands, and works for a variety of animals, not just ‘Cats’ or ‘Dogs ‘ like other makes.

Mike Taff McAuliffe
12/9/18 Facebook

I use this for my stressy staffy and can endorse it. Works wonders for her.

Louise M
7/9/18 Amazon

Seems effective. I spray a little inside my puppie's blanket which covers his crate, to help him settle.

Miss Tara A Crocker
5/9/18 Amazon

My cat had to have stitches the other day and has been confined to one room. I bought him home some wipes and he immediately started dribbling and loving life! Will be recommending pet remedy to all our clients at our dog grooming salon!

Rosie Miles
5/9/18 VioVet

I got a new tall boyfriend heavy on his feet.tge cats used to run&hide while he was here but the calming atomiser an hour or 2 before he arrived then while he was here, calmed them beautifully.

Kitty Chaloner
3/9/18 Facebook

My cat had to have stitches the other day and has been confined to one room. I bought him home some wipes and he immediately started dribbling and loving life! Will be recommending pet remedy to all our clients at our dog grooming salon!

Lisa W
2/9/18 Amazon

This has been a god send, my dog had a trip to the vets for dental work, last time he was fine after surgery but this time he wouldn't settle in his crate at night and hated being in the dark, this product was recommended to me and after reading other reviews, I decided to give it a try, Its worked wonders, a couple of sprays before we close his crate at night and he settles much quicker, last night we even managed to switch the light off! 😁 Happier dog and even happier owners x

Anna's Cat Feeding Service
31/8/18 Facebook

I love this product! Pet Remedy is something I always use on my visits, especially with the slightly worried cats. I also see in practice how this product can often have a very calming effect on cats. I use the spray but it comes in a plug-in diffuser and handy wipes too.

Shonagh Staten
30/8/18 Facebook

I've been using Pet Remedy in my own multicat household for a number of years now, and it is absolutely one of the reasons the cats co exist so well together. Can't recommend it enough.

Casey Jo Thompson
29/8/18 Facebook

Best ever product for de stressing your dog I love it and use it for so many different things ! Can’t recommend it enough

Mick Moore
26/8/18 Amazon

Soon got use to the smell and our dog has settled down

26/8/18 Amazon

Two sprays on my dog's bandana was enough to calm him considerably. He was so stressed with a skin complaint on his neck and back but this really helped.

Meg Richards
25/8/18 Facebook

I have an extremely nervous cat who reacted to our new puppy by spraying on the carpets. We tried other plug ins but pet remedy has made such a difference - he actually sits next to the plug! And no more spraying! So lovely to see him relaxed again!

Julie Michaels
23/08/18 Facebook

I am a dog groomer and have used these products just recently..unbelievable..the power of calm..

Amity Pet Care
21/8/18 Facebook

To the average person, this will look like a really boring photo, however, I wanted to document this, as this is one of the first times I've ever seen this girl eat from a bowl! She has lots of issues around eating enough food, lots of allergies, and normally has to go out on a walk to eat her meals, and even then often refuses. She also has to have treats for lunch and throughout the day to stop her from vomiting bile.

I did mix in some of her treats in, and we use and stock Pet Remedy products to help the animals to be calm and relaxed, and do as much as we can to support each individual animal, but I'm pretty mind blown that she are everything bar about 5 biscuits (she was full up)! Hopefully this is a major step in the right direction!

Jane Hamilton
18/8/18 Facebook

I bought a heat pad to keep newborn puppies warm.
It's a high quality product which performs really well.
The fact that you can detach the power cord make it really easy to fit between the bars of a puppy pen.
The last pad I had didn't have that which was quite annoying!
Fabulous customer service. Really recommend!

Moorland Paws
16/8/18 Facebook

It works though. I use it to help my doggy customers relax when they are being groomed. It is worth it for sure.

David Pillsworth
15/8/18 Viovet

It appears to have helped our two cats and may it continue. We will certainly be ordering more as required, shame it doesn't have a better aroma for human nostrils.

For the first time we was able to take our dog on a 30 min car ride without her been sick. Very happy

Irene Moore
13/8/18 Facebook

My dogs been shaking and trying to scrape walls and escape didn't know what was wrong with him.PDSA couldn't give him anything, now after 24hours using pet remendy spray he's back to himself, amazing product recommend it to everyone who has a pet


13/8/18 Facebook

Smell not too offensive and my cat seems to be Chilled around this

Lizzie Yeliab
11/8/18 Facebook

This really helped my old dog with dementia and is now helping the other dogs now he has passed recently.

Sonia Smart
9/8/18 Facebook

I have 50 cats, all rescued. There are skirmishes, specially since we are in the middle of the moonsoons, so the cats are pretty much indoors all the time. I sprayed Pet Remedy in trouble making spots around the house. And I must say there was peace. So thank you.

9/8/18 Amazon

Following one of my cats moving out and living on the wall due to fighting with the others I had to try something. My mum told me about the spray so thought I would give the spray and plug in a try. I was massively impressed within a couple of hours all the cats were in one room and not a single hiss has been heard since. The cats all seem more relaxed and actually like each other again.

Lakshmi G
8/8/18 Facebook

Three tiny bottle-fed rescue kittens in India got to spend their first night ever on a heated pad last night.

Thank-you Pet Remedy for the heated pads, fleecy covers, calming wipes and calming sprays which have now completed their journey of over 7000km to reach the 60+ rescue cats and kittens at Cat Sanctuary Goa in India.

The small, the sick, the weak, and the post-op cats will benefit hugely. Their carers will have more time to focus on feeding, cleaning and giving treatments, rather than constantly filling and refilling hot water bottles. The terrified cats and dumped kittens that they rescue from the streets will be calmed more easily with the scents.

A big thank-you from me, and from Sonia and her CSG team - and from the kitties of course!


Tamsin Liesel Fletcher-Salt
6/8/18 Facebook

The first time in about 6 months our female cat has slept in the house. We're not sure what occurred but she has only been coming back every 2 or 3 days for food. Since using Pet Remedy for only 48 hours she is coming into the house and relaxing again

Justine Allen
3/8/18 Facebook

This is Pippa the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel trying the Pet Remedy shampoo system. It worked incredibly well, not only was she relaxed throughout her groom but her coat was left in beautiful condition.

Tara Louise Markham (Mrs
2/8/18 Amazon

Seems to work, not tested with fireworks yet just thunder. My x Jack Russell is definitely calmer

Amazon Customer
26/7/18 Amazon

Helps when we have to go out in the cat box😻

Melanie Lynch
24/7/18 Viovet

My dog was howling when I left her but she stopped when we started using the calming plug in. She's much calmer too.

24/7/18 Amazon

Love this item. Calms down both cats and dogs. Easy to use and great refill.

23/7/18 Email

Dear Pet Remedy


I’ve just been made aware of your product and I’m already a fan. As a danish rabbit expert I would like to help other rabbit owners become aware of your product, which could benefit a lot of rabbits.



I have a bonded pair of neutered rabbits.


They have been living together without any problems for 4 years. I sometimes takes rescue rabbits in and get them spayed/neutered, vaccinated and healthy.


Two days ago I took in a male rabbit, who isn’t neutered. My male rabbit reacts immediately and this has always been a problem. They aren’t in the same room, but the smell is enough for him. My rabbits started fighting, pulling fur and chasing each other like I’ve never seen before. I thought about the bottle of Pet Remedy I’ve been given by a friend and thought it couldn’t hurt.


Honestly not believing it would help. Not even 1 minute after spraying my rabbit calmed down. I’ve never experienced anything like that before!


They had been fighting for almost 24 hours and with a few sprays they were friends again and haven’t been acting up since!


I need to tell people about your product! Oh and I also need to buy a lot of your products since it’s only a small 15 ml bottle.


Thank you so much!


Sincerely Mai-Britt

Pets Global
23/7/18 Facebook

Ayra the gorgeous Main Coon in for grooming today Totally chilled out and fell asleep on the table! All thanks to the use of Pet Remedy

Andrew Hill
20/7/18 Amazon

I was so very, very skeptical over this product but felt that we had no alternative but to try it.

Our 4 year old cat had started peeing on the livingroom rug, bedroom carpet, bottom step of the stairs and on the kid's wooden train tracks. We could not work out what was worrying or stressing her and she did not have a urine infection. In addition she was hiding from us and we would also find large clumps of fur lying about that she had pulled out.

We bought this and gave it a spray round the areas where she normally sleeps, where she had been peeing and where we were finding the clumps of hair.

Do not get me wrong - this stuff stinks worse than many of the things I have smelled in my live (it kind of smells like a huge, wet, muddy dog) and after spraying it round I started to regret even having bought it. The smell doesn't linger for too long though.

Within about 30 mins we noticed that our cat was spending quite a bit of time sniffing about where we had been spraying this stuff. I was convinced that she was about to squat down and pee, but she didn't. A little while later she came up beside me and snugged in. She has stopped peeing on the carpet and is much more affectionate.

We found our other cat sprawled out on the sprayed area in a drunken stupor.

I am not sure that this stuff will work for everyone's cat, and we still don't know what was causing our cat to do what she was doing, but she isn't doing it any more.

Susan Bell
18/7/18 Facebook

Just purchased your Pet Remedy plug in, dogs are well chilled thank you. On the down side, I am really sleepy is that normal?

Denise Francis Wint
16/7/18 Viovet

Effective, purchased this as my vet had sold me the small one to help with a puppy with separation anxiety found the larger spray on Viovet worked out more cost effective

Maddi O’Neil
15/7/18 Amazon

Has really helped to relax one of my dogs who suddenly became anxious of being in the kitchen. Have also used the spray but prefer the diffuser.

Nicola Speke
13/7/18 Facebook

This is Pudd's my 10mth old foster kitten who I'm fostering for Rotherham Rescue Rangers, Pudd's requires on going treatment at the vets. On each vet visit Pudd's has hissed and been very difficult to handle despite trying lots of distraction techniques. Today I wiped her with a pet remedy wipe before going into the vets and during consultation and Pudd's was so much more settled and easy to handle. Fantastic result and will be using these on each visit x

12/7/18 Amazon

My cats love it .
They really enjoy every single time .
When they get too stressed I'm just using on them and they calm down and enjoy.
Brilliant .

Pets Global
10/7/18 Facebook

Maya fell into our grooming salon by mistake having previously gone to another groomer. She had to begin with a severe fear and intolerance of the dryer to the point she would vocalise and attack it as her defence mechanism.

Numerous de-sensitising sessions later and we are now able to fully groom her which is a miracle. This is down to Jillian’s perseverance, commitment and determination to help Maya overcome her fear and Jill our groomers patience, understanding and compassion.

The result speaks for itself. Maya went out the door today half sleeping and totally chilled with the help of Pet Remedy shampoo and leave in conditioner

Sue Williamson
5/7/18 Facebook

I have been using Pet Remedy in my grooming salon over the last couple of weeks. The difference in the anxiety levels of the dogs is amazing. A brilliant addition to the salon. I ordered a starter kit on Monday to sell products myself, it was delivered yesterday. Brilliant services as well

Mai-Britt Edvart Nielsen
2/7/18 Facebook

I tried the spray on my bonded pair of rabbits a couple of weeks ago. They have been living together for 4 years, but due to a not neutered male rabbit staying here for a week, they started chasing each other, pulling fur and acting up like I’ve never seen before.
A friend gave me the spray a few months ago, but I hadn’t used it. Just three puffs in the kitchen and they were calm almost immediately! Honestly never experienced anything like it before.
Tomorrow we are visiting the vet for their regular health checks and vaccinations and I’m definitely going to spray some in their carrier

1/7/18 Amazon

We used another well known product on 3 different cats who have lived with us over the years, on the advice of our vet. One cat actually sprayed the diffuser and the other 2 cats it did nothing for them. This time we have 2 rescue cats who are on their 4th home. One was highly strung and terrified and the other was marking on curtains and carpets. The vet even had to anaesthetise one of them to check them out before we were given them. We even hired a Pet Psychologist to help them. That helped a bit but we still had problems. Last year our vet recommended and used Pet Remedy in the surgery and what a difference. The cats became more settled and peaceful and we could not believe how good the remedy spray was. The cats were also became stressing out when we went away on holiday. We now use plug ins when we go away and that keeps the cats settled. We have now had these cats for 4 years and because of Pet Remedy they have a better, less stressed life. No more wet curtains!

Amazon Fanatic
1/7/18 Amazon

Definitely works.

I have 3 cats (2 females and one male). The male is now 10 and since he was born has been a very soppy cat, very attention-craving and suffers with separation anxiety, seriously! He has got worse with age. As of late he has been peeing on the beds (AGGGGGGGGGGGGH!) and then developed a urinary tract issue (very expensive vet bill and a Veterinary diet). I work at the vets and saw this, but I bought this on Amazon as it is a lot cheaper - I also have the spray.

Since using this diffuser and the spray to occasionally spray areas, and the cat, he has calmed considerably - it's almost as though he is constantly stoned, yet still his lovable, talkative self 😉

It does have a strong whiff (especially the spray) but that's Valarium, and as it's a natural herb (not a chemical smell, which I hate) I can deal with it. The main thing is he is less stressed, as any stress brings on his issue. We recently had a new door chain (fly chain) fitted, and this is what started his recent episode of urinating in the house as he was stressed, hence developed the urinary problem. He has been petrified of going through the chain, whereas the others do with no problem. This has enabled him to be less scared of the chain and anything else that would normally stress him out. The smell is really not that bad, you get used to it, and we only occasionally catch a whiff.

Julie Lynne
29/6/18 Amazon

Very effective. Helped a lot for two upset cats. Would buy again.

Lakshmi G
27/6/18 Facebook

One of my 4 rescue cats from India, now living in Bulgaria with me, on one of his many Pet Remedy heated pads. These heated pads are very important to my cats, particularly for this ginger cat, Mango, as he only has one lung. When he gets tired he knows he always has a warm place to sleep.

Angelica Herra-Pertopoulou
26/6/18 Facebook

Samantha feels quite happy lying on Zoro’s (the dog) body wrap, which was earlier sprayed with pet remedy, due to summer thunderstorms in Greece!

24/6/18 Amazon

Works very well from my sometimes highly strung husky.

Natasha Underdown
20/6/18 Facebook

Pet Remedy has been an absolute godsend for me over the last 5 weeks, my horse had a fall in her field at the end of April resulting in her having to be stabled 24/7 for the last 5 weeks. She’s usually extremely highly strung and in all honesty the thought of having to keep her in for that long was daunting, however I bought a bottle of the pet remedy spray from my local pets corner and it has worked wonders! It’s an absolutely amazing natural product that I would defiantly recommend to everybody!
See below my previously scatty, stroppy and sometimes aggressive mare who is now a very relax happy girl!
I can’t recommend pet remedy enough!!

Angelica Herra-Petropoulou
17/6/18 Facebook


My little helper in cat rescue is the pet remedy spray !!
I spray on the cloth in the cage and the cat stops "miaow"ing and relaxes until we get to the vet for neutering!!

15/6/18 Amazon

Brilliant, I just wish I had known about this years ago. My dog is terrified of fireworks & loud bangs. This spray helps him to cope with it a lot better.

Christine Cook
14/6/18 Facebook

poor lexie lost her beloved Leo last year and pined. Having got a kitten after 5 months she wasn't having THAT, thankyou very much! We got a plugin...and hoped! We hadn't allowed for the fact that a middle aged cat might not want a 3 month old Billy Whizz in the house demanding constant attention and 6 hour playtimes! Pet remedy took the edge off all the angst...and they are now BESTEST FRIENDS !

