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Lisa D Alqatari
27/8/17 Amazon
Great product- settles down nervy dog who is afraid of flies and thunderstorms!!
25/8/17 Pets at Home
Tried this for a nervous re-hummed lab who is scared of the dark and loud noises. Worked straight away and the spray is great for on the go. It's even helped with our patterdale pup being crate trained.
Natalie Bond
24/8/17 Facebook
I would like to say how brilliant both your diffuser and heat pad are... I bought both for my whelping pen and during labour my bitch remained calm and focused despite it being her first time, she didn't even yelp once, took it all in her stride and I am certain its to do with the diffuser and its soothing, natural scent. The heat pad has been fantastic, wipe clean which has been a great help and is just the right heat for my six pups even when placed under the thick vetbed I have lined the pen with, it has a long lead which disconnects so could pass through a cage if required. Both are great products that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone breeding their pets.  
Tima Lund
23/8/17 Facebook
I am a firm convert, and have been for a number of years. However, I just found a new use yesterday; My young bitch Labrador came into season; and is finding the whole hormonal experience a bit much; being clingy, whiny and generally upset because the boy digs in my house are treating her very differently.... so I plugged the diffusers in, and gave her a spray..... and my normal dog returned within an hour..... hurrah!! The diffusers will stay on till she is finished. It does help the boys cope as well during the few days when she is ovulating; I've done that before. This is first time I've used it to help a young girl dog. Fabulous product!!
Carola Leman
22/8/17 Facebook

I have been using Pet Remedy for a few years now. My dog has a noise phobia to high pitched noises on tv. Which include telephones dialing and ringing on TV and heart monitors beeping on TV. As soon as I plugged in the pet remedy diffuser she stopped panicking. It started with just lifting her head and looking around rather than running away. Now she does not respond at all! Apart from when it is empty but as soon as replaced she is fine again.

I also recommend Pet Remedy at work now (veterinary nurse and hydrotherapist) and my clients love it and are extremely pleased with the results. We now have these plugged in in our waiting room and kennel area's and the sprays and towels are available for clients to use to cover their cat carriers.

I also use the atomiser in our hydrotherapy unit and if it is not on there is a difference in the animals settling in in the aquatic treadmill,

I highly recommend Pet Remedy to anyone with pets that have some unsettled behaviour problems including anxiety.

Carola Leman RVN MCHA APHC Registered Veterinary Nurse Member of Canine Hydrotherapy Association Advanced Pet Health Councillor

Scott Wilson
19/8/17 Amazon
I have these on in the kitchen where the dogs spend most of their time; primarily for firework season but leave them all year round for effect
Fiona Garret
14/8/17 Facebook
Roughly 60+ dogs and owners on our recent fundraising pack walk by A Walk With Friends. Each dog received one of your wipes in their goody bags and we raised almost £400 for a local rescue. Thankyou on behalf of us all at a walk with friends for your support
10/8/17 Amazon
So, some people say this stinks of wet dog. It doesn't. Perhaps it's enhancing their already present smell of wet dog? What it does smell of is essential oils, but not the lovely ones you get on a relaxing spa day, no. But who cares, your pet needs relaxing not you and it works Brilliantly. So our jack Russell / chihuahua X has started to become anxious, excessive paw chewing. Within perhaps half an hour, she was very relaxed. She can shake (common apparently) and this has reduced. Her starting at scary noises (kitchen clatter) has greatly reduced. This behaviour was always there, but seems have got worse post storms / thunder etc. This diffuser has really helped. It's the sudden noises that she'd start at which has seriously reduced meaning her overall anxiousness has reduced, including the paw licking. The lurcher is now Even more chilled out. We switch off when they're not in the room and we've reduced the amount of time it's on butt it's effects still seem to be there. Great stuff
Gilly Boal
9/8/17 Facebook
Finding the plug in brilliant Wauchope Cottages highly recommends to their guests 90+% bring dogs with them on holiday.
6/8/17 Amazon
I was very sceptical when I bought this. Our 6 month old puppy had a second operation after being spayed due to the inner stitches failing due to an allergic reaction. We had to keep her calm and in a cage for 10 days, which she wasn't used to, and it was becoming increasingly difficult as she has so much energy and was becoming distressed being in the cage. Within minutes of plugging this in she was nice and calm. It has continued to work over the past 5 days and it has absolutely saved my sanity, and probably saved the dog doing herself more harm. Although it may not have the same effect of every dog, I would definitely say give it a go!
Amazon Customer
3/8/17 Amazon
This is a fabulous product. Our rescue dog suffered terribly with separartion anxiety and have seen a calmer side to him since using this product. It does take about 2months ( for us anyway) to see a difference. It wasn't u til we ran out one time that I noticed it fully. We never run out now. The product also lasts ages, ours is plugged in 24-7 and I only have to buy about 3 refil packs a year
Our Special Friends
1/8/17 Facebook
Great time at Suffolk Dog Day Helmingham Hall Gardens Our new gazebo funded via Suffolk Community Foundation was clearly visible and made our stand welcoming for people and animals. William & Rolo had well earned power naps under its awning! Thanks to all who came and saw us and the home team who set up and 'manned' the stand. Wish we could cover East Suffolk and Norfolk now as we had lots of interest from out of our West Suffolk and Thetford area. We need to expand so please help us to create sustainable funding as we really don't want to say "no" to the requests for help and volunteer offers that we're getting. Thanks also to Fish4Dogs and Pet Remedy for supporting OSF with sponsorship packs. Your products were very well received and generated lots of discussion
22/8/17 Amazon
Definitely calms my pet household. Cats and dog. Highly recommended
18/8/17 Amazon
I got this for when we will be collecting our new puppy. I decided to try it out on one of our grumpy cats who has decided she hates men after we have had a bit of work done in the house she would hiss at them including my patner on the odd occasion. We got also got a feliway plugin and that seemed to help so shes stopped hissing at men now. We Sprayed this on her blanket and she pulled it out of the bed and was rolling all over it like a cat nip effect. I wanted to smell the speay 1st before buying as some reviews said it stank. Smelling it stright from the bottle it smell herby and not so bad. But when you spray it it dose have a slight smell of sweaty feet for a few minutes not over powering enought not to use. We tried it with our already laid back cat but she wasnt affected by , but it does say it won't calm an already calm animal.
EPA Ross
10/8/17 Amazon
This product works well for the cat and the dog. It is permanently plugged in at skirting level by the kitchen door and initially, I found the smell nauseating but now that the producers have sorted out the dreadful smell it gave off, I am happy to replace it each time it runs out.
Suzanne Howard
31/7/17 Facebook
Was going out of my mind with the hormonial behaviour of my parrot who I'd handreared since he was 4 weeks old (he'll be 16 in September) this year he had become a real nasty monster as his hormones kicked in, was at my wits end until I found your web-site last Friday night, couldn't wait for it to be posted, saw it was sold in Pets at Home so was on their doorstep as they opened Saturday morning and bought the plug in deffuser with the free mini spray included in the box. Within 24 hours he was a different bird, back to singing asking for a kiss and tickle and stopped attacking me with murder in his eyes!! People in some of the reviews I've read complain of the aroma, I found it acceptable and not off putting, even if it were the fact that it works is all that matters, I've used the spray on his bedding in his cage when he goes nite nite, he's a Caique parrot and they tend to sleep curlded up like a kitten on the bottom of their cages, so he has wood chip and soft paper (he's out and about during the day). I highly recommend this product especially for birds. I've attached a photo of 'Ginger'...
Kimberly Mathers
30/7/17 VioVet
The pet remedy diffuser I purchased is brilliant it's calmed both our dog and our two cats down within 24hrs of plug in, and the delivery from vio vet was faster than expected. Highly recommended.
Fiona S
29/7/17 Amazon
This is an excellent product as it calmed my Dog down very quickly as he is terrified of heavy rain and Thunder.
28/7/17 Amazon
Good product turn it on when my dog needs to relax, seems to help his anxiety with thunder.
Caz McCreadie
30/8/17 Amazon
Came on time and works a treat with my cats.
Lynzi Jones
25/8/17 Facebook
Love the new web design so much so that I've impulse bought a new spray. I'm never without at least the small spray bottles as I'm around a lot of different animals every day. It works wonders and I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know. I've been using this product ever since you first brought out the original sprays and will continue to use it for as long as I'm involved with animals. There is nothing on the market that works as fast, as well and for as many different animals as this does.
