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Is My Cat Stressed?

Have you ever wondered why cats have earned a reputation for being enigmatic or even ‘stand-offish? The reason for this is that they are solitary survivalists and as such showing emotion may make them vulnerable when it comes to encounters with other cats.  In fact as...

A Guide to Preparing for a New Cat

Anticipating the arrival of a new cat into our home can be an exciting time, but how much thought do we actually put into getting a cat and to planning for its emotional and physical needs? Are we choosing a cat that’s suitable for the environment we’re...

Moving House With Your Cat

We all know how stressful moving can be for us humans, but it can also be a time of enormous anxiety for our pets. In particular, moving house can have a significant impact on cats who are territorial creatures and will not only be subject to a huge disruption to...

Advice on How to Find a Missing Cat…

It can be incredibly distressing if our feline family member just doesn’t come home. Our first response might be to call him and rattle his favoruite food or treats box, then go looking as the panic rises.   At such an emotional time it can be a help to have a...

Following the latest advice and with the welfare of our team taking priority, we have taken the decision to suspend mail order sales from our website.
Pet Remedy is still readily available through our stockists and we encourage you to use one of the trusted on-line platforms to avoid unnecessary travel.

If you would like any help or advice on pet stress and how to use Pet Remedy, please email info@petremedy.co.uk

Above all, we hope you stay safe and well through these challenging times.

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