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Good morning, I hope you are well?

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your products!!!!

I work for Pets Corner, so have been aware of and using your products for a few years, as well as recommending to customers.

I 1st trailed it with my Border Collie, who gets extremely upset about fire works, to the point were we take him on holiday to the coast away from any big displays around times when there will be fireworks! I’ve tried all sorts, but as he has kidney issues and a heart murmur, I am limited in products that are safe, and nothing I had tried up to this point did any more than take a slight edge off his sheer panic! … 2 years ago, I was unable to get away due to work commitments, so thought I would use your product. I sprayed it on a bandanna and popped it around his neck, and Sam (Collie) went from shaking under a blanket on the sofa, hyperventilating and crying, with us trying to calm him and cover his ears, to following me outside while I went to shut in my chickens and ducks (part of his routine, but something he would never do with bangs going off!) … he trotted after me and insisted on coming outside, and then stood watching them, completely calm! … We live right next to a safari park, that has a large display 2 nights a year, so for him to be calm and stood watching this was amazing! (We obviously called him back in and didn’t leave him outside, but to have him calm and not that upset was wonderful. )

That same year, a pony owned by a friend (that lives with my 2 horses) was also in a state when I went to do her bed time check due to fire works; sweating, throwing her self around the field, running around and rearing any time I tried to catch her to put her in/ get her closer to my 2 horses (who didn’t seem bothered by the events.) I thought at this point, that anything was worth a go, before she did some serious injuries to her self trying to escape/ running… and once again, pet remedy was amazing! I sprayed over her shoulders and neck (just any were she would let me get to in her panic) and within 30 seconds, she stopped bolting, walked over to a corner, and put her head down, relaxed and went completely calm! … she stopped sweating and started to eat, which was such a huge relief!

Most recently that Pet Remedy came to the rescue was last week…
One of my horses has had an abscess pop up a few times over the last 10 months, and although he’s sound for months between, the fact that it has come up in the same foot a few times, meant that I decided to take him to the vets for x-rays. Clancy hasn’t loaded, or travelled in a horse box for at least 8 years, so I took pet remedy along just in case, but in his true style, he loaded, travelled and took the whole experience on like he did it daily. However, my vet requested that he stay inside once home for a while if at all possible, in order to let his foot fully dry out and stay clean until we have some more results. Clancy lives out 24/7, 365 days a year with his friends; and always has. . . and at ~30 years old, that’s a long time to then have his daily routine and habits changed so dramatically and quickly. We got him a barn ready, and popped him in, and the poor lad just couldn’t settle, he wanted to get back in to his field and with his friends (who were all calling to him) and he’s used to an 8 acre field, not a 20 x 40 foot barn! He wouldn’t stand to eat, was sweating and distressed, and barging the hurdles that we had used to make him a pen. I was upset that he was so distressed and was worried sick that he wouldn’t settle and eat enough, or would hurt him self trying to escape! I was about to phone the vet to say that Clancy will either need to go back out (which we really didn’t want to do as that foot needed to stay so dry) or we would need Sedalin Gel (or another sedative) to calm him and allow him to settle and eat… which again; is far from ideal! (With adrenalin counteracting sedatives, I was not confident in how well it would work, and wouldn’t have wanted to use that as a long term option!) I had pet remedy still at hand, and knowing how useful it had been in the past, proceeded to cover him in it. Again, within a few seconds of spraying him around the shoulders, he stopped pacing and just walked over to his food and started munching! The relief was amazing! Don’t get me wrong, he has had a few moments when he’s panicked/ not felt settled/ the others have called and he’s wanted to go out (which is understandable,) but now we know that we can give him a walk around the clean yard, pop to see his friends in the field and then put him back in his pen with hay, and a few sprays of pet remedy on him/ around his hay net and he will settle. My vet said he expected a few weeks of unsettled behaviour, pacing, trying to get out etc, so for Clancy to have been able to settle in 3 days has been amazing, and will hopefully really help with his recovery as he is now able to stay clean and dry, without getting too worked up.

(I know your website says to not spray directly on to the pet; but in the horses cases, they are used to fly sprays, hoses, clippers etc. . . so it doesn’t seem to bother them.)

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to feedback on how amazing your product has been, and how much it has helped my pets in some very stressful situations. And thank you for having a product that works so well that it takes huge amounts of worry off the owners as well as pets!


Following the latest advice and with the welfare of our team taking priority, we have taken the decision to suspend mail order sales from our website.
Pet Remedy is still readily available through our stockists and we encourage you to use one of the trusted on-line platforms to avoid unnecessary travel.

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Above all, we hope you stay safe and well through these challenging times.

Best wishes
The Pet Remedy Team