Natalie Bond
24/8/17 Facebook
Amazing products for anyone breeding their pets. Heat pad is a great item and the diffuser helps to relax
Elizabeth Carrie
18/8/17 Email
Hi Martyn , sorry for the delay in getting back to you I've just recovered from a virus, and only collected parcel two days ago from royal mail. Thanks again for sending free products , my cats love the plug in and there is no strong odour from the spray . Also my cats are definitely a lot calmer , as I mentioned to you on the phone two of my cats are semi feral and I have noticed a great improvement in just 48 hours your product is amazing just what I was looking for King regards Elizabeth Carrie.
Scott James 16/8/17 Amazon
I have a cat that has been known to be very vocal on the evenings. While we're sleeping she would come up the stairs meowing extremely loudly and usually prompt some kind of response from one of us, which I felt reinforced the behavior but it was loud enough to the point it could upset the neighbours. After plugging this in at the top of the stairs it took a few days but the incessant din on the evenings has dramatically lessened and my cat seems a good deal calmer too. These days she likes to sleep in our spare room on the bed and we don't even hear her come up on the evenings. Of course it's hard to tell if it's this product or the cat just changing her behaviour but since it was installed the transformation has been quite dramatic. I do suspect this product has a good deal to do with it. Thanks Pet Remedy!
Pam Curnow
16/8/17 Amazon
Definitely works glad I bought it
Amazon Customer
14/8/17 Amazon
this product will be on my repeat list. it works so good my neighbours cat will come in and sit in front of the plug in!!. Has helped my boy to be more relaxed when I have visitors. . I first purchased product as i was getting work done at home.when it finished my boy was still a bit skitty. so i bought more and he is more social and less skittish. i have it on all the time. does work.
Claire Minto
14/8/17 Facebook
Use the spray every day in Veterinary practice at North Tyneside Vets4Pets. We see a huge reduction in stress levels for our inpatients and patients in the consulting room & waiting area when we use Pet Remedy. A fantastic product.
Karen Vidler
12/8/17 Amazon
Wonderful product far better than feliway.
24/8/17 Amazon
I bought it to help our 2 adult cats get on better with our 6 month old cockapoo who would usually chase and pester the cats. The dog definitely isn't pestering as much and the cats aren't reacting to him which helps the situation. I also bought it to stop the dog excited peeing when visitors came. He still wees a little but a lot less than before. I'm giving it 4/5 because it works but I can still smell it and it's not very nice. Albeit you have to be right next to the plug to smell it.
Anna Wright
9/8/17 Facebook
Great product. Really helps us with calming cats at the veterinary surgery
Kitty Holder
9/8/17 Facebook
Brilliant! Shared. I use pet remedy and recommend to my kitty gardens group,  we have over 7,000 members worldwide
Janet Crispin
8/8/17 Facebook
This is really good ,I use it when we take our cat on holiday with us when we are travelling
Michael Snow
7/8/17 Amazon
Cats more relaxed when summer fireworks are let off.
Lisa Moseley
31/7/17 Facebook
Pet remedy is amazing, I have 2 old cats who used to get on beautifully but now they're old and mardy with each other. They were having the mother of all fights on a regular basis. I use the diffuser and have one upstairs and one down. It's amazing, they no longer fight and I can tell when the diffuser is low because they start again. By far the best purchase I've made as we can all live in harmony. It will continue to remain in my home for years to come. Thank you
Matthew Zoe Phillips
29/7/17 Facebook
My mums cat has been back and fore the vets with uti's and both him and the other resident cat were clearly unhappy for some unknown reason. Plugged in a pet remedy diffuser and she now has two very happy cats and no more trips to the vet. Pet remedy worked like magic!
Kelly Cleaton
20/4/17 Facebook
We used the calming spray for our dog Indy who would get extreme anxiety and stressed after having her epileptic fits. We would spray it on her bandana that she wore and it would calm her down! Would highly recommended. Although she sadly passed over Christmas it was a comfort to know that Pet Remedy helped her relax.
George the bulldog
Mummy gotted a Pet Remedy refill, so I has stealed the empty box
Chloe Auld
23/4/17 Facebook
I swear by this stuff it's truly amazing as an animal nursing assistant and pet groomer it's something that is a must from nervous dogs to stress cats, mischievous small furries to big spooky horses. This is a must have for anyone having behavioral issues little- large. Worth the price and more! Will definitely be purchasing more when my current bottles run out
Lorraine Foster
24/4/17 Facebook
My three year old border collie is nervous around young children and traffic and this helps keep him really carlm when we have to walk to the vets
Donna White
24/4/17 Amazon
Have tried so many different calming remedies for a fearful dog, this is the best , I spray it on her Bandana , and I can actually relax with her now on our walk . If visitors are coming , I spray a little in the room , and she actually settles down , whereas at one time she would have been pacing or behind the sofa . I can genuinely , highly recommend it .
Susie Longstaff
25/4/17 Facebook
Been using this stuff for over a year with my nervous greyhound. It does help in some situations so I always have it handy
Amazon Customer
30/4/17 Amazon
I use this in my home all the time, it keeps my three indoor cats and two dogs calm (specifically the cats) and peace has once again been restored! I do use a timer that comes on 9 am to 10 pm, as it makes the bottle last longer.
Jo Bevan
6/5/17 Facebook
Just had Teddie, our new sprocker puppy. Our older dog had some temper issues caused by anxiety. We would never have believed how happy they are to snuggle together ( carefully supervised though ), after only 3 days !!!!! Such chilled puppies thanks to pet remedy !!!!!! Miracle product for all our furbabies. Thank you xxx
Gerri Hickman
7/5/17 Facebook
Henry, Theo, and Summer were happy to spread the Pet Remedy word! Lovely to meet you!
Janet Robinson
8/5/17 Facebook
I have a 9+ year old whippet who was showing onset of dementia vet said try this plug in. 4 hours later one chilled out happy Whippet wouldn't be without it now.. it was proved to be stress & anxiety
RSPCA Westmorland Branch
Dear Martyn   Just to update you on our use of Pet Remedy We have been using it in our cattery and kennels for 6 years, it has been great at helping stress in rescued cats and dogs and when taking them to the vets which are a 20 miles round journey, we find the spray and calming wipes calm them. Also, I was talking to our vets who use them In surgery and with puppy training classes and they find them fantastic. Alan Green (dog & cat re-homing) RSPCA WESTMORLAND BRANCH 112A Highgate Kendal LA7 9HE
Tima Lund
We had another convert Friday evening... first evening of beginners training class; two very noisy unsettled rescue dogs.... pet remedied both... and within seconds they were both calm and quiet... my fellow trainer who had been sceptical... was so amazed!! Hurrah!! ( so were the owners!) 
Sami Brown
11/5/17 Facebook
I bought pet remedy spray last year and it smelled that bad I couldn't use it although it did calm my indoor rabbits down when next doors outside rabbit went on a thumping spree at a fox. However I am pleased to say I bought a new bottle that arrived today and it doesn't stink this is Harley he is an 11-month-old rough collie/borer collie, thanks to a horrible breeder that was very bad to him and also didn't feed him Harley is absolutely terrified of the world. Thanks to pet remedy Harley who usually sleeps in a corner or on the bottom couch (his safe place) is now lying sleeping in the middle of the floor with his little bandana with the spray on it, he also didn't go absolutely psychotic with the post man this morning so I think even the post man is thankful for this stuff  he uses this along with some other stuff from the vets, but I love that he can have this with him whenever he's running around the house and outside. So now that it doesn't stink I would highly recommend the pet remedy spray my other dog must like the smell of it as he keeps walking up to Harley and sniffing him. Thank you for giving me back some sanity and for helping to calm my terrified fluffball
Gillian Eales
11/5/17 Facebook
So agree. Brilliant stuff. I use it in my puppy classes all the time.
Jemma Evans
12/5/17 Facebook
It's a really great product! We used to use it on our dog who was anxious over everything - worked perfectly!
14/5/17 Amazon
Regularly use this when my dog is feeling under the weather and it seems to help. Got it from vets first at an extremely higher price!! I just spray it on his bedding and it smells rather nice too!
Amazon Customer
15/5/17 Amazon
Great, the dog now sleeps, not wondering around all night.
Jo Bevan
15/5/17 Facebook
Jackie Reilly, it's a natural spray remedy, you can get in in most vets and some really good pet shops. It's truly a miracle product! You can usually get a small spray bottle to try for about 5 pounds to test if it suits your furbaby. My older dog was so anxious she hated all other animals, she was terrified. Now she so comfortable we can't keep her away from our new pup! Use it on our horses too ! Try some you won't be disappointed xxx
Keri Stoner
15/5/17 Facebook
 I recommend this product to all my puppy clients.. some have commented on the smell and told them to put the lid on tighter, seemed to do the trick.. wouldn't be without it and glad you have good results too.