13/6/17 Amazon

This stuff definitely works. Tried Adaptil first time round. It's very expensive in comparison to Pet Remedy and is man-made. Pet Remedy is natural and so much more affordable. True - it stinks for the first couple of days but that wears off and you don't notice it. Takes affect on nervous dogs immediately and has no negative side effects. My dog is an extremely nervous boy and this is the first time he has been chilled out. Would definitely recommend.

Rebecca Cheng
13/6/18 Amazon

Brilliant product, I always have Pet Remedy plug ins around the house and my cats love it. Fireworks, loud noises, thunder, not a problem

13/6/18 Amazon

This is wonderful for my cats, I was recommend this by the cat rescue scocirty that I received my kitts from and they used it to calm the cats they rescued. It seemed to work well for them and helps my cats be less anxious. My kittens were initially federal , so very apprehensive but this intally helped them feel safer at home and I have confined to use it for the last year, espcaoly when I’m away .
I recommend it to other people too and my friends have had great success with their pets too.
I previously used feliway and it really don’t work .
The only thing with this Is it has a very distinctive smell , like old socks that my partner hates. Personally I don’t car as if the cats are calm then that all that matters , and I notice they are more anxious without it . However I just admit the smell is inisally not pleasant for us humans !

Barbara Lee
8/6/18 Facebook

Really great product. ...use at work for all our worried patients of all species. Try the new wipes that can be used directly on your pets x

Lorraine Stewart
6/6/18 Facebook

We started using pet remedy 6 weeks ago for our 1 year old basset x beagle who used to bark and howl everytime we left the house. We use the spray and bandana every morning and its calmed him down so much and no more barking! Couldn't recommended this product more

Tima Lund
4/6/18 Facebook

FIRST ENCOUNTER with the new 3 step grooming product.
I am not a groomer; but have a cocker spaniel girl with 2 week old pups. Daily washing of rear end and feathers are needed in the first few weeks after giving birth. The new mummy dog doesn't like being away from her pups and stands at door of shower and is impatient to get back to them. Yesterday, a warm summer day, I thought I'd give her a full wash using the new 3 stage products. You can't see the difference much in myphotos, but the softness and shine afterwards is very noticeable. HOWEVER, as a trainer mainly interested in the welfare of my dogs I noticed that the bathing experience was noticeable nicer for Zola, she stood calmly in shower, not trying to rush off back to her pups. So, once again, thumbs up to Pet Remedy for producing another product to help our pets live a happier less stressed life with us.

Chris Rundle
3/6/18 Amazon

Works well with excitable dogs

Lynne C Malone
3/6/18 Facebook

The best product in the market for calming dogs and cats. I swear by it for mine too

Gillian Reynolds
2/6/18 Facebook

Flora chilling after her drive

Christine Durrant
2/6/18 Facebook

Pet remedy is really good i use it for my dog and cats it really works

Christine Durrant
2/6/18 Facebook

Pet remedy is really good i use it for my dog and cats it really works

Kath John Neilson
1/6/18 Facebook

It calms my patterdale bitch fireworks wen daughter's dog visits. I spray on my hand sit her on my knee let her smell it rub under her chin

Bianca Hermina
1/6/18 Facebook

This product , spray and plugin, helped me bonding my, so scared, adopted bunny and his new lady bun! At same time it helped stopping the cats fight and brought more peace to another bunny couple that were having fighting times! It is great! I know it works because if I don't use it the cats start to fight again. Bonding went even better with these products. He is still a stressfull little boy so we only use the plug in now and use the spray when cats have their moments. I highly recommend this! Thank you Pet Remedy

Sue Hopgood
1/6/18 Facebook

I'm using the diffuser & spray for my very nervous kitty Bella. She and her sister Saffy have lived with me for over 4 years but Bella still panics if I move wrong! Pet Remedy just helps dial it down for her. Bella is in front.


Marney Vierthaler
31/6/18 Facebook

I am writing a great big thumbs up recommendation for this product. The example I am going to share is him wearing the spray on a bandana during a heavy thunder and lighening storm this week. In days past he would automatically run and hide cowering in the bathroom (his chosen safe spot). As you can see from the photos, with the aid of the calming spray he remain calm and relaxed. Wonderful.

Laura Grantham
30/5/18 Facebook

I would like to say a massive thank you to pet remedy, your hard work and support for rescues is amazing. I for one have seen a massive differance in our rescue dogs and my own using all the different items you guys sell.

Kindle Reader
29/5/18 Amazon

Makes all the difference in the world for the kitten and the five-year-old cat when I use these. The first time the older cat experienced one of these wipes, she rolled around on it as if it were catnip. I've tried the other name brand product here on Azon (the spray and wall plug-ins, which cost more), yet this product works much better for my particular cats. I also use the cat brainwave music album sold on Amazon.

25/5/18 Amazon

Perfect for my dog who suffers from anxiety. We spray before a storm or fireworks and it really helps him stay calm

Ingrid Venables
23/5/18 Facebook

This company and it's wonderful staff deserve a 5* The products have helped our anxious kitty and his sister for as long as I can remember and they are 7now.

The defusers emit a calming effect over our kittys and the additional spray at times of vet visits and visitors to the house help too.

We tried the wipes during unexpected situations and these were exceptionally good for both of them.

Martyn and Gill have been most helpful with questions always happy to give advice or offer a solution to try.
A5* but a 10 in our house

21/6/18 Amazon

Dogs were calm within 48hrs

Busy like a bee
21/5/18 Amazon

works a dream in the car, spray blanket a few mins before i put the dogs in and they totally relax. Beware spraying to much at a time as it can stink a bit

21/5/18 Amazon

Pleasant aroma. Peaceful interactions between my cats. Excellent product.

Anne Russell
20/5/18 Amazon

Calms everyone down. Smells like freshly dug earth. A bit weird. But if it helps kitties I don't mind.

Mimram Vets
19/5/18 Facebook

This is the lovely Boris who took advantage of our home visit service for his annual health check and vaccination. Here he is enjoying being weighed thanks to the Pet Remedy spray that we use. A happy cat

Carol Gibbs
13/5/18 Viovet

My dog can be a nervous wreck but not after a slight spray

Angelica Herra-Petropoulou
13/5/18 Facebook

I'm really happy with all your products. I use the spray every time I frame a stray cat for neutering until we get to the vet's. I use the tissues in my 1-2-1 dog training classes when I first meet with the dog.
I use the plug in diffuser in my place for my dogs, I also fancy the smell of it!! Great products

Denise Moxon
12/5/18 Facebook

On behalf of Appledown Rescue & Rehoming Kennels, I would like to say a massive thank you for the products you donated to our recent auction. The auction raised an amazing £6,700 and your products were extremely popular with our members. It would seem a lot of their animals benefit from your product, especially around tricky times of year involving fireworks but also travelling. I have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for your continued support x

Amazon Customer
12/5/18 Amazon

This is so good sprayed this around the dining room where our cat sleeps and he has stopped doing his poo on the floor he now goes in his tray. This was recommended to me by my brother in law. Will highly recommend

Paline Wales
11/5/18 Facebook

We got the spray & the diffuser in march 2018 for our rescue who suffered from stress & separation anxiety really badly we were sceptical about it but we are so pleased with it she is much more calmer now & is also able to be left for a while so thankyou so much for recommending your products & we tell all our friends who are having problems with there fur babies

Pauline Wales
11/5/18 Email

Hello we met at crufts & you asked me to let you know if it worked on our rescue staffy cross who was suffering really bad with stress.

The diffuser & wipes have worked really well with her & my other two dogs are now so laid back.

Thank you very much for recommending this product

Tracey Maddox
10/5/18 Facebook

Had our rescue Collie 15mths he wasnt in good state when we got him needed a good groom but thought it was more important to get him settled,today was grooming day they came to us but we struggled to get him in the van he wouldnt even make eye contact then i remembered pet remedy wipes got one rubbed his muzzle and head and within seconds he was in the van he didnt rollover and submit but i think it made a bad situation easier

Hawkeye 9/5/18 Pets at Home
9/5/18 Pets at Home

I don't tend to write reviews normally but I am so impressed with this. Needed to take our 15yr old cat to the vet due to an itchy rash. This was a problem as despite being very affectionate with the family he is terrified of people he doesn't know and gets extremely stressed and panicky if someone comes to the house. Also loves being petted but doesn't like being picked up even by us. I wasn't sure how we'd get him to the vet but figured I would give this spray a try. Sprayed it on the underside of a blanket I put in the cat box. I am literally shocked at just how well it worked. He calmed right down. Stayed relaxed and calm right through the appointment, let the vet examine him with no fuss. It completely stopped him getting stressed. Cannot recommend this highly enough

Mary Dyson
7/5/18 Facebook

I use this on my wire fox terries it is great when I leave them for a few hours it works great stuff

Mike Bunn
5/5/18 Amazon

Only had the product a few days,l can already see a huge difference with our dog.

Marney Vierthaler
5/5/18 Email

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with the pet rescue calming spray! The 1st time I used it was on New Years Eve, in previous years I had put a thundershirt on my nervous dog. He now though I am sure assocciates the thundershirt with uh oh something scary is about to happen! So this last NYE as I had just bought my 1st calming spray I thought I would try it out. Wow. Rather than him cowering behind a partially closed door (which has become a safe place for him, even in a thundershirt) I found him floppxed out on my bed wearing his sprayed bandana, calm as calm can be. Amazing.
Initally I had bought the spray as I knew I would be taking him across London via tube then train, and another train journey a few weeks later. I had taken him on a couple of mini tube rides leading up to this in training, like 2 stops and not even going underground. When it came to 'the big journey day' wearing his sprayed bandana, and a couple of sprays on my coat sleeve, he made the trip with a lot more calmness than I could of dreamt of. He even flopped his head on my chest during the tube ride. (I even think the spray I too was inhaling made me calmer as well).
A couple of weeks later when I took him on the train, he was clam enough to settle in the seat next to me and doze for a couple of hours.
I love this product. I will only use it for high stress situations, and now I feel freer to travel with my sweet little dog as I can rely on the calming spray to take the edge off his fear!
The bandana donation you offer I will buy once the bottle of spray I have needs replenishing.
Thank you
Marney and Miyako the Chinese Crested. x

Gemma Louise Aldridge
2/5/18 Facebook

I am a full time dog walker and I have personally seen how great this product is and I have also heard amazing results from my customers using Pet Remedy at home too. Highly recommended.

Gemma W
. 29/4/18 Amazon

Sooo pleased with this product. After reading some reviews I bought the plug in for my 3yo labradoodle who is nervous around my 1yo son. Within 2 weeks of use their relationship has totally changed they play together and no more nervous growling from the dog! I work in a vet practice and will definitely be recommending this to my clients!

Alexandra Simpson
29/4/18 Facebook

- this is the stuff i was telling you about that made such a massive difference to my cat. xx

Fay Lees
27/4/18 Amazon

I have to say I am so impressed with this product. I have an old American bulldog who barks a lot for no apparent reason I’ve only used this for the last few day but noticed a massive decrease in his barking would Defo recommend this product

Client d'Amazon
26/4/18 Amazon

Cats love it and does seem to calm them a bit.

Lisa Bluett
24/4/18 Facebook

I am biased yes, because I sell this product but I have SO much positive feedback on it it is unbelievable. I speak to hundreds of vets and nurses and I could fill the internet with stories of all the happy pets it has helped.

Charlotte Bradley
24/4/18 Facebook

Brilliant work👍🏼Pet Remedy a great product too, it helped my Dog through his grief when we lost our other Dog, his best friend😢and calmed him and helped him sleep at night.

Donna Saunders
24/4/18 Facebook

Omg I have been using pet remedy spray in the vet practice where I work for calming our inpatients. But the plug in has just wowed me beyond belief - I’ve had 3 x 6 wk old feral kittens for 4 days with very slow progress being made to tame them - I plugged in the pet remedy about 2 hours ago and i cannot believe I was just able to stroke every one of them and they all purred for the first time and where so relaxed couldn’t recommend this product more, it’s amazing !!

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Sharron Terry
23/4/18 Facebook

What an amazing team of people. Helping out these dogs.
As for pet remedy well I cannot speak highly enough. One if the best products I have ever used. Not only for my rescue dog but for the dogs I groom in my salon. Helps calm and relax them so much. Not to mention all the dogs at the local rescue I volunteer at.

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Sandra Aylett
23/4/18 Facebook

I am a Dog groomer in Torquay, I have lots of nervous dogs that really benefit from the Pet Remedy products, I use the De-stress and calm wipes and spray and also use the new shampoo/ spray trio includes de stress and calm pre wash, de stress and calming shampoo and a lovely de stress and calming leave in coat shine and conditioner.
They really are fantastic products and I would recommend to any owners who’s dogs get stressed during grooming they really do work.

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Dee N
22/4/18 Amazon

Combined with extra exercise, the diffuser has helped calm down my two adolescent male rescue guinea pigs who were chewing at their c&c grids and just generally rather crazy. They had started to fight with each other and although the pet remedy hasn't helped with those two, it has helped me bond one of them with one of my older boars and they make a much better pairing personality wise. The diffuser does have quite a strong smell which I can understand why people don't like it but I got used to it after a week or two.

Michelle Blom
20/4/18 Facebook

great product we have a cat who is blind and now has a low form of dementia ,its calmed her alot .the other cats like it and jacob keeps rubbing his head on the plug 5 star product

Amazon Customer
20/4/18 Amazon

This is great for anxious dogs. My Dog is frightened of wind and anxious in the car. And this works a treat.

Willet House Veterinary Surgeons

Rosco update. Rosco has responded really well to Pet Remedy and is already starting to make an improvement! He came in today for a cuddle consult with our Head Nurse Gemma. Cuddle consults are a good way to build up your pets confidence in the surgery, and the best news is they are free! If you would like to arrange a free cuddle consult with one of our nurses please contact your local branch

Amazon Customer
20/4/18 Amazon

This is great for anxious dogs. My Dog is frightened of wind and anxious in the car. And this works a treat.

Lynzi Jones
19/4/18 Facebook

I've been using and recommending Pet Remedy for years now.
Since you were introducing a very new product in a market dominated by another high profile brand.
I honestly wouldn't use anything else. The fact that this can be used across nearly all species of animal makes it a world class game changer when it comes to calming our beloved pets.
I don't go a week without suggesting that someone try the brand and watch in awe at the near instant reaction given by their animals.
It truly is a remarkable product. I'm pleased that I have been able to watch from the sidelines as it took off and grew in to the trusted household name that it is today.
You deserve all the praise you are given. There are thousands of chilled out animals out there benefiting all because of Pet Remedy.

Joan Shaw
19/4/18 Facebook

I always do this when I have to take any of my cats to the vet it helps a bit as some are still rather feral xx

Chloe Humphries
18/4/18 Amazon

I've had this for 4 days now plugged in and so far it's amazing. My dog is 9 years old and suffers terrible with separation anxiety. When ever we go to bed or go to work she would shake before we leave and we would always come back or come down to pee all in the kitchen. Since I have had this plugged in not a single day have we come down to pee in the kitchen. So for so Good! She's like a new dog!

