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As promised here’s the photos of my big 9 month old fur baby Enzo during and straight after Bath Time using the fantastic Pet Remedy Products you kindly sent to me.

After our delightful phone conversation about The White Persian Cat Club Show, I couldn’t wait to give the prewash, Shampoo & Conditioner that you sent me a go, because this little rascal is a handful when it comes to bath time!

As you advised me I started with the prewash only using 6 sprays into he’s fur coat and I honestly could believe how Enzo was after only 15 minutes.

After spraying him with the prewash he strolled into the living room, literally plonked himself in the middle of the floor and rolled around completely relaxed.
I took him upstairs to the bathroom and usually he would start crying as soon as I close the door however it didn’t happen he sat there just looking at me get he’s bath ready.

I picked him up, gave him a cuddle and a few kisses like we usually do because I’m already feeling a little bit guilty about him being so upset with me.
I lowered him into the bath and I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears for that matter, he just sat there, no crying, no trying to grab hold of me, no trying to climb up my chest to run, nothing!

Bath time for the first time since he was about 8 weeks old was easy, relaxed and quite, I seriously couldn’t believe what I was seeing, absolutely amazing.

After he’s towel it was blow drying time and as you can see from the photos he just sat there, I couldn’t stop laughing about how chilled out he was, when we’d finished I opened the bathroom door and he strolled out onto the landing, laid down and eventually fell asleep right there in the same spot.
Honestly I can’t think you enough for introducing me to these products, if my Enzo is happy I’m happy.
It was such a lovely experience to not have him so upset at Bath Time with me, for once, I’m so impressed with these products and I think everyone should have them on hand for kitties that have a hard time dealing with a bath.

You have been absolutely fantastic offering the 2 calming wipes for all 500 Show Pens and a couple of full sized products for a Best in Show prize too and I don’t want you to think I’m being cheeky but I wondered if it might be a possibility that you might be able to manage some of the miniature sets of 3 Bath Time products to go into pens as well, I honestly believe that if the Exhibitors / Breeders actually got to try them out on their kitty they wouldn’t use anything else because it’s brilliant stuff for slightly scared kitties that don’t like the bath.
I know I have tried so many products over the years to help my fur babies not fret so much at Bath time but this is the only thing that I can say has worked, I’m genuinely really impressed with the results.

Kind regards

Leanne Lawrence
WPCC Hons Secretary