Lynzi Jones
17/5/17 Facebook
I 2nd that. It works on pretty much every animal including reptiles.  My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home.  It works for us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too. It's totally genius stuff.
19/5/17 Amazon
I have used Pet Remedy for my rescue dogs over several years and it is a definite help in reducing their stress/anxiety levels. I also like the smell myself! Highly recommended.
Belinda Bin Johnson
21/5/17 Facebook
Thank you for your support of our charity 'Our Special Friends'. We gave out all your calming wipes at the dog day today and the effect was instantaneous, calmer, happier dogs and owners. Your support is invaluable and your Pet Remedy products are helping the welfare of the pets that we are meeting in the community.
Our Special Friends
21/5/17 Facebook
Karen Mallett with handsome Darcy enjoying his calming massage with a Pet Remedy de-stressing wipe  
Our Special Friends
21/5/17 Facebook
Thank you, Pet Remedy and Fish4Dogs for your kind donations that we can give out to the public while we raise awareness of our charity work. Everyone really appreciates your support.
Mrs C
23/5/17 Amazon
I'm not entirely sure if this has worked but I know that my nearly 7 month old pup has been much calmer this last week. He has stopped jumping up and mouthing as much, and has completely stopped urinating over night in his pen. I believe that a combination of the plugin and a stricter routine has worked really well. Even if the plug in hasn't actually affected his behaviour, I really like the smell, it's earthy and not too strong.
29/5/17 Amazon
The benefit of this diffuser is that it works for cats and dogs- as a multi-pet household that was important. It is very good value (it has barely gone down in the bottle), well made- the plug is sturdy-, natural and seems to be having a positive effect on the pets. They do seem calmer and happier.
Ester W
30/5/17 Amazon
This helps to settle our two pups & older dog after their inevitable battles. I personally think it helps with my anxiety too.
a duffy
31/5/17 Amazon
The puppy was frightened after a thunderstorm. Applied to her coat for two days nearly back to normal. Was recommended this product by another dog owner who said that it calmed her dog while traveling.
Amazon 1/1/17
This is wonderful stuff ! It changed our destructive, hyper active kitten into a calm, loving companion who still loves to play.
Samantha Jones
Amazon 2/1/17
We had a terrified new cat who would not come out of hiding was hissing if we tried to approach and two days after I plugged this in he came out for food cuddles and head bumps! Thank you pet remedy!!
Elaine Middleton
Facebook 4/1/17
Can't recommend these products enough. As you can see my British short hair Cookie and my little dog Ruby love this Pet Remedy plug in
Val Amazon
I acquired a rescue dog after Christmas. She was very nervous and barking at the cat. This diffuser calmed her and the cat within a few hours. Early days but life is.much improved.
Mandy Longhurst
This works! I bought it to help calm the cats in the cattery at the RSPCA (on vet approval) where I volunteer, and it certainly has helped, especially with the more timid ones. This morning taking my 12 year old cat for a check up at the vets, I thought I'd try it on his bedding in the carrier. He was so much calmer, not shaking at all, even the vet commented on how calm he was and how his heart rate was excellent given the stress of being there. He was totally relaxed being weighed and checked. I thought he was going to fall asleep on the way home. Definitely recommend it.
18/1/17 Amazon
This stuff really works. I have bought it for all my family's cats now, and they have noticed a difference almost immediately. It helps to calm them down a little bit and they become a little less aggressive. It's not a total magic cure, but it it effective enough to have all the time. I thoroughly recommend it.
Mrs J E Matthews
22/1/17 Amazon
After having a mad, wall climbing kitten, who didn't calm down even after neutering we decided to try Pet Remedy and how glad we are that we did. Within a few hours we had a chilled out moggy who no longer free jumped around the home but moved calmly (most of the time). He's not lost his spark but I am keeping more of my skin and furniture intact now! Pet Remedy made bonfire night slip by without incident and I will continue to use this product in the future.
Donna Sidebottom
26/1/17 Facebook
I have a client who I suggested trying pet remedy too. She has started using it for her cat that is very independent and keeps spraying in the home. Since, he has stopped the spraying and it means she is now thinking she will not have to call in the behaviourist, or rehome him! She was worried he was not happy at home and so was thinking all these things may be needed. So I am so pleased this one has gone so well. Many thanks
S. L. Simms
27/1/17 Amazon
We have 5 cats. We've had a problem with two of our cats. One insists on scratching the carpets early in the mornings and the other is always on edge and attacks the others if they get too close, she has also attacked us. We tried Feliway, which didn't work. we also tried a couple of anti scratching products which didn't work. I was about to give up hope! A last ditch attempt to restore calmness, I ordered this. Within 24hrs there was a noticeable calmness among the cats. Little miss scratcher has stopped scratching and allowing us to get a decent nights sleep. Little miss aggressive is much calmer, sleeps more and hasn't attacked anyone since. I've situated the plug-in at cat head height, in the entrance to the living room. It does give off a slight odour when close to it, but nothing too nasty. I'm so pleased I have ordered another one to plug in upstairs too. Would recommend this product to everyone.
Amazon Customer
28/1/17 Amazon
Me and my neighbours were getting our roofs redone.and removal of my back porch the noise and banging was so loud.. my scardy cat anyway was definitely 100% more relaxed with this product. The smell is strong for a few days but does go away .but its bearable to see your cat more relaxed. I made a safe place under my bed.and used the spray on a blanket .when i went to work..when i was home for lunch he came out and lay for cuddles whilst they were pulling down the porch. .He inst a lap cat as his dad was wild. But is loving .on his terms .but now he comes and lies beside me. .it has defo relaxed him all round. So much i will buy refills and just keep it on at all times. . I also seem to be sleeping better too. So a great buy.
31/1/17 Amazon
This stuff works so well, I was moving house which can be so stressful for pets, but a few sprays of this and my cat was so calm and relaxed, she settled in so well and it was all thanks to this, much better than feliway!
Mrs K M Callaghan
2/2/17 Amazon
Great product that really works. With seven cats it certainly helps keep them calm...
S. A. Hebdon
5/2/17 Amazon
9/2/17 Amazon
This is my second batch. At first it seemed to have no effect. We saw a slight difference. Then it ran out. The wallpaper got shredded. We got bitten clawed and had all sorts of trouble. It's now working again. What a cute cat...
Charlene Ryan
14/2/17 Facebook
Our little girl has been with us a week now, and we've been using pet remedy spray on beds and blankets throughout the home since her arrival.   As we know, cats can stress with change in the home, like a new arrival but my 4 beasts have taken to the baby like a duck to water. We've had nothing but smooth sailing with the introductions.  This was the scene from a couple of days of being home, Luna just casually sitting on her new brother Thor!  All 4 of our resident felines have accepted Luna so quickly! We also use Pet Remedy when travelling to cat shows.  We wouldn't be without it!
Anna Whitehouse
16/2/17 Facebook
Squirrel's  progress has all been helped by Pet Remedy, love and patience 💗💗💗 "Just thought I'd give you an update on Squirrel..... Not the best photo but as you can see, she's out and about playing... Albeit still very wary and nervous but making excellent progress with her trust in humans and generally gaining confidence 😁😁😁 Still a way to go yet though until she's ready for a new home" Anna
Jelena Gatodouro
17/2/17 Facebook
Highly recommended  Just bought a refill and plugged it in ......I think it's working 
Amazon Customer
OMG! After loads of stressful sleepless nights I finally can sleep I have a two year old Maine coon boy and a 9 month boy kitten I was really thinking about re homing the kitten because he was wild at night breaking everything and attacking my work their cat and running around at daft times but as soon as I plugged this is he calmed and became best Buddy's with his brother they curl up and have gentle play-fights instead of the vicious ones I also have had two peace full nights this is by far the best 🙂
Debbie Stewart
19/2/17 Facebook
My cat Minty easily gets stressed when he sees his cat carrier. So now I spray his blanket inside a couple of hours before his vet appointment and now he falls asleep in it. Much less stress than trying to coax him out from under the bed where he normally hides when he sees his carrier. He is much calmer at the vets too. Pet Remedy is fab and I have recommended to a few people too 😀 xx
Amazon Customer
I brought this for my kitten who is a very nervous and anxious kitten and can be overly hyper and destroy things & for an over excitable dog. My kitten has now stopped mostly jumping and swinging off the wallpapers and curtains and the dog has calmed down too. We spray this throughout the day but to get a night of non broken sleep we spray this before bedtime and give both pets a massive play time so they are taking in very deep breaths of the spray which you notice as after 10minutes they are ready to stop and just sleep. They both love it and if very stressed or exited we spray into a cloth and rub directly onto their chests and neck which helps. When sprayed throughout the day onto carpets they both room around then go snuggle up somewhere or just behave better which is a massive relief as we was buying this from Pets at Home so you can imagine the cost!(ouch!) Definitely lots cheaper to get from Amazon and I will definitely be re-ordering every time we need more!  
