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When our pets behave in a way we don’t like or want, we often reach out to products and professionals to help change the unwanted behaviour. There are two camps these professionals and products fall into – those that seek to merely challenge the behaviour, and those that recognise the emotional needs that often drive that behaviour.

The first are the ones that presume the behaviour is the problem and provide services and tools to make sure the behaviour stops. They are often backed up with guarantees and wild claims such as ‘stop your dog barking instantly’ or ‘we can fix your dog’s behaviour in a few sessions’. The methods are usually centred around punitively addressing the behaviour in ways that seek to interrupt or punish the behaviour with little or no thought to what the animal might have been experiencing at the time. Sadly, many caregivers that are persuaded to use these tools and services find out that in the long term the animal’s behaviour is not that easily ‘fixed’.

The second camp, guided by the latest science, recognise that the animal’s behaviour is often driven by an emotional response that is triggered by something the animals finds stressful (See this article https://petremedy.co.uk/do-you-think-you-have-a-naughty-dog-think-again/). The behaviour the animal exhibits is merely a communication of that emotional state. These professionals and products recognise this communicative element of behaviour and seek to help address the underlying needs the animal is trying to express.

Pet Remedy sits firmly in the second camp. It has been proven to help calm the animal’s nervous system, which in turn gives the animal an improved chance of coping in fearful or anxious situations and thus helping to change behaviour. For many animals it can have a very quick effect on their behaviour, and owners report results just from using the product. However, for some animals more is needed to complement the positive effects of the product and that is usually in the form of behavioural support from a certified professional. If you use Pet Remedy and there seems no obvious change to the animal’s behaviour, be mindful that there will be something positive happening internally for the animal even if that is not obvious externally. They will be getting some relief from you using Pet Remedy, but more practical work may be needed to support the animal whilst benefiting from the product. Equally behavioural work on its own may not be as effective without the addition of a product like Pet Remedy. The two really do work well to get the best results.

For example. If your dog suffers from separation distress, the product alone may not address the deep stress and anxiety your dog is experiencing. It will definitely help the dog cope better but maybe not enough to stop the barking or destructive behaviour. This is why it is so important to enlist the support of your Vet and a certified behaviourist to help as well. Good behavioural support plans, done in conjunction with Pet Remedy, will get the best long-lasting results for you and your animal.

Over the coming months the Team at Pet Remedy will be producing more resources to help with the common challenges’ owners might have with their pets. The videos and articles produced will be designed to compliment the use of the Pet Remedy products to ensure the best care is provided for our beloved companion animals.