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Rabbit Housing Enrichment

In the wild, rabbits would spend their time digging, running, jumping, rearing up, hiding, eating, socialising with other rabbits (and being alone sometimes too). To allow your pet rabbits to carry out their natural behaviours they need to be given plenty to do. We...




Did you know?
That the word 'Bird' used to be spelt 'Brid' but pronounciation errors made the English language what it is today.
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Our All in One Kit includes all the essentials you need to keep your pets calm.
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For anyone suffering with a January flu - get well soon from us at Pet Remedy
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Do you find it therapeutic being around cats when sick? 🐱 🤒

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“Brilliant product and customer service. Have used both diffuser and spray on my three cats and have noticed huge difference in their behaviour, especially Oscar who was showing aggressive tendencies towards Daisy. I now have 3 happy and very chilled cats since using both diffuser and spray. Thank you to all at Pet Remedy particularly Gill for her advice”
Melanie De Jong
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Pet Remedy shared Rachel Poole's post. ...

Just had to pen you a huge thanks- Tilly the very scared Greyhound made it safely through the fireworks and new year and all thanks to the amazing pet remedy wipes. We started just wiping them on her to some good effect but the Yorkshire woman in me was convinced I was throwing away something which had more to offer so after a wipe round we now tie the wipe to her collar and she wanders round with it on. She has been amazing- not bullet proof and never will be but the minute she hears a bang she flies straight to the cupboard I keep them in and stares at it till I get one out. We always have them on hand in the car and in pockets in case of frightening things in the big wide world and am now telling everyone about it (even more than before!)

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Pet Remedy contains natural ingredients including...



Sweet Basil

Clary Sage