20/2/17 Amazon
Does exactly what it says. My cat is extremely on edge with a new stray in the area and my daughters dog visiting the house. As soon as we started using pet remedy she was back to her old self sleeping in my lap and purring.
Angela Conroy
21/2/17 Facebook
Have had to take this little girl to the vet two days on the trot & thanks to this fab product getting her into the cage was easy she was so relaxed. Don't know what I would do without the help of Pet Remedy
C C Lewis
22/2/17 Amazon
Excellent product. My 15 year old cats get really nervous when I'm away especially my tom cat who slinks about looking really sorry for himself. I've bought this product before and both cats react well to it
Amazon Customer
I do see a slight improvement in my two cats behaviour towards each other. They fight less..still fight but definitely less. And my older cat appears to enjoy sitting by the plug in. And chills out. Better than a more expensive brand I purchased from our vet. Also wish to add. One of my cats particularly tends to sit or lie very near to the plug in. Looking very chilled out. Prefer it to a much more expensive brand I brought from vets
Holly Holska Wilson
1/3/17 Facebook
My cats love this product, our little one Oscar now purrs and let's the vet rub his belly when we take him to the vet. Our big cat James is terrified of loud noises so we sprayed the pet remedy in his basket when we had building work. He proceeded to spend the rest of day rolling around in his basket in weird positions and licking everything, can't recommend enough!
24/2/17 Amazon
OMG did someone swap my cat for a different one?! Difference this has made to her is unbelievable. Switched it off for a day to test if it was really down to the plug in and by bedtime she was a monster again! Turned it back on, by lunchtime she was a soppy, playful, happy little kitty again!!!
Tiff Wingfield Hodgson
7/3/17 Facebook
Relatively new to Pet Remedy.... How useful could one little spray really be ?!?  Well .. This is mind blowingly good.. It stops the cats in their tracks and they just go into some kind of ecstasy - it's the only time Bear (our unpredictable bully cat) is nice' . A top product and top company. Can not recommend highly enough
Anneliese Hartley
8/3/17 Facebook
Have been using the spray and plug-in, to full effect, for the past few days. My lovely stripy boy, Tigger, has suspected Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome and the Pet Remedy has helped no end through all the episodes and blood tests, consultations etc. Thank you!
Becca Wood
10/3/17 Facebook
I would just like to stay if it was not for your product I would probably be In a worse position now! My cat suffers for anxiety and after numerous trips to the vets for uti and other stuff and numerous medication I decided to try pet remedy! After all it's cheaper than the vets  and since purchasing it my boy hasn't been back to the vet once 3 months and counting! Your product has saved me small fortune I just wish I'd of found it before paying hundreds of pounds before hand! But he's getting better now... he stands and smells it when it comes out 😂I will be recommending you to everyone I know!!
Paula Moran
13/3/17 Facebook
One of my twinnies Cole (being cuddled by his brother Daryl) has for some reason been suffering from stress related uti's since October 2016, he has been hospitalised 4 times to be sedated and catheterised. I've been at my wits end changing diet i.e wet food and dry food, even the cat litter (because they are indoor babies). I purchased a pet remedy plug in and it's been a miracle, Cole has suffered the uti's every 2-3 weeks but nothing 😊 I am so happy. He hasn't been to the vets in 3 weeks, has had no need to have any medication it truly is remarkable. I can't praise the plug in enough. Thank you so much xx
Prue Bennett-Jones
14/3/17 Facebook
 I have 14 house cats....5 females and 9 males. I have Pet Remedy diffusers throughout the house. I love the smell too. My cats are very lively and playful but they never fight and this has to be due to the Pet Remedy.
16/3/17 Amazon
Love this stuff, so much better than the other ones on the market.... I have several cats and several of these dotted around the house.... they work really well.... all is calm...
Angela Conroy
16/3/17 Facebook
I too use pet remedy for my cats it really does work!
Dot Anne Daniels
20/3/17 Facebook
My Cats are calm with those they're a godsend xx
Amazon Customer
20/3/17 Facebook
Excellent calmed our very stroppy maincoon at down quickly...
Kathryn Atkin
20/3/17 Facebook
Really impressed with the battery operated spray: I risked buying one because we have a very nervous rescued cat living in our bathroom (too timid to venture out). She has been bullied by our rescued Bengal and was so scared, she wouldn't even come down from the shower cubicle to use the litter tray. You can imagine the results (yuk). We were desperate to resolve the issues without having to give her up so I bought the battery difusser and 2 months' supplies of the pet remedy spray. Guess what? shes is different cat, much more confident, she's coming down for a fuss and to use the litter box again and she even tolerates other cats coming into the bathroom for a brief time (but not the Bengal, YET). This product is brilliant, I can't believe just how effective its been. OK, the Valerian is a bit whiffy in a confined space (but in the warmer months, we would have the window open slightly when at home so that would help). I'm hopeful that with a few more weeks of chilling out, our scaredy cat will once again feel confident enough to join the rest of the cat madhouse. Oh and I'd better order a couple of plug ins of Pet Remedy to try to clam down that barmy Bengal cat too.
Paula Ruddlesdin
21/3/17 Facebook
Hi got the plugin refills at crufts, and working well on the grumpy old man ( my Lhasa apso boy ) but didn't realise that the cat was also needing it until i came home from work and she was in the dog bed next to the plug-in, love this product.
Tom Strakosch
23/3/17 Facebook
Highly recommend! We now have one chilled out kitty on our hands. He was a highly anxious boy who wouldn't leave the house so I tried a diffuser and he's now back to his normal self - see attached picture, thanks so much!!
24/3/17 Amazon
This has been great for both of my cats and has really helped them to chill out. My male cat gets really stressed and has all sorts of problems with his skin when he is upset, this has really helped to keep him calm and most of the other problems he was having due to stress have gone or much reduced. I would recommend that you try this and think that you will be pleased with the results.
Mrs C Wood
25/3/17 Amazon
My vet highly recommended this product to help one of my cats, Ebony, with her recurrent attacks of cystitits, possibly caused by stress. She has had several tests and there does not appear to be any specific cause. I have two cats; they are sisters and have lived together all their lives (about twelve years) with no problems. The cystitis flare-ups, when they come, are distressing for both of us but luckily urgent treatment has an immediate effect. I was sceptical about this product at first but purchased two diffusers, one for the bedroom and one for the living/dining area. There is a not unpleasant 'earthy' smell when they are first plugged in but this soon fades and is only noticeable on walking past one. I have been using them for just over a year and have noticed that the cystitis attacks are becoming less and less frequent. I will certainly carry on with the Pet Remedy as both cats are happy and contented. I would recommend anyone with a similar pet problem to give this a go.
Ingrid Venables
25/3/17 Facebook
As always fantastic product keeps our neurotic furbaby calm enough to let his fur grow back. (Overgrooms with stress)
Flick Thorley
29/3/17 Facebook
The pet remedy plug in has made such a difference to our anxious cat. She's a different animal. She is calmer, doesn't panic and hide when anyone comes to the house and ever stays in a room with dogs present. It's remarkable. My only regret is I wish we could have done this for her 6 years ago. I had tried the pheromone based Feliway and it did nothing obvious to our cat but my partner got headaches so I wasn't confident that this would work. But it did!!!
Hannah Sophie
29/3/17 Facebook
Hercules, Pudding and Chilli would like to thank you for the following 1. Peace between cat and dogs! 2. Puppy sleeping through the night  3. A calm feeling between the three of us 4. A happier home, even for our humans! 5. The beautiful smell that intoxicates our house 6. Quite possibly the most incredible discovery, which hasn't been mentioned much on here... for curing our man-human's snoring!!! We have a diffuser on both levels of the house and an extra atomiser in the lounge/puppy bedroom!
