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Calming Wipes pack of 12

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Pack of 12


Now available in a handy pack of 12 individual sachet wipes

Use the eco-friendly wipe in the same way as you would with the calming spray by gentle rubbing around muzzle, under chin and top of chest of your pet (including horses!).
Or you can rub on your fingers before handling an anxious pet.
It can be used to wipe down surfaces such as an examination or grooming bench top.
You can also tie to a cat basket when travelling to vet or place on bedding in home and car!

1 review for Calming Wipes pack of 12

  1. I was looking at these wipes in my pet shop today and I don’t know how to thank you enough.you are a genius. I was dreading another night for our dog like last night and to my amazement these wipes worked.She was very calm and no matter how loud the firework, it didn’t phase her!!! I even turned the tv off to see if she would be different and she wasn’t, just a calm and happy dog.I have already recommended the wipes to friends.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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