Barbara Lee
16/4/18 Facebook

We use Pet Remedy all the time to help our patients through their visits to our practice. Spraying on their beds and on bandanas when they come in for procedures xxx

Barbara Lee
16/4/18 Facebook

We use Pet Remedy all the time to help our patients through their visits to our practice. Spraying on their beds and on bandanas when they come in for procedures xxx

helen South
16/4/18 Facebook

We have a plug in for our dog and he’s so relaxed when it’s on , no barking / whining like he usually does so hopefully it’s working !

RSPCA Harmsworth
13/4/18 Facebook

Say hello to Dermot. Dermot was a little bit stressed whilst waiting to see the vet for his enema! So we gave him a towel to place over the carrier, with Pet Remedy sprayed onto it, to keep him nice and calm and relaxed. And it worked! Dermot is now happy back at home and loving life
We are proud users of Pet Remedy products here at the RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital, and we recommend them daily to our clients.

Benjamin Smith
12/4/18 Facebook

Magical product! We rehomed a 1 year old Lurcher and she howled and howled for 4 nights! Night 5 we plugged in a Pet Remedy plug in and... not a peep! Incredible! She looks rested this morning, and we couldn’t be happier

11/4/18 Amazon

Bought this for my new cat to finally branch out of his acclimating room. Set it up before bed, woke up and he was happy and relaxed enough to follow me up and about the house. Was using the feliway spray but that didnt seem to work as well. Fortunately this has a nice natural scent and my timid cat is roaming around happily!

Tate Boat
11/4/18 Facebook

Thanks for the spray and bandana which I now use on my little man

Collette Harvey
10/4/18 Facebook

So far so good!!! I’ve been struggling with an anxious dog for a couple of years .. I’ve been using this product for less than a week and he seems like a totally different dog !!! 10/10

Natasha Colcombe
9/4/18 Amazon

This stuff has helped my anxious kitty so much. It has a bit of a funny smell but you soon get used to it and don't notice it anymore. The difference is amazing and it's worth every penny for my cat to be happy and confident. It's helped 2 cats get on better as well. I wouldn't say they were best friends but they'll both lie on the bed at the same time now and there have been a few nose bumps on good days.

Ann Reddy
9/4/18 Facebook

Definitely works, noticeable straight away,I won't be without the plug-in.

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

The reason I've used it for years is because from the 1st use I could see results and the more I used it the better the results. It's also 1 product for all my animals!

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

The reason I've used it for years is because from the 1st use I could see results and the more I used it the better the results. It's also 1 product for all my animals!

Lucy Proctor
6/4/18 Amazon

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Brilliant product, both my cats and dogs respond really well to this. I bought it to help my cats on a long journey abroad when we move house next month so needed to see if it worked prior to going. One of my cats rubs himself all over where I spray and then doesn't leave the bed! So I'm guessing it's a hit.

Sarah Parker 1/4/18 Facebook
1/4/18 Facebook

Nuka loves her bandana, she is training with Dog A.I.D to become my assistance dog, we love the bandana and the wipes they work great for stressful situations and keep Nuka nice and relaxed.
Thankyou to Pet Remedy for such amazing products, they truly do work wonders. X

Mr P Hickey
1/4/18 Amazon

Miracle worker! Works a treat on my cats. Well worth having in stock.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger
1/4/18 Facebook

Thank Pet Remedy using some of your de-stressing products on Dogs in Romania via Paws 2 Rescue, amazing!

Sandy Morwood
1/4/18 Facebook

Hi, my plug in is on 24/7 in my lounge, it keeps my golden retriever calm all the time, He has no reaction to the odd farmers gunshot or scary bin day collection which sound to him like thunder when they are rumbling back empty! On pet remedy website it states it lasts up to 8 weeks per 40ml I find it lasts longer, you can check when liquid is nearly used up, when I can't see any more liquid in bottle to soak up wick I change it, you can use 4 x 40ml refill bottles to 1 plug xx

Vicky Pamela
1/4/18 Facebook

Thanks I personally highly recommend it it works brilliantly I use it for my 15 and a half year old Chihuahua

Carole Gillett
1/4/18 Facebook

We have used the spray for a few weeks now on Baxter as every night when we went to bed he scratched at the door to get out. We came to the conclusion that he had separation anxiety. In desperation we thought we would try the de-stress & calming spray. We couldn’t believe it as the first night we used it we never heard a peep from him and this has been the case ever since apart from the few occasions when it has been raining heavy as he hates the rain. But we can live with that so I just want to thank you as this spray ensures that we have a good nights sleep as well as calming him down. Thank you

Katie Manning
31/3/18 Facebook

Thankyou for our samples, hoping they will help Merlin stay nice and relaxed during recovery of his luxating patella operation in 2 weeks.

Dogs on the Street
29/3/18 Facebook

We believe in all pet remedy’s products & use them all the time at our stations including the calming bandana as seen in picture on Mr G , so if you have a dog who is anxious/ nervous we at DOTS highly recommend all pet remedy products

29/3/18 Amazon

Could not live without this product! My two cats are much calmer when this plug in is on.

Dympna Kavanagh
27/3/18 Facebook

Tilly totally relaxed while wearing her new bandana

27/3/18 Amazon

Really works my cat get upset she soon settles down when I plug in Pet remedy

Wendy Shuffle-Botham
26/3/18 Facebook

Amazing product! I recommend Pet Remedy to all of my clients at my dog training classes. It works in front of your eyes. Lovely smelling too.
I keep a small spray with me at all times. The large atomiser is great to hang on the wall over a stressed dog. Works on people too!

Pat Rogers
26/03/18 Facebook

Pet Remedy is a wonderful product, I show my dog Tipsey but about an hour after we got back home from a show she would get very restless wanting to go outside where she will eat anything dirt, leaves until she was sick then she would be okay. I took her to the vet and they said it was stress and it would be better not to show her I tried tablets from the vets and every natural remedy I could find but nothing worked so I decided it wasn't right to keep showing her so Crufts was going to be her last show but thank goodness I saw the Pet Remedy stand there. Spoke to Gill and brought some and used it at Crufts and plugged the diffuser in as soon as I got home and a miracle happened Tipsey was very relaxed and calm. I used it again at the weekend after another show with the same result I am so happy I discovered Pet Remedy I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a stressed dog, I can continue showing Tipsey knowing she is no longer stressed and enjoying her day out.

Jane Tharby
25/3/18 Facebook

I have 2 Pet Remedy Diffusers, your Ginger is like my Harry

Karin Brown
24/3/18 Facebook

One of my two bunnies recently had to be taken to the vet as he was unwell. His bonded lady friend gets very stressed when travelling but Pet Remedy calmed her down really well. So much so that she decided to stay with him while he spent two nights in hospital.

Prue Bennet-Jones
24/3/18 Facebook

Afternoon chill out time for half my fur family. They love Pet Remedy. I have a plug in Pet Remedy diffuser in every room.

Gemma Branch
24/3/18 Facebook

My big ging, didn't like it at first but now very much soo Pet Remedy

Lisa Bluett
24/3/18 Facebook

My hairdresser has 3 cats. One in particular gets stressed and has a few different ailments. They are so much better with Pet Remedy! See how they love to sleep under the diffuser

Samantha Tully
22/3/18 Facebook

I am a Veterinary Nurse and love Pet Remedy and so does my cat Neil. He hated the snow so I sprayed some Pet Remedy on his favourite stool and as you can see he goes dotty for it!

Susan Taylor
21/3/18 Facebook

Bought the bandana at Crufts works well at relaxing Banner.

Christine Cook
21/3/18 Facebook

Oh WELL DONE , Martyn and team! well deserved ! My Lexie and the new kitten, Lily, are learning to get along at last - mostly down to Pet Remedy! Wonderful product!

Hanna Winship
20/3/18 Facebook

Cannot recommend this product enough! I use it in the car to prevent travel sickness, I use it on my show dogs before competitions. I have a brand new puppy and have a plug in by his crate and use a spray on his blanket, it has really helped settle him. Also as a Canine Behavourist I recommend it to a lot of clients and they have all had success with it too

Sharon Jones
19/3/18 Facebook

Once again Paws and Hooves BG is being helped by Pet Remedy. One abandoned puppy successfully integrated into our pack of 5 + abandoned Sansa.
We would never be without this product in our house.
Thanks once again Martyn, Gill and team xx

18/3/18 Amazon

Pet Remedy has calmed my little terrier down a lot she used to be ott barking at everything and jumping up at every visitor I have but due to pet remedy she has got a lot better

15/3/18 Amazon

I bought this on recommendation from a friend, I have 10 dogs and would say it helps

Matthew Bell
15/3/18 Facebook

As a long time user of Pet Remedy I am always pleased to meet the team at the shows throughout the year and take advantage of the great offers. At CRUFTS I bought another heat pad (so the two girls don't fight over them), and it came with some wipes inside.

It was the first time i have had the wipes though, so used one to 'scent up' the heat pads cover and then just threw it inside the paper bag it all come in.

Well...! as much as I rave about the calming effects of Pet Remedy, I have never seen my cats insist in fighting their way into a bag before. We use it on their pet carriers all the time (the spray) and they calmly walk in and settle. This was a case of 'I WILL BE IN THIS BAG!'

Safe to say, its a product they can't get enough off. We've left the bag laying around and they take turns to sleep inside it.

We still have the new washing range to try!

Lorraine Coleman
14/3/18 Facebook

Bella (cat) Dolly (puppy pug) love to fight, not tonight I have pet remedy plug in and a spray for Dollys bandanna, thank you Gill Edwards we have peace and harmony

Gill Horsnby
13/3/18 Facebook

I just want to share my successes with Pet Remedy. I am a clinical canine massage therapist and often get nervous dogs coming to see me. Since spraying both myself and the vet bed with Pet Remedy I find that the dogs relax so much quicker - its a real true calmer.

Cinque Ports Rescue
13/3/18 Facebook

We thought you would all like to see
Arlo, Tinks, Betty, Teddy, Tilly and Hatti, happy in their forever homes. All our rescues are fed a raw diet to ensure the best start for them, a big thank you to Natural Instinct for their continued support, without them we could not continue to do the work we do. We are also pleased to announce that Pet Remedy are also providing bandanas and a calming spray to help all our dogs settle once in their new homes.

The best of starts for the best of dogs!

Christine Cook
13/3/18 Facebook

I used Pet remedy on my old Siamese boy to keep him calm and it worked well. Sadly we lost him and after 5 months decided to get a kitten as his best friend Lexie was pining. All did not go well! Her attitude was " Don't want THAT ! want my Leo!" and she chased, yowled at, and bit the kitten and generally hated it. So I got a Pet remedy plug in, which calmed things down no end. Its not on all the time because My husband insists on everything being unplugged at night ! The cats are peaceful overnight but by breakfast Lexie is getting stroppy and irritated. By the time the plug in has warmed things up, she is much more relaxed and calm and remains that way...until my hubby unplugs everything - so we are using the spray in conjunction with the plug in now and things are settling down nicely- and peace has broken out! Thankyou Pet Remedy for an excellent product!

Sharron Terry
12/3/18 Facebook

I cannot praise this product enough
As a dog groomer I see some very nervous/anxious dogs. As well as young puppies experiencing their very first Groom etc. Using the spray and also the calming plug ins help to relax the dogs while in my care.
I also use this when I volunteer at my local dog rescue centre. Being able to spray the dogs bedding ready for their arrival I have found helps them settle quicker. Also when I groom them. A light spray above their heads helps relax them very quickly.
This product is just amazing. I would not be without it in my grooming salon
It also helps me while grooming.
Would recommend in a heartbeat

Vicky Pamela
11/3/18 Facebook

Highly recommend this its brilliant I have the plug in one of it and before I used it my little 15 and a half year old used to cry a lot from stress of not being able to hear anymore since I used this she rearly cries now you can see it helped her

Carola Leman
11/3/18 Facebook

Lovely to see everyone at Crufts Kaya and Eris love their new reversible bandannas.They will be wearing them a lot, specially during long car journeys! Thank you Pet Remedy

Tracey Slater
11/3/18 Facebook

Don't want to get too excited yet as it seems to be too good to be true but tried your plug in diffuser last night for the first time. After months of my elderly basset hound, shaking and panting at bedtime, followed by having on the door and crying, and waking up to a mess on the floor, last night she went quietly to bed! Long may it continue!

Anna Yates
10/3/18 Facebook

Great product guys. Used it for several years now. Would recommend it to everyone. Thank you.

Sandy Morwood
10/3/18 Facebook

After 11 yrs of confining my golden retriever to the kitchen during firework season/new year celebrations for his own safety, (normally digging rugs, pacing, panting, shredding window blind, scratching at door etc) Pet Remedy Plug in has changed my life! This is the first year I have sat in my lounge with him Peacefully on floor 2'-3' away from his pet remedy plug in - see photo in comments!
I also use in my grooming business for nervous dogs, by spraying some of the calming spray onto a bandana, they chill within minutes
I recommend Pet Remedy 100%

Becky O'Dell
9/3/18 Facebook

We have just been to pay you a visit with our lab who is used to environments such as Crufts, but today he was very unsettled and barking, we visited you, the lovely lady used a wipe on Ted, we got back to our bench and he settled straight away, this is how he normally is

Jilly Rivers
9/3/18 Facebook

Visited the stand with Mini Pin today and Gill was a tremendous help in regards to advice for my anxious Jack Russell at home. Bought some products to try which are already helping him

Sarah Williams
8/3/18 Facebook

Cannot tell enough people to try these products, previously used the spray which I loved but bought a diffuser as well at Crufts today to replace another brand that has had little effect on my dogs.
High hopes for this!!!!
Go on try it, it won’t let you down!

Vicky Higginbottom
8/3/18 Facebook

Massive thank you to pet remedy for donating items to castlefield dog rescue and there fundraiser. It's a very big help

Sarah Williams
8/3/18 Facebook

Absolutely love Pet Remedy!
This is Rubie, shes 2 1/2years old and a reactive rescue dog. Never in my life have I owned a dog like Rubie, she obviously had little socialisation as a puppy and gets very excited/frustrated when around other dogs. Shes very a very active dog so agility seemed like the best thing for her but her over stimulation caused an issue. I learnt of Pet Remedy and decided to give it a go! How right was I to do so!
A few squirts of Pet Remedy and Rubie is a lot more relaxed and able to greet other dogs, a massive step from not being able to be across a field from another dog. We have a long way to go but now have a Pet Remedy diffuser in the house to help Rubie, and an anxious chewer I own as well, I have high hopes for the future with Rubie and agilty!
Massive thanks for such an awesome product which has helped such an awesome little dog focus more!!!

Kirsty Lawrie
6/3/18 Facebook

Been using the plug in product for years as it works a treat in our multi cat house hold (much more effective than feliway)
I contacted customer services with a query and Martyn called me back - he was super friendly and helpful! Highly recommend many thanks! Kirsty

Paws and Hooves
5/3/18 Facebook

Once again, thanks to Pet Remedy, our abused foster husky Sansa is settling and is relaxed with the rest of Sharon Jones pack of 5. This is her neck after having an embedded prong collar (yes we know!) removed on Saturday.
Pet Remedy never fails to work, thank you guys!!!

Amazon Customer
4/3/18 Amazon

This works. I have a very young border collie and this is the only thing that keeps him calm. Very noticeable difference if I run out for a few days.
Thank you let remedy

Kathleen Masato Beanie James
3/2/18 Facebook

I've used Pet Remedy for ages and can always tell when it's run out because Amitayus (grey and white) starts getting more boisterous towards his sister Tara (all grey).
Love the smell of it

27/2/18 Amazon

Thank you, I love the scent and my cat seems calmer too!