M J Brooks
29/3/17 Amazon
We recently adopted a rescue dog. Unfortunately, our two cats have not accepted her very well and run, so she chases them. Pet Remedy was recommended to us and we tried it. We bought both the plug in and the spray. We sprayed a little onto our hands and rubbed it onto their fur, as per the instructions. It had an effect on the cats and they are calmer. The dog, however was ever so chilled out 🙂
Sarah Cockburn
31/3/17 Facebook
We've had pet remedy plugged in for just over 48hours now and what a dramatic difference it has made my new rescue boy is calm and is now friendly with my dogs (he has never been around dogs before) this was the result after 6hours plugged in Thank You! We won't be without it now 5/5 ★★★★★
Sally Edwards
2/4/17 Facebook
These four little babies arrived only last Thursday as little ferals who I couldn't get near. After just a few days of using the pet remedy spray I have a breakthrough with them🙂 This spray is amazing at calming frightened and feral cats/kittens. Thankyou so much Pet Remedy for developing such a great product x 
Helen Moss
2/4/17 Facbook
We have just started stocking this at Mcl animal rescue and already had fabulous feedback, we took one of the foster cats the vets as he was over grooming vet gave him calming tablets but didn't help within a few hours of the fosterer spraying his favourite 3 beds with the pet remedy spray he has actually stopped, the fosterer is so amazed and freeloader the cat is so much happier Thank you so much
Sarah Cockburn
2/4/17 Facebook
We have 3 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs and two rats the difference in them all is amazing!
Michelle Clarke-Watkin
2/4/17 Facebook
 I cant imagine life without Pet Remedy, not only for my cats and dog but me too!
Angela Conroy
3/4/17 Facebook
Oh wow what a result. I too love this product
Pete Lamburg
4/4/17 Facebook
Our two cats Tink and Freddie have changed since we started using Pet Remedy. Tink was the original bad tempered older female. Freddie the younger layer back male. Tink no longer spits and hiss's at Freddie. Both happy in each other's company. Highly recommended
Lorna Lowes
6/4/17 Facebook
I have a cat that I groom called hash .. She plays up for her owner... She tried it on with me so I remembered I had a pet remedy wipe in my bag. She is now the calmest cat ever...
Sue McCabe
8/4/17 Facebook
Janouk-the cat in front-has always found sharing the house with three dogs and three other cats quite a challenge, never joining us to cuddle and generally keeping herself to herself. Last summer when we brought Jellybean (Our other cat) home we plugged Pet Remedy in, in the sitting room, actually more to help my older dog who finds puppies a challenge. Almost immediately, for the first time in 15 years, Janouk started to spend time in the sitting room, choosing a spot directly over the plug in, to perch. She's a regular lap sitter now and has become very much an evening sofa buddy with all the other animals. It makes me very happy that she is clearly also happier.
Patricia Stewart
8/4/17 Facebook
Great stuff. Helped my cat. 🐱
Victoria Penaluna
8/4/17 Facebook
 I love pet remedy sue, find it much more effective than others personally and at work. I spray it on me too haha!
Charlotte Reynolds
12/4/17 Facebook
A miracle product! We were having problems with one of our cats spraying daily in the house. As soon as we plugged in the pet remedy, the problem was solved - no issues since! Amazing! Thank you pet remedy!
Charlotte Freeman
16/4/17 Facebook
Well I purchased pet Remedy spray ages ago for are old dog unfortunately he passed away before being able to use it. Putting away I use it once or twice when we first got are kitten but then didn't fully see full affect of it until my 6 month old kitten went in for a hernia sewing up its been a life saver this weekend & really managed to keep him calm especially when the pain killers wore off & also when his energy levels were high but he really needed to rest.we just simply sprayed it onto the carpet in his large dog cage and he calmed down within minutes. Very impressed and will be reordering when this is used up its a good back up when your pet is stressed and need something to calm them. Although sat very uncomfortable (also been castrated) the spray after 10 minutes calmed the constant meowing after just getting back from the vets and soon he layed down to sleep. The spray has managed to keep him calm most of the weekend which has been a God send since he has so many stitches in his stomach and needs the rest.
Amazon Customer
17/4/17 Amazon
This works magic. Forget about Feliway - waste of your money. Wish I bought this before spending huge amount money on other things.
Lisa Britton
18/4/17 Facebook
Works just as well for my cats, if not better, than Feliway, and it's half the price and lasts longer. What's not to like?
Chloe Auld
23/4/17 Facebook
I swear by this stuff it's truly amazing as an animal nursing assistant and pet groomer it's something that is a must from nervous dogs to stress cats, mischievous small furries to big spooky horses. This is a must have for anyone having behavioural issues little- large. Worth the price and more! Will definitely be purchasing more when my current bottles run out
Wendy Barrow
13year old Lacey found some interesting info in her refill box.
Emma Peniston
I picked up my first Pet Remedy diffuser from my vet tonight but managed to spill a little. The result of my cat is phenomenal.
Amazon Customer
27/4/17 Amazon
When we adopted our cat he was a bag of nerves .pet remedy is amazing which helped him settle in over time .
Jacky Mercury
27/4/17 Amazon
I wasn't sure this would work, but it actually worked better than Feliway, my usual choice. Our 2 rescue cats settled down very quickly. The smell, while not overpowering, is noticeable and I wasn't keen on it. Seems to have lasted a long time too.
N. Reid
29/4/17 Amazon
Works brilliantly. My 12yr old female cat suddenly developed separation anxiety when my daughter went to college. The cat was over-grooming, miowing constantly and searching around the house, not eating or sleeping until she was absolutely exhausted. She lost weight and had bald patches. We tried medication from the vet at first but it was so expensive I decided to give the plug in a try. Instantly the cat was over sniffing at it and rubbing her face on it. After a few hours the cat was settled and happy. No more symptoms. She is back to her old self again. So glad I bought this. I'm not too keen on the smell but my cat is happy and that's the main thing. Besides, I have smelled a lot worse while owning a pet!! I also have a dog and she is not bothered by this plug in, it hasn't had any affect on her at all. She didn't have any issues, so it may have worked if she had, but she certainly doesn't mind it anyway. Win win.
Debbie Johnson
30/4/17 Facebook
This is Bruce, he is Feline Network's latest permanent foster, he is an older boy, long term stray and FIV+ - currently very unhappy so the trusty Pet Rem is plugged in for him. He has been here for about 5 days so hoping he will come round, this is no life for a cat and we would love him to integrate into the existing household. Fingers and paws crossed!
Amazon Customer
30/4/17 Amazon
I use this in my home all the time, it keeps my three indoor cats and two dogs calm (specifically the cats) and peace has once again been restored! I do use a timer that comes on 9 am to 10 pm, as it makes the bottle last longer.
Laura Candler
1/5/17 Facebook
The spray is amazing! The plug in is good but I have a very nervous cat but if I spray her bed and the cat carrier should we have to visit the vets then she is so much calmer and content.
Kirsty Dawson
1/5/17 Facebook
 I have used pet remedy for my cat when fireworks go of it's very good.
Gemma Coo
1/5/17 Facebook
I am so impressed.  Maleta, my white and black female cat (the one snuggled on my Knee in the photo) came to me a few years ago as a Stray kitten with her twin sister, she was always a little nervous but got along well with my other 2 cats.  My job as a veterinary nurse and avid animal rescuer has meant I've adopted more pets. and over the past few months Maleta became withdrawn and would hide away upstairs and avoid integrating with the others. I tried other products which didn't help, then remembered pet remedy and thought I'd give it a try. (I had tried the spray with my nervous dog). Within a week Maleta was coming downstairs and integrating more, now 4 weeks in, she is rubbing on me and miaowing for attention and will even snuggle into me while her big brother Mufasa sits right beside us (she has previously been afraid of him as he likes to rough play and she's too shy of him). I will continue to use the diffuser as it is clearly having a positive effect on my babies  Thank you pet remedy!  
Stephanie Cziczo
RSPCA Solent - Email 1/5/17
Hi Gill, Just wanted to say thanks for that pet remedy pack.  I used the spray and wipes on my girl on the train ride down to Southampton from London, and significantly less lip licking and paw sweating.  We've started using the spray on clothes in the cages of two particularly timid cats and will let you know how it goes with them.   Thanks again.  We're looking forward to seeing how this works!
Georgina Leeanne
5/5/17 Facebook
Honestly I was a little skeptical when I heard about this product but Pet Remedy has worked absolute wonders! I bought it for my cat and my new puppy, just to try and de-stress the situation and help them both get along a little better. Previously they loved eachother from a distance. Played chase with eachother for brief moments and for the majority of the time spent their days in separate parts of the house. Just one spritz on my dressing gown sleeve and rubbed on my cats back, head and chest took him from a pretty 'keep-to-myself' cat who is sometimes a bit nippy when you go to pet him, to a love-sick mess. He was rubbing his entire body all over me and licking my face, arms and hands, as you can see in the video. He's now plodded away and gone to sleep. As for my puppy, at the time of cracking to bottle open, she was having what I like to call a 'Puppy Explosion'. A massive burst of energy which usually results in her getting a bit play-bitey and annoying the cat with her need to wrestle with someone/something. Noe i have to admit Pet Remedy didn't work as quickly or as much on my puppy than on my cat. But within a few minutes she went from chewing on our hands and toes, to just sauntering about and eventually curling up in her already Pet Remedy sprayed bed. All of my doubts about this product gave been thrown out of the window. It may be a little bit pricey, £6 for a 15ml bottle, but it is so very much worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who has a particularly boisterous or stressy pet. IT IS INCREDIBLE!
