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Small Mammal advice


Rabbit Housing Enrichment

In the wild, rabbits would spend their time digging, running, jumping, rearing up, hiding, eating, socialising with other rabbits (and being alone sometimes too). To allow your pet rabbits to carry out their natural behaviours they need to be given plenty to do. We...

Pet Enclosure Enrichment. Part 1

Rabbits need lots of stimulation to keep their body and mind active. In the wild, their constant search for food and look out for predators keeps them pretty busy, but our pet bunnies feel far more secure at home and tend to have regular meal times.


  • Deborah Anne 16/07/19 Facebook

    We thought the product was so good that we trialled it with the more feral ponies on the moors up in mid Cornwall, when they... Read More

  • Deborah Anne 16/07/19 Facebook

    I use your spray on a bandana for my firework nervous dog and it works really well, - but I never expected it to work... Read More

  • Lindsay Bottomley 09/07/19 Facebook

    Saved this lady by using this product. She was so anxious when we bought her she wouldn't eat or anything so daily spritz of it... Read More

  • Dawn Nelson-Whitehead 09/04/19 Facebook

    This horse had never been in a box and needed to go for an operation 10 miles away the pet remedy whips wiped on nose... Read More

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14 hours ago

Pet Remedy

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the wonderful box of pet remedy goodies and I thank you ♥ so much. Please excuse my lot for photo bombing. They could not resist the new smells and of course new boxes to play with.

Many thanks
Liz x
Deeside branch of cats Protection
Cats Protection - National Cat Adoption Centre

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1 day ago

Pet Remedy

A massive thank you from us and from all of the dogs currently in our care fpr the rescue pack. We thought you might like to see a picture of one chilled out dog called Boris, who came into us a bit bitey and grumpy but has now completely relaxed. Despite being 13, he still has a feisty side!

Thank you again for your support.

Kind regards,

Anita Twigger
Pawprints Dog Rescue - Dogs Available

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3 days ago

Pet Remedy

Imagine coming across this majestic animal, what unusual animals have you encountered in your travels? ...

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1 week ago

Pet Remedy

This is to say thank you from @freshfieldsrescue in Caernarfon, for an essential pack. One very chilled cat after using pet Remedy.

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Pet Remedy contains natural ingredients including...



Sweet Basil

Clary Sage