25/2/18 Facebook

Seems to have helped my 5 year old border collie girl relax a bit. She can be a little anxious around dogs approaching her on walks but I've noticed a slight improvement. As someone else has said, not a miracle cure but it does seem take the edge off any anxious or reactive behaviour. I only gave this a 4 because the smell is quite overpowering in the first few days and smells like an old wet dog.

25/2/18 Amazon

This product is amazing my youngest cat Arthur suffers with anxiety, and when he's stressed he eats his hair leaving bald patches, but a couple of sprays of this on his bed and mine and he calms down. Brilliant stuff

Nina Ward
24/2/18 Facebook

A big thank you for changing the life of our rescue cat who spent the day hidden from view and only came out at night. I was recommended your product and bought a small spray, the results were amazing so much so that I bought a larger battery controlled spray. She is a different cat, still a work in progress but she comes to a call, plays in the sunshine and is a pleasure to own.
I truly didn’t believe the spray would work, so glad I was wrong

Amazon Customer
20/2/18 Amazon

worked well for my dog on bonfire night thanks

Kate Mallatratt
20/2/17 Facebook

17-year-old Oscar posing. He can sometimes get agitated at night before he settles down, persistently making his bed. I have found that spraying this with Pet Remedy has helped, and for the last couple of nights he has worn his bandana sprayed with Pet Remedy. This has helped him settle.

20/2/18 Amazon

This was recommended by a vet nurse after I had difficulty rebonding two rabbits after one had been at the vets for a couple of days. It smells pleasant, is water based so safe if the rabbits lick it, and works quickly. Two happy rabbits again. Strongly recommend.

Sian-Marie Haklar
19/2/18 Facebook

We always use Pet Remedy when transporting pets and settling them into their new environment. It makes a real difference and helps to calm stressed pets. - Sian & Hannah from Whiskers Refuge

Amazon Customer
17/2/18 Facebook

this is safe , non toxic and effective for all mammals. I don't know if it works on reptiles and birds as I haven't tried it. eases stressful situations without being addictive. (I wont use catnip for my cats). cannot recommend enough x

15/2/18 Amazon

This really works for my cat. I bought it when I decorated. This seemed to stress her out and she didn't want to be in the house at all. This really helped. She absolutely loves the smell. For her this is a bit like a catnip (which she isn't bothered by) equivalent. She often now goes up to the refill and starts sniffing or licking and trying to get it off the wall. She has succeeded before and I noticed her rolling round in wild avancent with it. I am thinking now of getting the spray and spraying it on some of her favourite toys and cat carrier for trips to the vet.

Robby Tesla
15/2/18 Facebook

My cat gets really anxious when we have visitors so I thought I'd try the diffuser and she absolutely loves it! It stops her pacing around and really calms her down. I've even leant it to my friend to try on her cat as she's moved house and she's noticed a real difference too. Would definitely recommend.

David Jones
13/2/18 Amazon

This really worked for our GSD x Belgian Malinois. It is a temporary effect and lasts 1-2 hours. It is more affective after several doses. I found the smell difficult to live with, but other in the household were unable to detect a smell so this issue is very much for the individual.

Mrs A Goff
13/2/18 Amazon

I have 3 cats and they are all rescue cats each with different emotional problems. They were always nervous of each other and that would often result in a fight or spitting and growling. This product has made a big difference and they all seem much more relaxed. I shall be buying it again.

Stacey Armitt
12/2/18 Facebook

I am a Vet Nurse and have a regular extremely aggressive cat who visits my practice for various reasons. Most of my team have suffered a swipe or bite from this kitty. I gave the owner samples of your wipes to put in the basket on the way to us.. we also cover a blanket in the spray and place it over her carrier for 5-10 minutes before handling her and spray it onto our hands.. needless to say this has been a god send! She is almost fully handleable and no injuries since this protocol! Amazing!

Ronnie Coggins
11/2/18 Amazon

Easy to use. Smells a bit strong at first but seems to be helping my dog during her season and when we have lots of visitors etc.

11/2/18 Amazon

This seems to work very well on our cat. When we plugged it in, she went over to it and tood there sniffing it in for a few minutes. She seems to be doing so much better stress wise between this and the cystophan our cat is a new girl!

11/2/18 Facebook

Finally got tonight a lovely photo of Amos at his first show with Samantha. He was not impressed by this set up and Appears to take after his grandmother, however he started to relax with the help of his pet remedy blanket

10/2/18 Amazon

I can highly recommend this defuser.

We plugged it in, and within about half an hour we were already noticing a difference in our dog. He’s only 11 months old and a highly energetic Collie Cross, but with the Pet Remedy diffuser, there seems to be the real him coming out a lot more.

I know a lot of people complain about the smell, but it is hardly noticeable after a while, maybe if you happen to be close to the diffuser you can smell it more. I have really got used to it. It smells of herbs, so not really that nasty.

He also seems calmer and he becomes more cuddly and attentive. He’s still got his crazy moments, but it certainly calmed him down quite significantly.

He’s a Romanian rescue dog, and I think that even after the four months we’ve had him, he still doesn’t quite know if he can trust us yet, so we’re really trying our best to get him feel relaxed and at home. The plug in has certainly helped to contribute to this, so I can honestly say that it works and I happily recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of buying it.

We have also used the spray for the car, and that has helped as well.

Paul Reynolds
10/2/18 Amazon

This is brilliant if you have stressed cats!

Liv Judge
9/2/18 Facebook

These 3 love their new reversible pet remedy bandanas that come with a mini spray!

Mrs H
8/2/18 Amazon

I prefer this to fell away, it really relaxes my cat.

Vetblood Supplies
7/2/18 Facebook

All of donors including this gorgeous boy called Stanley were helped to feel nice and relaxed thanks to the Pet Remedy wipes.

The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is valerian based and works alongside the natural relaxation pathways

6/2/18 Facebook

Been using this product for some time and it definitely works for my cats. The vials last for quite a long time, so it's good value.

Laura Brown
5/3/18 Amazon

Just moved house and my cat wasn't coping too well so bought this instead of paying the ridiculous amount for the other brand. It took a while but my cat is completely different now.
Will definitely buy more and will recommend to others.

Rita Hall
4/2/18 Amazon

It really does what it supposed to calms my dog

Josh Acton
4/2/18 Facebook

After a full week of us using the Pet Remedy Diffuser and spray this afternoon I found Heidi under the blanket with my poorly girlfriend and currently she’s sat on the back of the sofa just watching me. These two occasions are the closest she’s ever been to us thanks Pet Remedy

Josh Acton
4/2/18 Facebook

After only a few hours we noticed a difference in our cat would definitely recommend it 

Beverly L
3/2/18 Facebook

One neurotic cat was making himself a bit of a victim so was getting chased and stressed by one of the others. All calm within a day. Nervy one is blissfully relaxed so the other one has lost his sport. Yes it smells a bit but well worth it and you soon stop smelling it. Good value and it works.

Paul Reynolds
3/2/18 Facebook

Great product to keep my fighting cats destressed and happy..can't recommend highly enough

Valley Vets
3/2/18 Facebook

What a difference six months make!

Do you remember Wolf and Wasabi...they were in to be neutered yesterday.

As you can see, they were super relaxed and enjoyed the Pet Remedy plug in we have in our cattery.

Julie Morrison
2/2/14 Amazon

This works wonders on our dog when fireworks are going off, it's the only thing that's ever worked for her!

Lorraine Foster
1/2/18 Facebook

I want to thank you for helping my little boy pet remedy spray and plug in his helped him a lot because he is niose phobic and nervous around young children and traffic this has helped keep him really calm and relaxed when we are training outside I would recommend it to anyone with a nervous pet thank you for a great product from myself and my nervous boy Marley

1/2/18 Pets at Home

Purchase from Chatham branch after my cat had surgery to an abscess on his bottom, having to wear a buster collar is a stressful time for any pet but particularly stressful for cats as they are unable to clean. He wouldn't leave the window ledge where he'd been laying since the previous night, I plugged in and spray a couple of squirts on the bed to try and encourage him down. He immediately sat up and moved to the bed, was purring/asking for cuddles which he hasn't been doing! Then to my surprise he let me clean him with some of the wipes I also purchased and then went for some food an water! He is now moving around a lot calmer which in turn is making the whole buster collar experience better, he also hasn't been trying as hard to get at his stitches! Overall I would recommend this product as it has work wonders for my vet poorly and depressed cat!

Fiona Chapman
31/1/18 Facebook

We have a very poorly Labrador who is suffering with severe joint pain and despite being on strong medication he has been crying through the day and night... Heartbreaking to witness.... I decided to try using a pet remedy plug in diffuser.... To our delight... Flynn has not cried since and sleeps through the night.... A truly wondrous product! Thank you pet remedy

Sandra Brzoskowska
31/1/18 Facebook

Used pet remedy for my cat that would hiss sometimes at our other cat, she now goes up and sometimes gives the other kitty kisses!! Recommend 100%!!

31/1/17 Amazon

Works amazingly well on my cat that has separation anxiety. We also used it during a house move and it works like magic. We also use the plug in and he’s been a more relaxed and content kitty. When he exhibits bad anxiety or we know he will be in a situation that could cause him stress, we spray it on a cotton pad and wipe his chest and head. Within 15 mins he is calm and we have noticed it lasts about 2 hrs. We just reapply if needed. The smell is quite earthy, but doesn’t last and I’d rather know my cat was relaxed. We have tried other brands and tablets which did not work or had bad side effects. This all natural remedy spray is worth it and we are so happy to have found something that works so well.

Lyndsay Mann
31/1/18 Facebook

I've taken in ex-breeding queens in the past too (Burmese & Bengals) & I think the main reason they take a bit longer to come around (besides their breed) is due to living such solitary lives in their cattery Pet Remedy is a great tool to include Good luck Josh & family, I'm sure Heidi will soon settle into your loving home life & will be purring those fabulous Bengal tones before you know it

Nicky B
31/1/18 Amazon

Works for our cats & dog

31/1/18 Amazon

Excellent product, an essential for my cat while we are out.

Jackie Bahooshy
30/1/18 Facebook

We used Pet Remedy in our charity. NEW START CAT RESCUE. It does smell a little but its benifits are unbelivable. Fantastic stuff.

Josh Acton
29/1/18 Facebook

After the weekend of using the Pet Remedy diffuser and the spray, Heidi the Bengal is very mellow, she is walking by us and not moving round the edges of the room as much but still is, she’s even coming up to us when we sitting on the floor cleaning the litter tray she’s becoming more inquisitive (Bengals are though) and she might not be the lap cat we wished for but she is at least sitting a metre away from us not hiding away. Whenever we go to bed we spray her bed and she knows that’s a safe spot for her and goes to the scent.

Tereza Sunderland
29/1/18 Facebook

Pet Remedy has really turned my cat, Kougar, around. He had always been a great hunter and explorer but was attacked by a dog or 'whatever' in his hunting grounds and after his wounds healed he began to pull his fur out quite aggressively! I was advised to try the Pet Remedy spray and would spray it on my hands and then stroke it around his chest and 'chops' and he chilled out really well. I now use the plug-in and the spray and Kougar is a much happier cat. He's an old guy now (18yrs) so his hunting days are over but he still likes to be outside with the neighborhood cats and seems really happy.....I think thanks to the use of Pet Remedy. I highly recommend it.

Kelly Tulloch
29/1/18 Amazon

It’s definitely helping my cat and kitten

28/1/18 Amazon

I bought this on recommendation due to my sensitive, reactive, nervous dog. Within 10 minutes of using it in the house, he chills out! We have used it on walks and although he is still reactive to other dogs, this has decreased and he is not as hyper towards them. I am pleased with the progress and I would say it is a useful aid if your dog suffers any of those problems. You need to spray it on a bandana or pet bedding and not directly on the dog. It smells a bit cheesy, but this is nothing to worry about and wasn't a concern for me. I will definitely be using this when it is firework season and I am really quite positive that it will help calm the dogs anxiety.

Daisy Mulcahy
28/1/18 Facebook

I have a very anxious 4yr old German Shepherd Dog called Conan. I started using your diffuser about 18 months ago when I moved house and seeing how easily he took the move in his stride, I continued to refill the diffuser. Last week it ran out and I didn't realise. Conan ate the majority of my house contents including TV wires, wooden spoons, a large plastic container, a month's supply of my other dog's Renal prescription food, my own pre-prepared dinner and lots of citronella candles. Here is a photo of him getting X-Rayed in work (I'm an RVN) to check nothing was stuck in his stomach and intestines. Thankfully it was all clear. My (multiple) refills are on the way in the post and meanwhile Conan's list of destruction continues to grow. He's eaten his own large food bin and the food inside, and in between constant pacing is digging unsuccessfully on my bathroom and kitchen floor. It's distressing for him and distressing for me to watch. So folks, Pet Remedy really does work, but best not let it run out...!

Tina Holmes
28/1/18 Facebook

For me at home with Stan this product was simply life changing. He was finally able to relax enough to form a bond with us and learn to be part of the family. Since then I have used it with 100s of customer's pets and it has never let me down! Fab for separation anxiety and settling new pets into homes and an invaluable tool at firework time.

Christine Cook
28/1/18 Facebook

excellent product. I am using it as I have new Siamese kitten in the house and normally there would be serious hissing and spitting from the resident Siamese...this is normal hierarchical behaviour for cats but can be unnerving when the kitten is so tiny and you don't want it hurting....after a week, things are calming down nicely with Pet Remedy. And I know its working cos hubby unplugs EVERYTHING at night....including the plug in. By morning there is a little tetchiness which melts away as the Pet Remedy does its thing within an hour. Highly Recommended !

Sarah Austin
27/1/18 Amazon

great to spray in the cat carrier for trips to the vet

Sarah Austin
27/1/18 Amazon

worth the investment, cat responds well to this

Josh Acton
26/1/18 Facebook

Just a bit of a back story with our new Bengal Heidi, she is 7 years old and an Ex breeding cat with several litters behind her when we saw her with her spots and green eyes we knew we had to rescue her. Two weeks later she is still extremely nervous of us and only really likes it if there is one person in the room with her.
So this is day one with the Pet Remedy diffuser and Heidi the Bengal is very calm and starting to approach us but it’s all baby steps can’t wait to have her on our laps purring.

Theresa D Thompson
26/1/18 Amazon

Does work.Stops cat peeing in the house.

Lakshmi G
25/1/18 Facebook

For a start I flew 1 rescue dog and 4 rescue cats from India to Europe, rubbing the Pet Remedy calming wipes on their flight crates to help reduce the stress of the journey. Awaiting us in our new house in Europe were 3 Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pads to help the cats adjust to the new cooler climate. I leave these on 24 hours a day, and while the cats actually love the snow outside and are much more active in the cooler weather, every pad is used everyday - I have scattered them around the house. I keep one room at about 28C temperature for them, but still they like to go into the cooler rooms and sleep on the pads. Even my 32kg dog likes to lie on one and it is good heat therapy for him as he is slightly lame in one knee.
I soon picked up another kitten who was lost, so took the opportunity to order a 4th heated pad. And a calming diffuser and a spray and more sachets... well, the list goes on. Pet Remedy have a focused set of products, all targeted on pet wellbeing - warmth, reassurance, security and relaxation. In India we used incense for fragrance on occasion, but we could only use it outside or with all the windows open as the smoke/scent is not good for pets in a confined space. Now, in Europe, I find myself surrounded by the fashion for scented candles and home deoderisers instead. Many of these contain fragrances, chemicals and aromatherapy oils that are toxic to pets (e.g. pine oil). My cat has only one lung, and my dog's nose was bitten off by a leopard, so there is no way I want to make the air in their new home damaging for their lungs or bodies. But we can't have all the windows open here on account of the winter cold. So, INSTEAD of using scented candles or incense, I am now using the Pet Remedy calming diffuser. The house is nicely scented, the pets are happy, and most of all they are safe.
My Indian cats do not respond to catnip at all, so it is interesting that they all respond positively and noticeably to the calming wipes / spray. My biggest cat, 8kg Tim Nice But Dim, tears the wipes apart in delight, so I have to put them out of reach. When I wipe them on the cats' beds, they all rub and roll on the beds. Every item I have bought from Pet Remedy is responded to and used by my animals in a positive way for them. What more could you want.