Alan Green
Dear Martyn Just to update you on our use of Pet Remedy We have been using it in our cattery and kennels for 6 years, it has been great at helping stress in rescued cats and dogs and when taking them to the vets which is a 20 miles round journey, we find the spray and calming wipes calm them. Also I was talking to our vets who use them In surgery and with puppy training classes and they find them fantastic. Alan Green (dog & cat re-homing) RSPCA WESTMORLAND BRANCH 112A Highgate Kendal LA7 9HE
Andrea Jack
Ratcliffe Luxury Cat Hotel 11/5/17 Facebook
I own a luxury cattery in Nottingham. I have used Pet Remedy plug ins, sprays and atomisers for some time now. I have had some brilliant successes with it and much prefer it to Feliway. I always use it for all my new guests and for some of my more timid regular ones too. 6 individual guests in particular have become different cats since using it, they are certainly much more relaxed and stress free and their owners have noticed a difference when they go home too. Thank you for developing such a brilliant product and helping many animals to become less stressed and have a better experience when coming to a cattery.
Andrea Jack
13/5/17 Facebook
Thank you Martyn for your excellent product
A Pearson
14/5/17 Amazon
Great stuff for multi cat house holds,just spray carpets or cat beds once a week,and see how happy your cats are.i wouldn't be without it,great when there is dissruption in the household
Kathryn Atkin
15/5/17 Facebook
The battery operated spray has really helped our adopted scaredy cat Tilly. She's got her confidence back now.
Lynzi Jones
17/5/17 Facebook
I 2nd that. It works on pretty much every animal including reptiles. My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home. It works on us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too. It's totally genius stuff.
Heather Jones
17/5/17 Facebook
Lilly's daughter passed away a few weeks ago, she was 17, and Lilly is just a few months older. She's started screaming in a morning. We got the pet remedy from pets at home on a whim that it probably won't work! This was her this morning! Rubbing what was on the carpet into her fur! She loves it!! And we have a chilled out cat!!
Demelza Hampshire
17/5/17 Amazon
Works great, and much cheaper than the leading brand. My cats are definitely calmer, we got it because of a problem with peeing in the house, and they have stopped. So I would say it works.
Mr N J Sharp
17/5/17 Amazon
Kept having cat leaving packages next to litter tray. used this and the effect was instant, started using tray again and has calmed cat down. Great if you go away for a few days.
Kim Moody
17/5/17 Facebook
I have two cats who don't get along. The younger of the two is very highly stung because he had a difficult past,and can be very aggressive with my elderly cat when he is stressed. We've long used the plug-in Pet Remedy which keeps him calm every day, but recently we have been engaged in an international house move involving long periods in transit and major upheaval. We have employed the Pet Remedy spray in this instance to great effect. The cats calm down rapidly when it is sprayed nearby, and haven't gone off their food or acted up in the way the youngest one would do usually. It's a great product.
Helen McCann
18/5/17 Facebook
I take a cloth sprayed with Pet Remedy on house visits. Our cat, Ginger Chris, stole it from my bag!!
Sandra Chapman
Really helps to keep my stressed cat calmer
Charlotte Freeman
Use the spray everyday mostly at bedtime to calm my cat down before coming into our room and when going to work as he has a bit of separation anxiety works wonders it's made all our lives that more relaxed happy pet happy home.
21/5/17 Amazon
We've been using this for just under a week. We can smell no odour from it - it is at the top of the stairs so we walk past it several times a day. Our cats seem a bit calmer (three who don't all get on!) and the female who tends to over groom is covered in fur for the first time in ages. Overall I'm classing it as a success and will keep using it!
22/5/17 Amazon
My cat is now so lovely!
Wiltshire Lass
27/5/17 Amazon
Great product! I have six cats of my own plus foster cats. Pet remedy plug ins are invaluable in keeping a happy home for the cats...and their owners! Well worth the money
Joy Bowen
29/5/17 Amazon (timid cat)
Worked wonders
29/5/17 Amazon
The benefit of this diffuser is that it works for cats and dogs- as a multi-pet household that was important. It is very good value (it has barely gone down in the bottle), well made- the plug is sturdy-, natural and seems to be having a positive effect on the pets. They do seem calmer and happier.
Tima Lund
31/5/17 Facebook
So today 8 week old kitten arrived from a zero dog home... to a 9 dog home ( all my dogs are nice with resident cat) yes I had plugged in the diffusers, and sprayed his bed prior to arrival. Used the wipe over him to travel; have used a second wipe later.. and he settled down and ate some food within 30 min. I had covered crate with blanket so he didn't get full sight of everything..... but he climbed to where he could see the dogs playing on the floor... Yup I think Pet Remedy makes for good introductions!!
Tima Lund
31/5/17 Facebook
So today 8 week old kitten arrived from a zero dog home... to a 9 dog home ( all my dogs are nice with resident cat) yes I had plugged in the diffusers, and sprayed his bed prior to arrival. Used the wipe over him to travel; have used a second wipe later.. and he settled down and ate some food within 30 min. I had covered crate with blanket so he didn't get full sight of everything..... but he climbed to where he could see the dogs playing on the floor... Yup I think Pet Remedy makes for good introductions!!
Miss Jill Francis
2/6/17 Amazon
I purchased this for my arthritic cat who could not settle. Plugged it in next to her bed and from the first night she relaxed and along with the use of her medication settled all night and stopped pacing and calling out. She appears much more rested and as a result has more energy. Product has a mild citrus fragrance which I find quite pleasant.
Miss C
4/6/17 Amazon
Purchased to reduce fighting between my 2 adopted cats after it was recommended. Cats have calmed down a bit, but still have their moments. Not keen on the smell of the product personally, but happy to keep using.
7/6/17 Amazon
I got this to try. My cats companion of 14 years had passed away suddenly. We were left with a distressed and yowling cat for weeks and weeks, she didn't want to be with us but in her basket alone, which was not like her. We tried feliway and it helped only slightly. We tried pet remedy plug in and it's taken about 10 days but now we have our purry cuddly girl back again! She is still yowling but only a little. I can not smell it but she goes up to it at least once a day and sniffs it. I think it helped!
Sue Newman
9/6/17 Amazon
I highly recommend Pet Remedy to anyone. It's brilliant! I've taken on a very stressed 11yr old female cat and had this plugged in ready for her arrival. Within one day she was completely relaxed!
9/6/17 Amazon
I have just rehomed an 18 month old cat. He's been very shy and for the past week he has hidden from me during the day but during the night he walks around the house meowing. A couple of small sprays of this in the air and within a minute he was purring, being stroked, rolling around in the carpet and much more relaxed.
Amazon Customer
9/6/17 Amazon
Worked a tear on my 2 rescue cats who were so stressed when they arrived. Better value and better results than the market leader
X Nic X Waite
9/6/17 Facebook
I have two cats and a collie cross german Shepard and i recently brought home another smaller dog. I brought this product to help the cats with another dog coming into the home but its worked great for all four animals. The cats went to sleep next to the new dog on the chair next to the plug in. Was amazing! Worth the money
Margaret Evelyn Pace
21/7/17 Amazon
Very pleased with this remedy. Cat now very happy and relaxed (and my husband also!)
Rachel Blay
24/7/17 Amazon
My 1 year old (neutered, female) cat has been spraying for some time now - she's been back and forth to the vets and there's nothing physically wrong with her so we tried changing things up to see about it being behavioral - putting upteen litter trays dotted about the room, different litter, different food, different washing powder - we even lifted the living room carpet and put down laminate - all sorts! There are a number of cats in the street so it must be them working her up. Tried Feliway before and it did nothing but the vet suggested to try this as some reports had shown that it works better than its competitor - within 24 hours there were no sprayings, no accidents, and even our other cat (usually a scardycat) seemed happier. Weeks went by and then one morning I realised that there was a spray mark on the side of the sofa and a puddle on our kitchen worktop - checked the plugin and it had run out. Just goes to show that it really is making a huge difference!
Mr Richard V Cave
8/1/17 Amazon
Had much better results with this than Feliway.
