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Developed and made in the UK. Patent numbers: GB2474042 • GB2535916

Low Voltage Pet Heat Pad

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Pet basket or bed heat pad


Product Description

Originally  developed for Petsavers and the BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) as a safe and effective  post-operative  heat pad (as minimises perioperative hypothermia). Also ideal for pet beds, whelping and carry baskets.

Simply cover with thin pad or towel for their comfort
With 2 in-built thermostats for extra safety

  • With 12v AC electronic adaptor plug
  • BSAVA  approved and recommended
  • Gently brings body mass temperature up to around 39 degs C
  • Maintains optimum temperature
  • 42cm x 38cm x (16.5” x 15”)
  • Ideal for all mammals young or old
  • Only 15 watts so cheap to run
  • Safe to leave on constantly
  • With 2 integral thermostats for extra safety
  • Protective sheath on cable to prevent chewing
  • Wipe-able pad
  • Suitable for use in pet bed, whelping and carry baskets
  • Cable can be disconnected to feed through basket
  • Generous 2.7m of cable

2 reviews for Low Voltage Pet Heat Pad

  1. Our cats love them. On a cold night once a cat gets on try getting it off again. Combined with a temperature controlled adapter it is the ideal purchase for any cat. Being low voltage there is no risk, the cable is long and well protected and disconnects for installation in a bed etc. We use them indoors and outdoors in a shed and they are very popular with our cats. We can thoroughly recommend them.

  2. I have used a number of these heat pads over the years and currently have 4 in use. All my cats love them. Just try and get the cats off them and see. I can certainly recommend them to anyone thinking of pampering their cat. £45 may seem expensive but is a price expensive if the end result is a happy cat. The low voltage and detachable cable mean they are both safe and easy to install. The Pet Remedy company is second to none and neyond helpful and in the instance of one of my pads developing a fault after many years of use they replaced it without any hassle or formality. This is the only time I have ever encountered such an approach to customer service and this needs to be publicized. Roy.

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