25/1/17 Facebook

One of my cats had terrible anxiety which led him to licking a lot of fur off his back, the vet suggested we tried the Pet Remedy Diffuser. It’s definitley helped, it’s made a massive difference to my cat and you can notice how much more relaxed he his. Anyone who has a pet that has anxiety or is stressed give this a go! Wish we had found it sooner!

Amazon Customer
24/1/18 Amazon

Best thing I ever bought for my collie, very nervous around bonfire night.. but this helped keep her calm and not freak out as much as she always has.

Olwen Turrns
24/1/18 Facebook

Bluebelle is wearing a pet remedy wipe as she's not happy with the storm raging outside, it seems to be helping and the other dogs are all calm from it too.

24/1/18 Amazon

This definitely works. Been using it for a while now on our over grooming little stresshead cat. She was a rescue covered in scabs and no hair. 2 squirts on a bandana every night and it does the trick... hair growing in nicely -have to agree with other reviews it's not the most pleasant of smells but who cares? It works!

Jo Disley
22/1/18 Facebook

My rescue pointer has been with me a few days. I’m using the plug in and he is so calm I’m amazed.

Christine Smo Brierley
22/1/18 Facebook

We used it this year ....it really worked. Daxi ignored the fireworks and went to sleep.

Linda Osbourne
22/1/18 Facebook

I used plug in for first time last night for my two jacks , who had taken to barking at four in the morning through until we let them out at 6 , so pleased to say that it worked!!! They did not bark until 6 I’ve just had a good nights sleep for the first time in over a month. Thank you so very much , highly recommend.

Amazon Customer
19/1/18 Amazon

It really works! Our dogs are terrified of storms and fireworks but just a few sprays and soon they are much calmer. I highly recommend It!

Elayne Gravenor
18/1/18 Facebook

It works for my beardie I use the spray on his thunder coat and he is a lot calmer x

Christine Cook
17/1/18 Facebook

we lost one of our Siamese, leo to Kidney failure in the autumn. Lexie misses him so much and recently started biting the furniture,ripping at cloth and getting really angry and frustrated. I had a had some Pet remedy and sprayed her bedding.....she is calm and loving again. I cant praise Pet remedy highly enough. My bottle is a couple of years old now - how long is it good for - because we are collecting a siamese kitten in 2 weeks and I need to be sure Lexie will remain calm and not take against her. She really needs the company!

9/1/18 Amazon

Recommended by my veterinary for my two nervous rescue cats + the 'skittish' female whom tends to torment the boys as and when she gets the chance, so far so good this product has worked wonders, definitely recommend for use in multi-cat household.

Rachel Poole
12/1/18 Facebook

Just had to pen you a huge thanks- Tilly the very scared Greyhound made it safely through the fireworks and new year and all thanks to the amazing pet remedy wipes. We started just wiping them on her to some good effect but the Yorkshire woman in me was convinced I was throwing away something which had more to offer so after a wipe round we now tie the wipe to her collar and she wanders round with it on. She has been amazing- not bullet proof and never will be but the minute she hears a bang she flies straight to the cupboard I keep them in and stares at it till I get one out. We always have them on hand in the car and in pockets in case of frightening things in the big wide world and am now telling everyone about it (even more than before!)

Amazon Customer
8/1/18 Amazon

good help to calm our dogs when there is loud noises during the night

8/1/18 Amazon

worked a treat on our dutch herder who is terrified of fireworks

Sarah Smith
8/1/18 Facebook

We brought pet remedy about 3 months ago (have replaced for its 2nd one) and it has helped our nervous cat, who gets picked on by her 2 brothers, and it chills them out so they don't chase her too.

We tried feliway, didn't work but pet remedy has

Sue Ward
7/1/18 Facebook

I have pet remedy for my 2 rescue cats,it's brilliant really calms them down xxx

Lindsey Pye
6/1/18 Facebook

I tell everyone my daughter got it for her dogs to stop them fighting brilliant product xxx

Pam Fitzhugh
6/1/18 Facebook

Bloody amazing stuff, very, very sceptical but my cats have turned into purrrrfect little creatures over night, spraying and crazy behaviour has stopped. Highly recommend

Lindsay Pye
6/1/18 Facebook

I had same problem binx over grooming used plug in for 3 months and he's been fine ever since xx

Caz pots
3/1/18 Amazon

Have brought a few of these for family members with anxious dogs and recommended them to many others .Was dubious at first but works wonders with my nieces dog ,who was anxious and stressed when he hears fireworks going off .With this product he settles and has even been known to sleep through them .So nice to see a settled family pet instead of a frightened,anxious and terrified pet

Groom Room Letchworth
3/1/18 Facebook

I wanted to share with everyone this before and after of my own cat Niss. She was over grooming and had pulled a lot of hair out.
I plugged in Pet Remedy just over a month ago and am amazed at the difference it has made. Pet Remedy is a natural way of tackling stress and anxiety in all mammals and works by mimicking our pets own natural calming mechanisms.
Please come and speak to us in the Groom Room, or comment below, if you have any questions about how this product could help your pets.

Charlotte Osbourne
3/1/18 Facebook

I can not recommend this product enough. My cat was over grooming and within a month of using the plug in she has stopped and her hair has started to grow back.

Rivet J Sally
1/1/18 Facebook

Thanku So much for a wonderful product that really works especially with fireworks will continue 2 recommend x

Emma Louise Dash
1/1/18 Facebook

Can’t thank you enough dogs slept thro last nights fireworks! Even us humans had a better nights sleep too. 4 chilled doggies

P. Jeffs
30/12/17 Amazon

Now this pet calming stuff is great. Having been rather dubious about using such things I made sure I was only using those based on 'natural' products.
I now use sprays, diffusers and drops to great effect, can't say which is doing the most good as they are all in use at the same time, but a great range.
Have one big ball of white fur who has a low tolerance of other dogs, tried everything to stop her suddenly deciding she was going to hurt them and then stumbled upon these remedies. Appears to take the edge off her behaviour, doesn't make her half-doped or even sleepy, the change is subtle but just enough to help her control herself. I am well pleased ... as are the other dogs ...

Guy Sam
30/12/17 Amazon

This stuff is a "Godsend" we have a hyperactive Great Dane Cross and was told about this spray, now wouldn't be without it!!

Jaqueline Hill
29/12/17 VioVet

This spray is so effective in calming my senior dog, when he is in distress, a couple of squirts and he calms down within a minute. I have also used it on my young dog, when he was distressed over men pheasant shooting in a nearby field.

Chris Doull
29/12/17 Facebook

I use pet remedy for chocolate and coco my pet rabbits they are sleeping now bless them

28/12/17 Amazon

Love this product. Really calms our puppy and a better price than the vets.

Shane Ryan Ackerley
24/12/17 Facebook

Brilliant can't thank the team enough.i wasn't sure at first but it's worked fantastic

Andrea E M Harcourt
24/12/17 Facebook

I cant believe pet remady worked i have tried everything my girl has separation anxiety so she pulls her fur out ever since her brother went missing 5years ago someone told me to try pet remedy so i did and i cant believe she is calmer, playful and has all her fur back plus it calms the others to xx

Shane Ryan Ackerley
24/12/17 Facebook

Brilliant can't thank the team enough.i wasn't sure at first but it's worked fantastic

Linda Gower
22/12/17 Amazon

My dog has always been very stressed, and after a recent back injury she was terrible.From the moment I plugged it in she calmed, and has had some long deep sleeps.It certainly works for her!!

K. Mccree
21/12/17 Amazon

do think this works. i spray it on dogs bandana and she def calms.

Mark Fox
20/12/17 Facebook

No problem.... I would recommend these products to anyone that has a stressed animal... I tried it with my cat on bonfire night... worked wonderfully!!

Mark Fox
19/12/17 Facebook

AND it works wonderfully!!! We have a hedgehog rescue and have this plugged in in the hoggary as we call it, it houses 56 sick or injured hedgehogs! Would not be without the de stress products..... I love the wipes, works wonders.. in fact I introduced them to our vet and he is very interested!!:) Merry Christmas to you all at Pet Remedy

Mark Fox
19/12/17 Facebook

AND it works wonderfully!!! We have a hedgehog rescue and have this plugged in in the hoggary as we call it, it houses 56 sick or injured hedgehogs! Would not be without the de stress products..... I love the wipes, works wonders.. in fact I introduced them to our vet and he is very interested!!:) Merry Christmas to you all at Pet Remedy

Ingrid Venables
7/12/17 Facebook

This product is the Bees Knees. our little kitty is off the steroids and Pet Remedy keeps him calm used it for a few yrs now.

Amazon Customer
6/12/17 Amazon

well worth the money works a treat for my dog

Jacqui Harper
6/12/17 Facebook

I get pet remedy products from my vets. My female cats were marking on my bed during introductions. This really calmed them down and we have no problems now. We still use it now as we’re introducing another kitty or for anxious vet trips.

Anston van Gastel
5/12/17 Facebook

Recommended by our amazing vets, it really has made our 5 strong cat family live in better harmony actually making Rosie so much more happy and relaxed after 9 years amazing, and Tom and Soxs can walk past each other without issue.

Paula Lawson
3/12/17 Facebook

I'm an RVN, I recommend Pet Remedy as I've seen it really help a neighbour's cats who don't travel well.

Christine Cook
3/12/17 Facebook

my Siamese were terrified of Fireworks - not any more!

Kirsty Reid 3/12/17

Me too! My boy was pretty stressed after we lost his brother 6 weeks ago but a replacement in the plugin and it settled him right down

Mark Fox
3/12/17 Facebook

We use the calming wipes now for our hedgehog rescue.... we recently introduced our vet to some, apparently they went down very well with them!! Hopefully they will be regular users... They are a fantastic product!! Thank you

Jay Mullaney
3/12/17 Facebook

I use it.
I sell it.
I highly recommend it.
And when I just can’t convince the customer it’s as good as I say I give them a free sample. Yes that costs me but they always come back for more

Carol Ellie Nyma
3/12/17 Facebook

Greatest thing i have ever used calming Ellie when it was Bonfire night no more tranquilizers from the vets. It worked a treat. Thank you pet remedy.

Cheri Kelly
3/12/17 Facebook

Barney my anxious great dane comes running when he sees me get the bottle out

Tina Robinson
3/12/17 Facebook

It really helped Stanley with the fireworks. My OH poo pooed the idea & wasnt even interested, i think i badgered him that much & made him feel guilty, citing poor Stanleys nerves etc etc. Lol. He got him sum the day before i was goin to & it worked an absolute treat. He sed Stanley wont wear a bandana!! But he did with the spray on it. My OH had to admit it in the end!!

3/12/17 Amazon

This was really good. I purchased when I moved home to settle my cat. The product lasted a few months as advertised and seemed to have a calming effect on my cat, helping her to settle in.

Juie Hanley-Davis
3/12/17 Amazon

Had new pup and cat would not come down stairs to eat and do her business, vets recommended this so I brought 2 of these and placed them strategically downstairs I also wiped a little of it over the dog and also over some furniture, bedding and new toys. She now eats, sleeps and does her business where she should.

Rachel Burt
1/12/17 Facebook

Brilliant product. Only had to use it a few times when I adopted my newest cat, then everything was fine. Have recommended it several times to others.

Marley Toms
1/12/17 Facebook

I volunteer for Cats Protection in Edinburgh and have found it to be calming for reactive /Feisty wee cats.

Jenny Hallet
1/12/17 Facebook

Couldn’t rate this any higher. Absolutely excellent product. Effects are almost immediate. I run a small cattery and all the cats respond to it. I recommend this to everybody. Really helps all the cats settle in the cattery and spray boxes for travel home. A lot of my clients have this now for cats that travel badly in the car.

J Redden
30/11/17 Amazon

Purchased this for our rabbits who get very stressed when being taken to the vets. Sprayed in carrier before we took them and at the vets they were the most chilled out I’ve ever seen them! Even the vet commented how chilled they were as opposed to their last visit. Definitely recommend this and will keep a stock in fir those stressful times.

Miss W
30/11/17 Amazon

I use this all the time for my 2 cats.

29/11/17 Amazon

I rate this higher than any similar product. I foster multiple cats and all of them have a positive reaction to this product. Especially in cat carriers used for vet trips. The plug-ins also work but the effects are more subtle.

Julie Johnstone
28/11/17 Viovet

I bought this for my friends dog who was extremely anxious due to being attacked by two different dogs and then to top it all off, the fireworks around bonfire night. She has reported back that it really seems to be making a difference and her dog seems calmer and less anxious.

Gothic Rose
27/11/17 Amazon

Really works!!!! My animals are instantly chilled!! Perfect for fireworks or new animal arrivals!!

Steph W
21/11/17 Pets at Home

My one year old house cat has gotten to that mischievous naughty stage. At times he can be ever so cuddly and loving, at other time he's opening drawers or my work bag, emptying the contents and hiding objects. Amongst other playful and curious behaviour.

After the cuteness of what he was doing subsided and the repetitive retrieving things from around the house got tiresome, I tried this product. Within a couple of days his mischievous behaviour decreased. He still has his little personality but is much calmer. If only this worked on boyfriends too!

Mollie Howley
21/11/17 Facebook

I have a feisty little diva of a cat called Bear and she struggles a lot with redirected aggression. She was attacking my other cat Panda (who she's known since they were kittens and used to be very close) on a daily basis. I got given some free samples of Pet Remedy wipes at work and so I tried them on Bear and I'm amazed with the effect it's had on her
Now there's very little aggression from Bear and they've even started cuddling up together again. Panda feels safe enough to approach her again and Bear feels happy enough to snuggle up next to Panda again! Thank you, I'm very happy

Sookie Dawn Gager
18/11/17 Facebook

My name is RJ and currently been looked after by my dads friend as his in hospital and the de stress calming spray is helping me feel less worried as l miss my dad

Cinque Ports Rescue
17/11/17 Facebook

Wanda and Daphne would like to thank Pet Remedy for the wonderful donations that have been received. Wanda will benefit from the heat mat with her wonky legs and we are using the calming wipes and mat to help Daphne with her anxiety.

Direct Pets
15/11/17 Facebook

One happy pup after picking up her new bed and Pet Remedy to help her sleep

Sookie Dawn Gager
15/11/17 Facebook

My name is Star and I'm a rescue dog from Booth House Salvation Army thank you Pet remedy for looking out for us x

Sookie Dawn Gager
15/11/17 Facebook

Thanks to Pet remedy Mr Otto has full belly


Sharon Groves
13/11/17 Facebook

Used this to help some of my pigs who's got a bit wound up by something.......never found out what and one got really wound up tried this and it really worked well!!