Sami Brown
11/5/17 Facebook
I bought pet remedy spray last year and it smelled that bad I couldn't use it although it did calm my indoor rabbits down when next doors outside rabbit went on a thumping spree at a fox. However I am pleased to say I bought a new bottle that arrived today and it doesn't stink this is Harley he is an 11 month old rough collie/borer collie, thanks to a horrible breeder that was very bad to him and also didn't feed him Harley is absolutely terrified of the world. Thanks to pet remedy Harley who usually sleeps in a corner or against the bottom couch (his safe place) is now lying sleeping in the middle of the floor with his little bandana with the spray on it, he also didn't go absolutely psychotic with the post man this morning so I think even the post man is thankful for this stuff  he uses this along with some other stuff from the vets, but I love that he can have this with him whenever he's running around the house and outside. So now that it doesn't stink I would highly recommend the pet remedy spray my other dog must like the smell of it as he keeps walking up to Harley and sniffing him. Thank you for giving me back some sanity and for helping to calm my terrified fluffball
Dawn Grantham
Facebook 23/9/16
Experts in the welfare and care of Parrots we highly recommend parrot safe products from Pet Remedy. We have found that with the benefit of a good diet and Pet Remedy's holistic products working with many parrots with behaviour problems has had a positive result. For further information please contact our avian expert D Grantham via contact@parrotlife.co.uk . Thank you to the Pet Remedy team for this brilliant product Parrotlife LTD
Liv Judge
After having a traumatic day being chased by a fox and losing her friends and home, Hen was happy to be in the dog bed with her porridge and pet remedy
29/3/17 Email
Hi Martyn, Thank you so much for your advice It's been so helpful! I've been spraying some tissue and rubbing the remedy all around the vivarium, and it works instantly. My corns are so calm whenever I do so- they stop fighting instantly which is a relief for me. Thanks again, Kind regards, Talia
Paula Moran
27/7/17 Facebook
Pet remedy is brilliant, my cat hasn't been hospitalised for months and months now, from October 2016 to March 2017 he was in with stress related uti's. I tried the Feliway plug in which didn't work but Pet remedy BOOM sorted, Cole is happy, I'm happy and Cole's twin brother Daryl is happy too. I just stock up on refills now
Charlotte Preston
27/7/17 Facebook
Our feline pride of 5 sadly became 4 this week. Two arent bothered but my new oldest cat and my 2 yr old have definately noticed that the Boss isnt here and have acted differently. I initially bought the plug in to stop Boo weeing in the house, once sorted I unplugged it. So I have now plugged it back in and within hours the cats are definately more chilled. Its hard not being able to explain where he has gone but with lots of love and the plug in they are going to be fine
26/7/17 Amazon
Absolutely amazing product -my baby girl French bulldog is traveling now without a fear -recent fireworks were not an issue as well-smells funny but the most important it is natural and works
Jane Wade
25/7/17 Facebook
I use it at home whenever we have a new dog or when one goes (I run a small rescue). I also spray the doorways where I run dog training classes & I also spray my trousers. It's great
Diane Blackburn
25/7/17 Facebook
My yorkie has separation anxiety and the plug in works really well, also i spray a touch on my hands and stroke the top of his head
Sandrine Garcia
25/7/17 Email
Just a small feedback concerning Pet Remedy. It seems it really helped my rabbit calm down and be less aggressive when his new female arrived. I plugged it 3 days before the arrival of the new female and left it plugged 3 days after she arrived.
Roz Miles
25/7/17 Facebook
I love it.use diffusers all the time coz ive got a bully cat.calms her down a treat. thanks pet remedy xxxxxxx
Lorraine Foster
24/7/17 Facebook
This my three year old border collie Marley he gets nervous around young children and traffic I have found since using pet remedy which was recommended by the behaviourist he is a lot carlmer when we are out I think this has helped us a lot I also use the plug in as well because he is niose phobic so it keeps him calm in stressful situations thank you pet remedy this stuff is great
Gilly Boal
24/7/17 Facebook
I use the plug in when I go out now as my boy was chewing & it's working so far I tell all my guests about it who have dogs with any anxiety.
Lesley Gray
24/7/17 Facebook
We use pet remedy, 1 to calm down 2 it stopped stress when our girl was travelling so no more vomiting 3 our old lady does not like being left so we switch on the plug in, spray for the car all work well.
Pet Ranger
24/7/17 Facebook
I am a dog groomer and use Pet Remedy when I am grooming nervous dogs or those coming for the first time. I usually feel quite relaxed by the end too!
Carmen Seymour
23/7/17 Facebook
Pardon me if this is long..... But I brought the Pet Remedy spray for my anxious husky & thus far I am very impressed with this product. It's not yet been tested on his separation anxiety when he's left at home alone but I did try it for his separation anxiety when he's left at home with company & I leave the home because he will still create when I leave but nowhere near to the extreme being alone. He was much calmer so I was told & his reaction when I walked into the home has been much calmer I haven't been pinned to the wall with his way over the top greeting, I've been allowed to get into the house & his greeting is much calmer. Other notable things 1. His appetite has been brilliant he ate like a champion yesterday & today & I really hope it continues with the use of Pet Remedy, previously he was just eating a 1/4 - 1/2 of his daily allowance & some days not atall. 2. Yesterday whilst we were out & sat at the cafe a dog was being reactive towards to him, he did not do his usual big silly display of passive behaviour to try & appease the dog, he stayed by me as asked & looked towards the dog more with curiosity than himself also reacting. 3. On walks without fail he gets so overly stimulated he foams at the mouth, gurns/chatters his teeth. He didn't do that once ! 4. He was still his big bundle of energy he usually is but it was a happy energy not anxious energy, he had fun, he ran around, he was being playful & not so hypervigilant with his surroundings it was lovely to see. I hope this continues to work for him & I wish I just brought this to begin with instead of money wasted on supplements I'd previously brought.
Irene F
22/7/17 Amazon
Does what it says. Helps my stressed out cat. Recommend by my Vet.
Amanda Lloyd Jennings
21/7/17 Amazon
This really works! Our rescue dog is very nervous of thunderstorms and two to three squirts of this (he is a big dog) and after a few moments he calms down to lie down, although still panting, he is far better than he was.
Mrs R Grove
20/7/17 Amazon
We got a new cat. The first week he drove us mad with crying and howling and running around destroying things. We got this and did notice a difference. A lot calmer. I forgot to repurchase and accidently let it run out. I could definitely tell the difference. He was back to his old tricks and that's when I checked the pet remedy and realised it had run out. Since then we've got it refilled and he's a lovely cat again.
Anne McD
19/7/17 Facebook
Excellent product which really works - our Westie is a more laid back girl as a result, thank you Pet Remedy
Angela Thompson
19/7/17 Facebook
Super impressed with my initial dealings with this company....responsive, friendly staff who answer e-mails very quickly and who are willing to go the extra mile to make their customer happy!! Delivery was fast too (product arrived the 2nd day after ordering). Fingers crossed the product works this well too!!!
Lissanne Parnell
19/7/17 Facebook
I use the spray on my nervous nelly horse and it helps him keep calm and not loose his marbles in stressful situations...highly recommended
Dianne Quin
18/7/17 Amazon
Only used for two days chosen as I had reached the limit of improvement with adaptil and this also helps with other pets cats and birds the neighbours have noticed dog so far is better behaved when left in the house on his own still using all the other training methods I am not using this product in isolation but I am pleased with it.
Dianne Quin
18/7/17 Amazon
Only used for two days chosen as I had reached the limit of improvement with adaptil and this also helps with other pets cats and birds the neighbours have noticed dog so far is better behaved when left in the house on his own still using all the other training methods I am not using this product in isolation but I am pleased with it.
Dianne Quin
18/7/17 Amazon
Only used for two days chosen as I had reached the limit of improvement with adaptil and this also helps with other pets cats and birds the neighbours have noticed dog so far is better behaved when left in the house on his own still using all the other training methods I am not using this product in isolation but I am pleased with it.
13/7/17 Amazon
It works! My cat was badly injured and, following surgery, was really anxious ... the vet recommended it. After spraying Pet Remedy she calms down and settles. Great product
Kerry Jane Birnie
12/7/17 Facebook
Brilliant product, we've used it with our cats, dog and our African Grey Parrot, helped with a house move, introducing new pets, fireworks, and our new stray cat when we had to confine him indoors with neutering, definitely recommend, and love that it is natural
Fiona Garratt
12/7/17 Facebook
Would like to thank the lovely people of Pet Remedy for supporting our walks raising money for rescue dogs by sending some prizes and samples for our raffles. I personally use the plug in at home and have done since bringing Lennox home,I also use the spray,both have made such a difference and helped no end settling both of my dogs to the change in our family. Thankyou for your support. Fiona,Lennox,candy and all the rescue dogs xx
10/7/17 Amazon
My kitty goes quite nutty over this spray!...not in a crazy way in a good way, it definitely calms her down but she has like a cat nip reaction to it and goes all silly!!!....great stuff, it certainly does the job of helping to de-stress her!
