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Rabbit Housing Enrichment

In the wild, rabbits would spend their time digging, running, jumping, rearing up, hiding, eating, socialising with other rabbits (and being alone sometimes too). To allow your pet rabbits to carry out their natural behaviours they need to be given plenty to do. We...
Feline Fossils – Caring for Senior Cats

Feline Fossils – Caring for Senior Cats

According to Guinness World Records the world’s oldest living cat is a Siamese called Scooter who in May of 2016 reached an astounding 30 years of age. Whilst we don’t currently expect all cats to achieve this feat, it’s certainly true to say that the life expectancy...
Why Does My Cat Scratch Things?

Why Does My Cat Scratch Things?

Cat Behaviourist Clare Hemington sheds some light on why cats scratch the furniture and other objects in their homes, and how they can be encouraged not to! Scratching is a normal feline behaviour that usually starts from around 5 weeks of age. It is both inherited...

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