Amazon Customer
13/11/17 Amazon

Great value excellent quality works calms my dog with all the fire works easy to use

12/11/17 Amazon

Putting a few drops of this on the necks of rabbits helps reduce aggression and helps with the bonding or re-bonding process after trauma or upset in any way. I highly recommend it and always have done in hand.

Carol Drennan
12/11/17 Amazon

Have tried Feliway and can say Pet Remedy Calming spray/defuser is more effective. It worked well on Firework night. Thank you.

Diane Blackburn
11/11/17 Facebook

Recommend this we have 1 for r dog

Kevin Bundy
9/11/17 Amazon

excellent service, product arrived within 3 days, I was sceptical, but with 2 nervous dogs that do not like fireworks , I gave it a try, with superb results.I would recommend this product to anyone, very happy.

9/11/17 Amazon

Wasn't holding out much hope, but there was a marked improvement on how calm our dog was, last year she was frantic.... panting and hiding while the fireworks were going off. This year she actually slept through the Saturday ones and on Sunday 5th she was aware of the noises however was much more calm. Definite improvement and I would recommend purchasing this product.

Stacey Oakley
8/11/17 Facebook

Thank you. I found your products in pets at home and they're fab. I have the plug in and spray. My lab is scared of fireworks and for 3 weeks he shakes on an evening waiting for them to start, but no way near as bad as he has been. He started shaking last night so I sprayed his bed and he's chilled right out. It didn't work when the loud bangers started but I don't think anything will. Your products have made last weekend much less stressful on us both and me and barney thank you xxx

Charlotte Appleyard
7/11/17 Amazon

Pet Remedy works amazing on my cats and rabbits, especially over the bonfire period, however it wasn’t so useful for my 11 week old collie puppy. The smell isn’t too great either but works really well so can’t complain.
Have already recommended to friends and family.

Donna Culf
7/11/17 Facebook

Can’t recommend this highly enough for anyone with stressed out pets. We have cats and dogs and it works brilliantly for them.

Katie MacRae
6/11/17 Facebook

Got a bottle on Sunday morning and had a very chilled dog through Sunday evenings fireworks. Ty so much for making this

Carol Ellie Nyma
6/11/17 Facebook

Thank goodness for pet remedy this firework weekend. Ellie my little terrier who gets so up tight at the least bang slept through no tranquilizers from the vet. This was great as her fear travels to my other two so they all got a squirt. 3 chilled out dogs.

Fran Parsons
6/11/17 Amazon

I have used Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress Plug-in before (for over two years) and have found it very beneficial in calming my two cats over the firework & New Year celebrations. My cats seem more laid back & less stressed. I cannot rate the product too highly.

Josephine Adamson
6/11/17 Amazon

Kept my cats and dog calme during the bonfire night period

Amazon Customer
6/11/17 Amazon

We purchased this product because we look after a rescue cat to help calm him down while he was in a cage after being neutered x it did keep him calm together with the spray on his bedding

Nerys Thomas
5/11/17 Facebook

So relaxed his tongue fell out best bonfire night to date thanks to the plug in

Bethan Victoria George
5/11/17 Facebook

Seren , with pet remedy spray on a bandanna , before this went on tonight she was tryig to dig through the living room wall . Thanks pet remedy

Michael Fawcett
5/11/17 Facebook

Well we're to start my Staffordshire bull terrier has in the last 2 years become uncontrolabe when fireworks are going off and I thought I had tryed everything from cheap plugins to very expensive calms and nothing worked but today at the NEC I saw this product and though I would give it a go ( what's the worst that could happen kind of thing ) I got a plug in and the wipes and to my surprise they are the best thing I have ever brought I would like to thankyou all from me and my boy chunk thanks

Niall Farnan
5/11/17 Amazon

:O Works a treat on our mental cavachon. Especially when he is on nighttime walks.

Lucie Foxall
5/11/17 Facebook

I purchased some more pet remedy de-stress & Calming spray from yourself at the NEC today. The smell is so much better than the first bottle I purchased over a year ago. Still both fantastic and calms my Great Dane Beau during fireworks and windy weather.
I highly recommend this product and always promote to pet owners
I also purchased a plug in diffuser.....
I have one stress free Dane

Christine Hyland
5/11/17 Amazon

this product is awesome I have 5 cats and the brothers picked on their sister until I plugged the product in now she can wander around the place without fear. well worth the 5 stars.

John H
5/11/17 Amazon

Good product, it really does calm the Cats down

Lana Pocock
4/11/17 Facebook

Fireworks, what fireworks?! Foxy the Pom enjoying an evening snooze thanks to pet remedy sprayed bedding! woof

Ellie Abbott
4/11/17 Facebook

I picked up some of the mini refillable spray from pets at home as my 7 year old Yorkie has been getting quite stressed with all the fireworks going on and I’m absolutely amazed at how well this product works. I’ve tried adaptil and rescue remedy but this product definitely tops both of them. I spray a bit onto his thunder shirt and he settles down almost instantlI will be buying more and recommending it to everyone

Vikki Mann
4/11/17 Facebook

I love pet remedy. I see an instant change in my pets and they are more relaxed. I use it in my grooming shed and it really makes a difference. I recommend to everyone because it's fantastic

Irene O'hare
4/11/17 Amazon

Fantastic stuff! This is how calm my girls are while fireworks are going off outside. Normally they are shaking and trying to find hiding places, instead they are snoozing away

Nicki B
3/11/17 Amazon

Working realy well for our cats who used to fall out.

Christine Cook
3/11/17 Facebook

its brilliant on my cats on Bonfire Night! Totally chilled

Shirley Macmillan
1/11/17 Amazon

Definitely works better than the others on the market. Still not perfect, however the calmness is the house has returned most definitely. Thanks

Sara-Jane Stevens
2/11/17 Facebook

Totally amazing product! Works every time on my Puppy-Dog who is petrified of Fireworks and our very anxious staffy x

Donna Wendy Jeffs
2/11/17 Facebook

Fantastic have the plug in one oh what a difference that's made to my dogs.got the battery one for the rabbits guinea pig and bird.and like wise they are all so calm and not stresses.happy fur babies=happy earth mummy

Ms Evans
2/11/17 Amazon

This works really well with my 3 male cats & our adopted, highly strung Westie/Jack Russel X. We've been using in conjunction with flower essence remedies since the start of the fireworks season when we discovered just how awful fireworks can be for some animals. The poor dog will actually leave the house for a walk now. She's still a bit nervous but very much improved.
I prefer the spray to the plug in, which I only use if I'm not in the house, as this potent blend works pretty well on me too!
5 stars!

2/11/17 Amazon

This really helped my cats and dogs when we moved house. I have to say it has a strong herbal odder valerian root is very prominent and can be strong on the nose. I also can't spray it near my partner as it makes her hay fever go mental. Apart form that we love it and so so our fur babies

Melanie De Jong
2/11/17 Facebook

Brilliant product and customer service. Have used both diffuser and spray on my three cats and have noticed huge difference in their behaviour, especially Oscar who was showing aggressive tendencies towards Daisy. I now have 3 happy and very chilled cats since using both diffuser and spray.
Thank you to all at Pet Remedy particularly Gill for her advice

Ms Evans
2/11/17 Amazon

This works really well with my 3 male cats & our adopted, highly strung Westie/Jack Russel X. We've been using in conjunction with flower essence remedies since the start of the fireworks season when we discovered just how awful fireworks can be for some animals. The poor dog will actually leave the house for a walk now. She's still a bit nervous but very much improved.
I prefer the spray to the plug in, which I only use if I'm not in the house, as this potent blend works pretty well on me too!
5 stars!

MissBee 2/11/17 Amazon
2/11/17 Amazon

This really helped my cats and dogs when we moved house. I have to say it has a strong herbal odder valerian root is very prominent and can be strong on the nose. I also can't spray it near my partner as it makes her hay fever go mental. Apart form that we love it and so so our fur babies

Melanie De Jong
2/11/17 Facebook

Brilliant product and customer service. Have used both diffuser and spray on my three cats and have noticed huge difference in their behaviour, especially Oscar who was showing aggressive tendencies towards Daisy. I now have 3 happy and very chilled cats since using both diffuser and spray.
Thank you to all at Pet Remedy particularly Gill for her advice

Donna Wendy Jeffs
2/11/17 Facebook

Fantastic have the plug in one oh what a difference that's made to my dogs.got the battery one for the rabbits guinea pig and bird.and like wise they are all so calm and not stresses.happy fur babies=happy earth mummy

31/10/17 Amazon

Absolutely brilliant...perfect for calming stressed pets & well worth the cost. Used it for bonding stressed out rabbits that hated each other & they were really chilled after I plugged it in. Smells disgusting at first but you kinda get Used to it & it's worth suffering the smell for it's results

31/10/17 Amazon

We have two dogs and two cats this time of the year we had a great lot of fireworks round here and the pets find this hard it is starting earlier each year and going on forever well the first time I spray one of the dogs was going around the the spray area like a cat on catnip rubbing himself on it and the cats are laying on the floor on the furniture which this time of year they usually under the furniture or in a dark corners night time is the same even with fireworks going on

Mrs C A Kelly
30/10/17 Amazon

I think this spray is amazing! I've a rottie collie cross who is just totally petrified of loud noises, even heavy rain and the wind! I've sprayed this on her each time a firework goes off and within 10 mins she's stopped panting and is lying down! She's a big girl and a few sprays where she sleeps also helps. The smell isn't great but I can put up with that!

Thomas McEwan
30/10/17 VioVet

Still early days but can see a definite change in both dogs and also kitten all terrified of fireworks our Labrador would'nt even go out for a pee she was so scared,but she will go out on her leash now that is a big thing for her I honestly believe this calming remedy works for her and my other pets 4-5 ***** but hopefully more many thanks

Steve K-J
30/10/17 Amazon

Had tried other similar products in the past for a rescue cat who is quite skittish and has had a number of behavioural issues linked to prior ill~treatment. I wasn't holding out huge amounts of hope but within an hour of plugging in the diffuser he was like a different cat, totally chilled out. We've still got a way to go with the little fella, but this has certainly helped!

Rebeca Bowden
29/10/17 Facebook

The Pet Remedy plug in diffuser has made such a difference for my dog. He was petrified of fireworks and since having the diffuser on, he has been able to settle. Thank you!

Emma Franklin
29/10/17 Facebook

Was recommended the spray by our lovely local dog groomer, Comfy Critters. It was needed for our cat, ex feral farm kitten, who gets stressed by all sorts, from the farm over the road harvesting to strangers coming to visit. Bought it one day, the following morning I had workmen arrive unexpectedly. Usually cue for the cat to go loopy. I sprayed a little spray on a chair, cat curled up, went to sleep and chilled!! Only time she had any reaction was when a particularly squeeky wheelbarrow was being used, but even then she didn't get mega loopy. Kids had a Halloween party yesterday and we shut cat away in a bedroom and sprayed a blanket. She once again settled peacefully for the duration. She's stopped overgrooming and is so much happier. Brilliant product and have recommended to friends and family

Kirstie Dawson
29/10/17 Amazon

I used it for my cat last night as there was fireworks going off it calmed him down

MS L G Martin
29/10/17 Amazon

This product was bought when my two cats were joined with my sister's two cats when I moved in with her and worked very well.
Should make something similar for humans.

Hazel Collingwood
28/10/17 Amazon

Been plugged in for 3 days & my animals are already calmer & less reactive to the firework noise.. brilliant!

Me me
28/10/17 Amazon

I have a 14yrs old cocker whose deaf, blind, heart and lung problems,
So is a little nervous but this products helped so much he's a different dog.

28/10/17 Amazon

My cat suffers from over grooming and currently receives steroid injections from the vet around three times a year. On our last visit, he suggested that I get a calming plug-in for her and Pet Remedy was the one with the most favorable reviews. As yet, I really cannot comment on whether it is helping her as the steroid is still active but in a few months time I shall be able to comment. The other positive for the Pet Remedy, is that it is suitable for birds and as I have six parrots, I was able to purchase this without worry.
Previous reviews have stated that the smell is very strong and unpleasant. I have not found this and also it has not affected my allergy, which can be effected by strong smells and scents, if anything it has helped.

Vicky Lee
28/10/17 Facebook

Fireworks outside = cats in heaven inside!!! Thanks to Pet Remedy!!

27/10/17 Amazon

I actually think this works, my little dog isn't crying or barking and doesn't seem as stressed as before when I have to leave him for a short while, so I give it the thumbs up

Jenny Peers
26/10/17 Facebook

Been using the heat pad for my poorly boy. He loves to snuggle up on his heat pad when not feeling brill.

Alyson Bury
26/10/17 Facebook

Just ordered the spray and wipes, really hope it will help my boy Seth cope with the fireworks, he's a very sensitive boy and shake's uncontrollably x

Gillian Richardson
26/10/17 Facebook

Amazing stuff and great customer service thankyou for the free item aa my order went missing

Jodie Innes
26/10/17 Facebook

Pet remedy works better on my 3 than feliway, my boy sprayed on his feliway plug in

Dogs on the Street
25/10/17 Facebook

Fireworks just around the corner and Dogs On The Streets cannot recommend Pet Remedy high enough for the over anxious/stressed dogs, we use these products on every station.

Alan P
25/10/17 Amazon

Always seems to work and keeps the dogs calm

Jill Allen
25/10/17 Facebook

I have used this product before and it really works. Just ordered great discount thanks DOTS x

Sharon Johnson
n 25/10/17 Facebook

I just ordered some and I have to say that it is very effective. My Cooper is so much calmer and we have had fireworks going off regularly for the last few days.

E. Smith 25/10/17 Amazon
25/10/17 Amazon

This really does work with my cats, they seem to find it soothing, would recommend.

Gillian Eales
22/10/17 Facebook

My dogs not bothered by fireworks but we use it in our rabbit shed . A good spray and all is calmer when the fireworks go off.

Kay Gibson
22/10/17 Amazon

Better than adaptil think it's a bit stronger

Fiona Garret
22/10/17 Facebook

It works

Amazon Fanatic!
21/10/17 Amazon

We have 3 cats and recently had fostered our daughters cat for a week. I work at the vets so was able to grab a bottle. I had kept the foster cat (a male) in a separate room to the others, but feared my other male may still smell his scent, and the girls too. I was more concerned with my male cat as he is very susceptible to any change and would undoubtedly not welcome a male intruder 😉 I sprayed the Pet Remedy around the room where my three cats were, and also on their beds, just before the new lodger arrived. All was instantly calm! I also sprayed it in the room where the lodger was staying 😀 All was calm. I need not have worried about our new friend as he was the most chilled cat we have ever known, I was more concerned over our male. Now usually with all of ours being kept in the kitchen of the house for 4 days, they'd be crying and scratching at the door to get out - without a doubt this would be the case, but not with this spray. It is a miracle worker. All of ours were incredibly calm and chilled throughout the 4 days. The smell is not pleasant - reminded us of an old unwashed P:E kit, or smelly trainers, but it soon fades. More importantly, the cats didn't care at all. I could even spray it on them and they never batted an eyelid (and as you know, most cats run a mile when a spray goes off). I highly recommend this for any occasion where you are introducing a new pet, taking your pets on a journey, to the vets or on firework night, etc. I let my daughter take it on her drive to London - where our little lodger is now living for 6 months while she moves house. He was as calm as can be! It's a little cheaper from the vets - £11 😉

Amazon Customer
19/10/17 Amazon

Amazing soothing and calming for the cats that board with me

Talitha Beaumont
18/10/17 Facebook

Mitzii 5 mins after pet remedy plug in started diffusing x

Juliet Sturridge
18/10/17 Facebook

Billy2 is a rescue cat. When we got him he was very frightened.... of everything and everyone. We used A LOT of Pet Remedy..... I still call him my boy racer as he behaves like an unruly teenage boy..... but look at him now. I don't see a traumatised cat anymore.... do you?

