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Small Mammal advice


Rabbit Housing Enrichment

In the wild, rabbits would spend their time digging, running, jumping, rearing up, hiding, eating, socialising with other rabbits (and being alone sometimes too). To allow your pet rabbits to carry out their natural behaviours they need to be given plenty to do. We...

Pet Enclosure Enrichment. Part 1

Rabbits need lots of stimulation to keep their body and mind active. In the wild, their constant search for food and look out for predators keeps them pretty busy, but our pet bunnies feel far more secure at home and tend to have regular meal times.


  • Vanessa 15/12/20 Animed

    It's does calm my guinea pigs down, and it dosent make the room smell. I don't use it all the time only when they get... Read More

  • Gina 13/12/20 Amazon

    I work in the veterinary field & solely believe in this product - I see a positive, instant affect on 90% of animals whilst they’re... Read More

  • Steven 02/12/20 Heat pad Amazon

    Bought to keep two guinea pigs warm in winter. On unpacking the blanket I could see it was a good quality item and now it’s... Read More

  • Ascole 15/11/20 Amazon

    Great product. Works for all animals from rats, hamsters, rabbits to dogs and cats. Prefect for journeys that may be stressing for them or change... Read More

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8 hours ago

Pet Remedy
Does anyone else get like this?⁠Credit - Pinterest.com⁠ ...
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1 day ago

Pet Remedy
Little chinchilla holds the hand!⁠Credit - Pinterest.com ...
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2 days ago

Pet Remedy
Now that's one big looking yawn, even though this kitty has probably slept all day!Credit - Pinterest.com⁠#cat #cats #catedit #catsoftheworld #catsofinsta #catsagram #catstagram #bestcats_oftheworld #daily #instagood #instagram #meow #cats_of_instagram #cats_of_world #kitten #kittens #kittensofinstagram #kittenlove #kitty #kittycat #love #lovecats #animals #cute #pets #petsofinstagram #petremedy #petcalming⁠ ...
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3 days ago

Pet Remedy
Look at that little tail go!⁠Credit - Pinterest.com ...
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4 days ago

Pet Remedy
Pet Remedy is the perfect solution to calming your anxious pets!⁠Pet Remedy starts to help instantly and will help with separation anxiety, bonding, fireworks , new home, bereavement, new pet in home, and any other stressful situation.⁠Get yours here today - petremedy.co.uk/shop/ ...
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Pet Remedy contains natural ingredients including...



Sweet Basil

Clary Sage