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When Is A Cat Considered Old?

Although, in veterinary medicine, there is no official definition of ‘geriatric’ and individual cats may show a great deal of variation in the ageing process, most cats are considered geriatric when they have reached 15 years of age.

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    Made up with product, does what it said calms my cats for me. Couldn't believe I got this product £10. Cheaper than in pet shop.... Read More

  • Eva Prknova

    We have got 17 year old cat, 15 months old cat and 14 months old Beagle. Our old cat was getting stressed with all the... Read More

  • Liilulz

    Works really well for nervous young cat, only problem is it does release quite a strong odor. I would rather smell the plug in though... Read More

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    Cats a lot calmer

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6 hours ago

Pet Remedy

“This is Toby our rescue Springer who is quite nervous so uses pet remedy.
And Willow our cocker spaniel who we use pet remedy around fireworks as she can get a bit worried when they are close to the house.”

From Katie Adams

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1 day ago

Pet Remedy

Why does this cat look like a supervillian?!?
Instagram | @cats_universe0

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2 days ago

Pet Remedy

Which one is the imposter?!?
Instagram | @beauthesammy

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3 days ago

Pet Remedy

Who could say no to that face?
Instagram | @nessathecavalier

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4 days ago

Pet Remedy

Lucys Law

Incoming legislation known as 'Lucy's Law', means that from April 6 2020 in England only, 3rd party kitten and puppy dealers will be banned, meaning dogs and cats will only be able to be sourced direct from the breeder, or better still from a reputable rescue shelter; this improved breeder accountability (i.e. having to see pup/kitten interacting with mum in the place he/she was born) and traceability for buyer will help end puppy farming and smuggling.
Read more from the fantastic Marc the Vet in his new book 'Lucy's Law: The story of a little dog who changed the world'

#LucysLaw #animalrescue #animalshelters #adoptadog #adoptacat

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Pet Remedy contains natural ingredients including...



Sweet Basil

Clary Sage