Leanne Campbell
17/10/17 Facebook

We have used the plug in for some time and it has always helped our springer cross sam as he gets a bit anxious at times, tonight we tried one of the wipes on him and he calmed down almost instantly after my husband rubbing it on sams chest, we will certainly be purchasing more of the wipes. Would reccomend this for anyone with an anxious pet

17/10/17 Amazon

Great priduct does the job stabilising a household of 4 cats

Dawn Dye
14/10/17 VioVet

This is a great product, brought this as we were going away for a few days , and everything is different for the dog

Stephanie Crowley Green RVN
14/10/17 Facebook

Wearing her pet remedy bandana sprayed with pet remedy. She is a very anxious dog and with fireworks due to start i have a plug in also ready.

Christine Cool
14/10/17 Facebook

I have used this on my scared Siamese on Bonfire night and I promise- it works !

Hayley Galland
13/10/17 Facebook

Great to see brilliant products supporting you, my scared/reactive schnauzer doesn't leave the house with out a good spray on her harness or equafleece. It has helped overcome 90% of her reactivity (along side training of course )

Joy Foster
13/10/17 Facebook

Pet Remedy products are excellent, reasonably priced and the service is second to none. Highly recommended. Fireworks night is quickly approaching people!

Sharon Brewer
12/10/17 Facebook

Got for my dog and it has calmed him down its like having a different dog

Amazon Customer
10/10/17 Amazon

I and my pet parakeet became closely bonded after my husband died. He would come out of his cage fly around and around me, eat out of my hand, and involve himself in everything I did. I went away for a short break, leaving him in Kennels I thought he seemed ok when I came back, but when I went for a second very short break I came back to a very distressed parakeet. The Kennel maids did their best for him, but as soon as he saw me he danced up and down shouting"going home, going home, coming out" over and over again. I got him home and let him fly around as much as he wanted, but every little noise unsettled him, and even my neighbour who had never heard him behave like this before said he shouted and screamed when I had to shop. Finally one day he did what he had never done before and attacked me leaving my hands bitten and scratched! What could I do? I loved him and knew this dear little chap was not well. So I called the Vet. He said it sounded like depression, compounded by his testosterone due to the mating season, perhaps missing my husband too as he had recently died, and then my prolonged absences would leave him fearful that I too had abandoned him, so every noise would frighten him! The Vet recommended your spray and alongside lots of TLC and treats the spray seems to have calmed him down, and he is my dear sweet Charlie again! Eileen

Pam Dixon
10/10/17 Facebook

Excellent products, was discussing with my vet this morning, who felt that Pet Remedy Products are superior to anything else available. They have really helped my somewhat anxious cat, who is now so much more relaxed.

Lorna Skinner
9/10/17 Facebook

Great addition to my family of 4 cats.
3 girls 1 boy. Best purchase ever, I move it between the rooms the boys in as he’s a fistey boy!

Grace Bone
18/10/17 Facebook

it certainly work on my dogs and I am so grateful Ialso do dog sitting and one lovely lab is always shaking at any noise so hope it works with him .

Gillian Machell
7/10/17 Amazon

Recomended by a friend. Has really helped settle both my dogs who dont like being left now it is dark in the evenings even tho curtains closed ,lights left on ,radio on.

Ann Louise Mowinski Bezuidenhout
6/10/17 Facebook

This product is brillant. My tabby cat keeps on growling at the other two cats. Since this is im the wall the growling has stopped. Don't know what I'd do without this product. A complete lifesaver

Nancy Pants
5/10/17 Amazon

I bought this after 3 consecutive nights of our puppy not settling at bedtime. He was crying, barking etc (prolonged..). On the fourth night I sprayed a couple of sprays on his bedding about 5 mins before bedtime and... not a peep. He went straight to sleep. I'm quite sure this made a huge difference and I'm SO glad we decided to try it.

Wizz Fletcher
3/10/17 Facebook

I have 9 feral cats at Wizz Catz one of whom has a habit of spraying on some drawers that are on a work surface in the kitchen. She is intolerant of all the other cats in the rescue so she has to have 'time out' on her own where she has a habit of spraying everywhere. I put the atomiser on top of the cupboard so it sprays down on to the work surface. Set it for once every 30mins to start off with, now once every 60mins - so far so good, no spraying on the drawers! I have a plug-in in her room, and use the spray around the cat pen. Really impressed with Pet Remedy as it has worked where others have failed. Thank you

2/10/17 Amazon

Seemed to work for our puppy quite well.

Catherine Day
2/10/17 Facebook

I was tearing my hair out, for a week our dog Freddie was seemingly for no reason, stealing items to guard (my coat, my partners pyjamas, a cushion, a log from the wood basket, etc.). He will occasionally guard an item if he happens to come across something we've left in his way, but specifically stealing items was new and I couldn't understand why he'd started to do this. Two weeks ago, I happened to glance at our Pet Remedy plug in diffuser one afternoon ..... it was empty! I searched the dog's cupboard and found a refill (phew!). Plugged it in and within a day Freddie was back to normal and hasn't stolen an item to guard since. Life saver; to all of you at Pet Remedy, a huge thank you from us.

1/10/17 Amazon

Seems to have relaxed the cats. Have one cat that continually goes to my old house and she seems a little more settled since using this

Rachel Grey
1/10/17 Facebook

Oooooo.... we use the plug in for the dogs and cats and this could be a handy addition.

Amazon Customer
30/9/17 Amazon

Used this when introducing a rescue cat to my home and my other cat and I felt that it did help.

Joanne Shore
30/9/17 Viovet

Excellent my cats alot calmer

The Groom Room Harlow
29/9/17 Instagram

I’d like to say ad massive thank you to @petremedyofficial for sending us some samples of our Halloween puppy party. Perfect for keeping your pets calm this Firework season

Toniann Taylor
29/9/17 Facebook

We used the wipes for the first time today on Mr Otis as normally use the spray but found the wipes much better and hander.

29/9/17 Email

My name is Danyle-Jayy and we met last weekend at PATs in Telford where me and my husband spoke to you about our old girl who has gone blind. I am the one in the wheel chair and I will attach a photo that will remind you of my girl below.

Not in a million years did I think that 5 days after meeting you I would be emailing you to say thank you! You gave us a diffuser to try and help calm our blind girl down and wow!

I can not thank you physically enough ! You have changed our lives already! Yesterday we noticed that she wasn’t get wound up at people outside our house and this morning we had a delivery, the bins and the school run go to or past our house and even tho she lifted her head up not once did she bark, she didn’t have an accident or cry she just lifted her head up for a minute and went back to sleep! I genuinely can not believe the difference in 5 days! I was at least expecting a week or two but even my husband Matthew commented the same. We are got smacked beyond belief!

I’m currently quiet poorly in bed and struggling to do much and having a happy and calm Juliet is making the world of a difference normally I have to get her to stay down stairs as the constant barking and accidents gets really stressful but I’m loving spending some time with her in bed and she’s much happier being upstairs.

In a week or so I will be posting on the Facebook once I have a few more incidents to reference the product against I just really wanted to take the time to thank you personally.

Is your business address the one on your business card? I would like to send a little something for you!

Once my health picks up again I will be heading to town to buy some more of your products that’s for sure!

I honestly can’t thank you enough! If we manage to open our own salon next year I’ll be stocking you that’s for sure! I’ve already told the owner of the salon we work for aswell!

If ever your in Shropshire or need help with anything and we can help we will, we will for ever be in your debt and we will keep your Facebook updated as we can.

Kind regards

Danyle & Matthew Steinert

Phillippa Buckell
29/9/17 Amazon

Used this when introducing a rescue cat to my home and my other cat and I felt that it did help.

Susan Robinson
29/9/17 Facebook

It's not as bad now they've changed the colour it's lighter in colour and smell .. wouldn't be without it for my boy graydy ..

28/9/17 Amazon

My dog has major fear aggression towards other dogs and men she doesn't know. We tried everything for her from Adaptil products, medicine from the vet, even acupuncture. Nothing worked even slightly, so when we got her a trainer who pulled out this bad boy after I told her that my dog didn't respond to Adaptil, I was almost speechless when I walked my dog with her harness sprayed with Pet Remedy to find that she wasn't phased by men or other dogs at all. At first I thought maybe it was a fluke and she was just following her training well, but after buying a bottle myself and using it on her harness and blanket, I can happily say that I finally found a product that de-stresses my dog!

Now when she sees other dogs or men she doesn't know, she'll stop in her tracks as she did before and watch them approach, only now instead of flipping out and barking and growling at them, she'll just continue walking once they approach her. I can actively see the effects this product has had on my dog and it's such a relief to finally have that.

I will precaution you by saying that it is a bit smelly, similar to the herby smell of cat-nip, so I would only spray it on your dog's belongings such as their bed, harness, favourite toy or a bandana, because if you spray it on your furniture you'll live to regret it once you can't escape the smell. Thankfully, once you spray the product and it dries down, the smell does not transfer from the item you spray it on.

Kathleen Blackley
28/9/17 Amazon

This works and I use it as well as the feliway plug in. Once sprayed it has a calming effect on my cats and they mellow out, we have just introduced a stray cat into the fold so it helped calm the situation a lot. I suppose It,s like cat nip in a way. The only let down is it smells like old socks.

Samantha Jones
27/9/17 Viovet

This has really worked at calming my 2 dogs. Would recommend

Mark Fox
26/9/17 Facebook

Here are Caistor Hedgehog Care we are now using your Low Voltage Pet Heat Pads for all the new Autumn babies that are being brought in to us.... We used to use heat stones, but they were not really suitable. Your Heat Pads are truly amazing and so reliable!! The good thing is, the pad only heats where the baby is laying so it doesn't get too hot..
We will be buying more as we can afford to as there are so many babies being brought in that are starving, malnourished and very very cold... Baby hedgehogs cannot eat when they are cold, so these pads are vital to their lives!!! Thank you again for such an amazing product Martyn.. From all the hogs and hoglets at Caistor Hedgehog Care

Bev Miller
25/9/17 Amazon

Would highly recommend fast service n found out cheaper than vets charge now I have 2 restful chihuahuas will be buying refills again soon

Donna-Marie Perry
25/9/17 Facebook

I have the diffuser in my grooming salon and i have never had a dog that is too stressed to groom. Talking with other Groomers, they seem to have a lot of very awkward dogs, but I'm convinced the diffuser is why I have great dogs!! Will always have one plugged in!

Kerry Ann Draper
25/9/17 Facebook

Charlie cat says thank you so much for his new "chill squirty device"
He has come on so well with the plug ins after being rescued as an absolutely terrified and anxious cat.
He has bonded well with Eric our other rescue and Saskia our 15 year old feline who hated other cats.
We know they love the pet remedy as sometimes we find them chinning the plug ins
We love the atomiser..no plugging in..came with batteries and a good supply.
We are having a little issue with an un neautered male cat upsetting them outside the window so we have popped the atomiser in this corner..watch this space

Lisa Simms
25/9/17 Facebook

Works on everybody here! Cats, Dogs and horses!
Gilliebreeze Bearded Collies
Kooeybear Asian & Burmese

Laura Fuller
24/9/17 Facebook

Zizzi goes crazy for a little pet remedy spray

Nicky Morris
24/9/17 Facebook

This is great for nervous cats mine cries when it runs out!

Debbie Johnson 24/9/17 Facebook
24/9/17 Facebook

These are so useful in rescue

Prue Bennett Jones
23/9/17 Facebook

I have 16 house cats of different ages, males and females .... and I use Pet Remedy diffusers in every room, resulting in a stress free cat household

Roz Miles
23/9/17 Facebook

Pet Remedy is heaven sent (scent!).gave two wipes4my neighbours cats while moving house and sprayed their carriers.worked a treat. They have kept the leaflet to order more.Other product 'F' didn't touch them!

Jenn Deschamps
23/9/17 Facebook

This is too bad it didn't work for you! I sprayed it on the dog beds and my cat was instantly attracted to it. Rolling around and then curled up for a nap!

23/9/17 Amazon

I have not needed it for years but I was relieved it is still on sale. This time I thought I would try it for my cats - having taken in a stray cat, my existing cats were not terribly pleased. Within 10 minutes of plugging it in to a ground floor hall socket, the 2 "boys" were sniffing it directly and calmed down. I needed to get the stray cat (Colin) to the vet for registration and a check-up after his neutering. With this visit in mind I purchased the mini spray and a duo pack of the plug-in diffuser. Colin managed the vet visit really well and with the help of a 2nd hand wheelable dog crate was quite accepting of the trip and being handled by the vet. It may seem a bit expensive but the diffusers last some months and reduce stress for everyone. The small refillable spray was good for spraying the carrier. Cats not at all "dopey"!

Fiona Whelan
22/9/17 Facebook

This is the effect of spraying pet remedy on my rescue kittens blanket before a trip to the vets; I love this stuff

Denise Harker
22/9/17 Facebook

I use the spray and find it very effective, one of my cats rubs herself all over where its sprayed I use it around bonfire night too for the dog.

Julie Dawn
22/9/17 Facebook

helps my cat on trips to vet, and she loves the heat pads

Margery Bradley
21/9/17 Facebook

One very cool cat Lily.Thanks to Pet Remedy.

Jenifer Plant
21/9/17 Facebook

I use the plugins for my cats i couldnt do without them the plugins have made such a difference.

19/9/17 Amazon

Again got this for a friend good results

Prue Bennett-Jones
19/9/17 Facebook

Here's another photo of half of my fur family relaxing....thanks to Pet Remedy diffusers

Margery Bradley
19/9/17 Facebook

Thanks to pet Remedy our Lovely Lily is now doing fine

Allison D
19/9/17 Amazon

Definitely noticed a difference in my bunnies mood and it put him at ease during his illness and move in to my flat.

Christine Cook
17/9/17 Facebook

worked on my cat !

Steve Seasick Shilling
17/9/17 Facebook

Pet Remedy has been amazing with my two cats, very satisfied customer and very happy kitties

Jennifer Plant
17/9/17 Facebook

I couldnt do without pet remedy keeps my cats lovely and calm....and me as well!

Pauline Barnes
15/9/17 Facebook

My husband had to take a feisty cat from our local animal shelter to the vets for her 2nd vaccination & micro chipping before she went to her new home. After the first vaccination he was dreading it as she scratched him & he had blood dripping down his arms. This time we sprayed Pet Remedy on her blanket Total change of character! She was loving him & rolling over. Even the vet was amazed how good she was especially with the micro chip No growls. snarls or claws Will certainly recommend it to our clients at the vets especially with firework season starting Thank you

Christine Davies
15/9/17 Facebook

We love this stuff - so much better than the (non) competition! And so do George and Mrs Tiggywinkle!

Jenifer Hunt
15/9/17 Facebook

Brilliant I can't believe the results for my cat who was so stressed over other cats tom cats especially an she had fears of people today she was outside an saw the postman an didn't go into a wild panic of growls hisses an generally go mad she just sat an watched him hand me my package truly amazed wish I had of got this ages ago

15/9/17 Amazon

I actually think this works ! We travelled for 18hrs with 2 x cats, I sprayed this in their cages and they actually settled down after the initial scrabble into the cages. I have now sprayed it in the new home and they have settled in well, rolling around and rubbing their faces on the carpets etc...
It does smell a bit but it is fine, just a little bit of a strange smell but if my cats like it I don't mind.
I wasn't convinced anything would make this journey easy but I do believe this helped.

Margery Bradley
13/9/17 Facebook

Just got my first delivery yesterday ,what lovely helpful people they are ,explaining everything to you before you purchase anything.thank you to you all.I will be back in touch soon.

Elaine O'Neil
13/9/17 Facebook

Iv got the spray for my male cat and its brilliant xx

Michelle Holme
13/9/17 Facebook

I use this for my ole lady age 17years .Good stuff a couple of sprays and both of us are chilled

Carol Harvie
12/9/17 Facebook

Tried Pet Remedy for a rescue. African grey and she has become the happiest bird ever. After months of witnessing her unhappiness I tried this as a last resort and wish I'd done it from the first moment I brought her home. Thankyou, this stuff really works, I am so impressed and will use your products with any rescue pets that suffer stress

Hayley Galland
9/9/17 Facebook

Pet Remedy has been a God send for my reactive and scared mini schnauzer. Have been using pet remedy with her for almost 2 years now. Along with positive reinforcement and lots of training my girl is no longer dog, car or people reactive.

Recently Elica was bitten by a unidentified bug which has scared her so much she was hyperventilating on our walks. Along with training, carrying her around and showing her there's nothing to be scared off, today she had a happy walk.
I popped her in a equafleece t-shirt, and gave it a good spray too.

You wouldn't have guessed this little lady was clinging to my leg refusing to walk on Monday

Roz Miles
9/9/17 Facebook

Love Pet Remedy sooooooo much

Prue Bennett Jones
4/9/17 Facebook

As I have multiple house cats I use a Pet Remedy diffuser in every room. This is the effect that Pet Remedy has on my 16 cats .... I wouldn't be without it

Karen Lander
3/9/17 Facebook

I use it all the time, with three indoor cats, it really helps to keep the harmony. I can really see the difference between using and not using and so can Hooli, Seeley & Merlin

Suasanna Pooley
31/8/17 Facebook

I've used Pet Remedy for years now, and always recommend it to people. I have two cats who just about tolerate one another and it certainly helps, along with the two Pet Remedy heat pads I bought them too

Caz McCreadie
30/8/17 Amazon

Came on time and works a treat with my cats.

Caz McCreadie
30/8/17 Amazon

Came on time and works a treat with my cats.

Lisa D Alqatari
27/8/17 Amazon

Great product- settles down nervy dog who is afraid of flies and thunderstorms!!

Lynzi Jones
25/8/17 Facebook

Love the new web design so much so that I've impulse bought a new spray.
I'm never without at least the small spray bottles as I'm around a lot of different animals every day. It works wonders and I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know.
I've been using this product ever since you first brought out the original sprays and will continue to use it for as long as I'm involved with animals.
There is nothing on the market that works as fast, as well and for as many different animals as this does.

25/8/17 Pets at Home

Tried this for a nervous re-hummed lab who is scared of the dark and loud noises. Worked straight away and the spray is great for on the go. It's even helped with our patterdale pup being crate trained.

24/8/17 Amazon

I bought it to help our 2 adult cats get on better with our 6 month old cockapoo who would usually chase and pester the cats. The dog definitely isn't pestering as much and the cats aren't reacting to him which helps the situation.

I also bought it to stop the dog excited peeing when visitors came. He still wees a little but a lot less than before.

I'm giving it 4/5 because it works but I can still smell it and it's not very nice. Albeit you have to be right next to the plug to smell it.

24/8/17 Amazon

I bought it to help our 2 adult cats get on better with our 6 month old cockapoo who would usually chase and pester the cats. The dog definitely isn't pestering as much and the cats aren't reacting to him which helps the situation.

I also bought it to stop the dog excited peeing when visitors came. He still wees a little but a lot less than before.

I'm giving it 4/5 because it works but I can still smell it and it's not very nice. Albeit you have to be right next to the plug to smell it.

Natalie Bond
24/8/17 Facebook

I would like to say how brilliant both your diffuser and heat pad are... I bought both for my whelping pen and during labour my bitch remained calm and focused despite it being her first time, she didn't even yelp once, took it all in her stride and I am certain its to do with the diffuser and its soothing, natural scent. The heat pad has been fantastic, wipe clean which has been a great help and is just the right heat for my six pups even when placed under the thick vetbed I have lined the pen with, it has a long lead which disconnects so could pass through a cage if required. Both are great products that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone breeding their pets.


Natalie Bond
24/8/17 Facebook

Amazing products for anyone breeding their pets. Heat pad is a great item and the diffuser helps to relax

Natalie Bond
24/8/17 Facebook

Amazing products for anyone breeding their pets. Heat pad is a great item and the diffuser helps to relax

Tima Lund
23/8/17 Facebook

I am a firm convert, and have been for a number of years. However, I just found a new use yesterday;
My young bitch Labrador came into season; and is finding the whole hormonal experience a bit much; being clingy, whiny and generally upset because the boy digs in my house are treating her very differently.... so I plugged the diffusers in, and gave her a spray..... and my normal dog returned within an hour..... hurrah!!
The diffusers will stay on till she is finished. It does help the boys cope as well during the few days when she is ovulating; I've done that before. This is first time I've used it to help a young girl dog. Fabulous product!!

Carola Leman
22/8/17 Facebook

I have been using Pet Remedy for a few years now. My dog has a noise phobia to high pitched noises on tv. Which include telephones dialing and ringing on TV and heart monitors beeping on TV. As soon as I plugged in the pet remedy diffuser she stopped panicking. It started with just lifting her head and looking around rather than running away. Now she does not respond at all! Apart from when it is empty but as soon as replaced she is fine again.

I also recommend Pet Remedy at work now (veterinary nurse and hydrotherapist) and my clients love it and are extremely pleased with the results.
We now have these plugged in in our waiting room and kennel area's and the sprays and towels are available for clients to use to cover their cat carriers.

I also use the atomiser in our hydrotherapy unit and if it is not on there is a difference in the animals settling in in the aquatic treadmill,

I highly recommend Pet Remedy to anyone with pets that have some unsettled behaviour problems including anxiety.

Carola Leman RVN MCHA APHC
Registered Veterinary Nurse
Member of Canine Hydrotherapy Association
Advanced Pet Health Councillor

22/8/17 Amazon

Definitely calms my pet household. Cats and dog. Highly recommended

Scott Wilson
19/8/17 Amazon

I have these on in the kitchen where the dogs spend most of their time; primarily for firework season but leave them all year round for effect

18/8/17 Amazon

I got this for when we will be collecting our new puppy. I decided to try it out on one of our grumpy cats who has decided she hates men after we have had a bit of work done in the house she would hiss at them including my patner on the odd occasion.

We got also got a feliway plugin and that seemed to help so shes stopped hissing at men now.

We Sprayed this on her blanket and she pulled it out of the bed and was rolling all over it like a cat nip effect.

I wanted to smell the speay 1st before buying as some reviews said it stank. Smelling it stright from the bottle it smell herby and not so bad. But when you spray it it dose have a slight smell of sweaty feet for a few minutes not over powering enought not to use. We tried it with our already laid back cat but she wasnt affected by , but it does say it won't calm an already calm animal.

Elizabeth Carrie
18/8/17 Email

Hi Martyn , sorry for the delay in getting back to you I've just recovered from a virus, and only collected parcel two days ago from royal mail.

Thanks again for sending free products , my cats love the plug in and there is no strong odour from the spray .

Also my cats are definitely a lot calmer , as I mentioned to you on the phone two of my cats are semi feral and I have noticed a great improvement in just 48 hours your product is amazing just what I was looking for King regards Elizabeth Carrie.

Scott James 16/8/17 Amazon

I have a cat that has been known to be very vocal on the evenings. While we're sleeping she would come up the stairs meowing extremely loudly and usually prompt some kind of response from one of us, which I felt reinforced the behavior but it was loud enough to the point it could upset the neighbours.

After plugging this in at the top of the stairs it took a few days but the incessant din on the evenings has dramatically lessened and my cat seems a good deal calmer too. These days she likes to sleep in our spare room on the bed and we don't even hear her come up on the evenings.

Of course it's hard to tell if it's this product or the cat just changing her behaviour but since it was installed the transformation has been quite dramatic. I do suspect this product has a good deal to do with it.

Thanks Pet Remedy!

Fiona Garret
14/8/17 Facebook

Roughly 60+ dogs and owners on our recent fundraising pack walk by A Walk With Friends.
Each dog received one of your wipes in their goody bags and we raised almost £400 for a local rescue. Thankyou on behalf of us all at a walk with friends for your support

Amazon Customer
14/8/17 Amazon

this product will be on my repeat list. it works so good my neighbours cat will come in and sit in front of the plug in!!. Has helped my boy to be more relaxed when I have visitors. . I first purchased product as i was getting work done at home.when it finished my boy was still a bit skitty. so i bought more and he is more social and less skittish. i have it on all the time. does work.

Claire Minto
14/8/17 Facebook

Use the spray every day in Veterinary practice at North Tyneside Vets4Pets. We see a huge reduction in stress levels for our inpatients and patients in the consulting room & waiting area when we use Pet Remedy. A fantastic product.

Karen Vidler
12/8/17 Amazon

Wonderful product far better than feliway.

10/8/17 Amazon

So, some people say this stinks of wet dog. It doesn't. Perhaps it's enhancing their already present smell of wet dog? What it does smell of is essential oils, but not the lovely ones you get on a relaxing spa day, no. But who cares, your pet needs relaxing not you and it works Brilliantly. So our jack Russell / chihuahua X has started to become anxious, excessive paw chewing. Within perhaps half an hour, she was very relaxed. She can shake (common apparently) and this has reduced. Her starting at scary noises (kitchen clatter) has greatly reduced. This behaviour was always there, but seems have got worse post storms / thunder etc. This diffuser has really helped. It's the sudden noises that she'd start at which has seriously reduced meaning her overall anxiousness has reduced, including the paw licking. The lurcher is now Even more chilled out. We switch off when they're not in the room and we've reduced the amount of time it's on butt it's effects still seem to be there. Great stuff

EPA Ross
10/8/17 Amazon

This product works well for the cat and the dog. It is permanently plugged in at skirting level by the kitchen door and initially, I found the smell nauseating but now that the producers have sorted out the dreadful smell it gave off, I am happy to replace it each time it runs out.

Gilly Boal
9/8/17 Facebook

Finding the plug in brilliant Wauchope Cottages highly recommends to their guests 90+% bring dogs with them on holiday.

Kitty Holder
9/8/17 Facebook

Brilliant! Shared. I use pet remedy and recommend to my kitty gardens group,  we have over 7,000 members worldwide

Anna Wright
9/8/17 Facebook

Great product. Really helps us with calming cats at the veterinary surgery

Janet Crispin
8/8/17 Facebook

This is really good ,I use it when we take our cat on holiday with us when we are travelling

Michael Snow
7/8/17 Amazon

Cats more relaxed when summer fireworks are let off.

6/8/17 Amazon

I was very sceptical when I bought this. Our 6 month old puppy had a second operation after being spayed due to the inner stitches failing due to an allergic reaction. We had to keep her calm and in a cage for 10 days, which she wasn't used to, and it was becoming increasingly difficult as she has so much energy and was becoming distressed being in the cage. Within minutes of plugging this in she was nice and calm. It has continued to work over the past 5 days and it has absolutely saved my sanity, and probably saved the dog doing herself more harm. Although it may not have the same effect of every dog, I would definitely say give it a go!

Amazon Customer
3/8/17 Amazon

This is a fabulous product. Our rescue dog suffered terribly with separartion anxiety and have seen a calmer side to him since using this product. It does take about 2months ( for us anyway) to see a difference. It wasn't u til we ran out one time that I noticed it fully. We never run out now. The product also lasts ages, ours is plugged in 24-7 and I only have to buy about 3 refil packs a year

Our Special Friends
1/8/17 Facebook

Great time at Suffolk Dog Day Helmingham Hall Gardens Our new gazebo funded via Suffolk Community Foundation was clearly visible and made our stand welcoming for people and animals. William & Rolo had well earned power naps under its awning! Thanks to all who came and saw us and the home team who set up and 'manned' the stand. Wish we could cover East Suffolk and Norfolk now as we had lots of interest from out of our West Suffolk and Thetford area. We need to expand so please help us to create sustainable funding as we really don't want to say "no" to the requests for help and volunteer offers that we're getting. Thanks also to Fish4Dogs and Pet Remedy for supporting OSF with sponsorship packs. Your products were very well received and generated lots of discussion

Suzanne Howard
31/7/17 Facebook

Was going out of my mind with the hormonial behaviour of my parrot who I'd handreared since he was 4 weeks old (he'll be 16 in September) this year he had become a real nasty monster as his hormones kicked in, was at my wits end until I found your web-site last Friday night, couldn't wait for it to be posted, saw it was sold in Pets at Home so was on their doorstep as they opened Saturday morning and bought the plug in deffuser with the free mini spray included in the box. Within 24 hours he was a different bird, back to singing asking for a kiss and tickle and stopped attacking me with murder in his eyes!! People in some of the reviews I've read complain of the aroma, I found it acceptable and not off putting, even if it were the fact that it works is all that matters, I've used the spray on his bedding in his cage when he goes nite nite, he's a Caique parrot and they tend to sleep curlded up like a kitten on the bottom of their cages, so he has wood chip and soft paper (he's out and about during the day). I highly recommend this product especially for birds. I've attached a photo of 'Ginger'...

Lisa Moseley
31/7/17 Facebook

Pet remedy is amazing, I have 2 old cats who used to get on beautifully but now they're old and mardy with each other. They were having the mother of all fights on a regular basis. I use the diffuser and have one upstairs and one down. It's amazing, they no longer fight and I can tell when the diffuser is low because they start again. By far the best purchase I've made as we can all live in harmony. It will continue to remain in my home for years to come. Thank you

Kimberly Mathers
30/7/17 VioVet

The pet remedy diffuser I purchased is brilliant it's calmed both our dog and our two cats down within 24hrs of plug in, and the delivery from vio vet was faster than expected. Highly recommended.

Fiona S
29/7/17 Amazon

This is an excellent product as it calmed my Dog down very quickly as he is terrified of heavy rain and Thunder.

Matthew Zoe Phillips
29/7/17 Facebook

My mums cat has been back and fore the vets with uti's and both him and the other resident cat were clearly unhappy for some unknown reason. Plugged in a pet remedy diffuser and she now has two very happy cats and no more trips to the vet. Pet remedy worked like magic!

28/7/17 Amazon

Good product turn it on when my dog needs to relax, seems to help his anxiety with thunder.

Paula Moran
27/7/17 Facebook

Pet remedy is brilliant, my cat hasn't been hospitalised for months and months now, from October 2016 to March 2017 he was in with stress related uti's. I tried the Feliway plug in which didn't work but Pet remedy BOOM sorted, Cole is happy, I'm happy and Cole's twin brother Daryl is happy too. I just stock up on refills now