8/7/17 Amazon
Works for the dogs and cat!
Annabel Edwards
6/7/17 Facebook
Safe to say I've got one chilled out doggie after using pet remedy. He usually struggles with separation anxiety from our other dog... clearly he's feeling much calmer about the whole ordeal now! Thanks very much.
Ms M Ls
5/7/17 Amazon
We have a highly strung cat and this works so well in calming her down. We wouldn't use anything else.
Hazel Picken
2/7/17 Facebook
Have been using pet remedy on my reactive rescue jack Russell for some time now with excellent results along with training,could not believe the very quick response from Martyn when I rang with a question about the products will definitely be using the plug in in the future along with the spray,thank you Martyn
Jo Davies
29/6/17 Facebook
Watch our rescues in Cat Room 2: Chloé, Angel, Salem, Gigi, Rocco and Oliver, enjoying their stress-free environment. Many thanks to Pet Remedy UK for providing our Cat Sanctuary with some complimentary natural de-stress & calming atomiser, plug-in diffusers and refills.
Anna Rudd
28/6/17 Amazon
We have 2 kittens 10 weeks and 8 months both from the same parents but different litters. We have gone through the usual stuff to introduce them slowly different rooms, food bowls, litter trays etc. We thought we would try this has the younger one was mewing quite a lot and they seemed a little stressed. It may just be coincidence but the younger one is definately happier and we have been able to leave them with the run of the house together. This is after 3 days. We bought 2 so we have one in the main living area and one upstairs on the landing both plugged in and on constantly. The only thing I would say is they do smell a bit strange not massively unpleasant and bearable if it makes the cats happier.
Derek Ellwood
26/6/17 Amazon
having used your product before which has been great for my dog really ' calms 'him down would recommend to anyone
26/6/17 Amazon
Really thoughtfully packaged in a decent box - nice change to most things you order from the internet! I've been using this 'calming diffuser oil' for my cat for years now. He's never really been a stressy cat or anything like that but this just makes him super chilled and always up for belly rubs 🙂
Peter Tompsett
26/6/17 Amazon
After one hour my cats started to lay around the plugin, it works and that is what I wanted thank you very much.
Amazon Customer
25/6/17 Amazon
We have a husky that doesnt like staying away from home.when we go on holiday we leave him with my parents at their home. But he gets stressed by this and started digging up the garden and not eating or doing as my parents would ask.He is safe and gets along fine with the parents he just hates being away from his own home and domain. We tried various tricks and products but nothing would work then we read about this product and thought we have nothing to lose and gave it a go...SO GLAD WE DID....amazing product he was de-stressed whithin 15 mins we use the plug in and spray and its perfect...no more digging ..no more stressed husky...relaxed and comfortable asleep in his peacefulness...BRILLIANT PRODUCT...RECOMMEND IT WITH A DEFINATE 5* RATING....SIMPLY AWESOME.
Amazon Customer
25/6/17 Amazon
Top product...100% worked on our stressed husky...whithin mins he was de-stressed....miracle juice....give it a go you wont be disappointed.
25/6/17 Amazon
We've recently moved house and our eldest cat was really anxious, she stopped coming to us and was having accidents and wouldn't play anymore. She even went for her sister when she was trying to play Plugged this is in and half an hour later she wonders in, plays with her toys and wants a belly rub. It smells a bit odd at first but I love this. Thanks for giving us our happy playful cat back
Amazon Customer
23/6/17 Amazon
My dog was staying home alone while i was at work and i believe this plug in remedy help her to stay calm.
23/6/17 Amazon
Excellent product . Helps to calm the cat who is very timid.
Kris R
21/6/17 Amazon
I like having a soothing plug-in as it's sometimes necessary to have a pet sitter come in and visit our dog, and we are forever doing DIY and moving things around - disrupting the dogs environment and routine, basically. I was pleasantly surprised when this actually worked. I don't really like Adaptil as it seems to make our dog really dopey, she doesn't interact very much when we use it, so I wanted to try an alternative product. I can definitely notice a difference when this is plugged in and I'd say it starts to take effect within a few hours; dog is fairly chilled but still curious and playful. It's a shame the smell is not more enjoyable; it's very earthy, however it is a 'natural' sort of smell, not offensive just strong. For that reason it loses a star. Pleased it's cheaper than Adaptil and does just as good a job for our dog.
20/6/17 Amazon
Brilliant product! Had to buy this 'in an emergency' some months ago as I was getting desperate to try anything to help a new cat settle with my existing two - and had tried everything else. Myself and a few friends have the 'difficult to home' rescues - the ones that no one else would take due to their behaviour so it is always a slower process than normal to get these pets really settled. This seemed to be the first product that has actually helped. After the experience with my 'new cat' introductions I have used it with friends who have dogs who are nervous around Bonfire Night, with stressed rabbits, with another friend who's dog gets too excited about everything! That particular dog would be a nightmare if I was in the car with them - she would clamber all over me for how ever long the journey was - so I'd regularly have an hour or so of being trampled (which was not just unpleasant but also dangerous). The first time I used it on her I just sprayed some on a flannel and as soon as she started just gave her the flannel to tug at (in stead of my clothes) and it worked like a charm - within seconds she was already calmer and in under 5 minutes she was the most relaxed in the car that she had ever been. Since then I won't be around any 'skittish' animals without having this product handy as it really does work and makes situations a lot less stressful for them. It has a very 'unusual' aroma - which can take a bit of getting used to - but it just smells 'natural' - sort of strangely herbal (which I find much better than synthetic chemicals of some others.) I am so confident in this product that on this occasion I have bought multiple bottles so that other friends with problem pets can use this too. It really has helped every pet - cat, dog or rabbit - that I have used it on.
Jason Thomas Dolan
19/6/17 Amazon
Really helps!.. I have a male kitten who is 10 months old he has been very nervous since 8 weeks old. But recently another tomcat who is fully grown and an adult cat has been hanging around my front door and this is making my kitten more nervous and talkative and he is starting to pee the kitchen floor. I have tried to introduce him to the visiting cat who looks like his twin in adult form (black cat) but the kitten doesn't like it when I pet the other cat he is screaming to me and his hairs are all standing up and his tail is quivering. I decided to give this product a try. From the first spray on his carry bag my kitten ran to my feet (I think some of the spray hit my shoes) he was lying on his belly and rubbing his face all over my shoes then jumped on his carry bag and did the same face rubbing, he spent over 2 hours just sitting on the bag and seemed very calm and happy! I was so pleased with the results that I immediately ordered another bottle of the spray. It smells quite nice to me, not bad like some reviewers have said. And definitely has a positive effect on my kitten. It's a shame the spray is only 200ml and not 500ml. It is expensive, but you can't put a price on your animals happiness if it helps them.
18/6/17 Amazon
OMG.... this is amazing!!!! We moved house a few weeks ago, and although we have moved with our dog several times, this time she was a nighmare. It's been hot, and all the window have been left open. Which made the doors bang shut. Which scared her. And then 2 thunder storms within 10 days of moving in. and a heat wave. and.... the previous people had a dog and a cat, which of course, my dog could smell. This resulted in her contantly pacing, pacing. pacing. Panting, following me around, trying to get out of te front door when ever I opened it, pawing at us, pawing the furniture, walls. I was going crazy. I looked at the branded plugins, which cost a bomb. In the end I bought this. It really worked on out fur baby (who is big, and 6 years old). I mean it worked. In seconds. I'vesprayed it on the rugs, her blankie and on the bedroom carpet. Even just a quick squirt in to the air, and the effect is immediate. It does have an odd, earthy smell, which to be honest is not overly pleasant to human noses, but it works a treat on the dog. It is even safe enough to spray directly on to their coats. I am not sure if it is ok to use a sperate oil burner to cuncer act the smell of the product (which to be fair, disapates to huamn nises pretty quick"
Amazon Customer
15/6/17 Amazon
All aggression seems to be gone in our older cat. Previously she often attacked our younger cat.
14/6/17 Amazon
My dog can become very stressed. This product is excellant for calming him straight away. Wouldnt be without it.
Susan Lynch
14/6/17 Facebook
Amazing product, calms our dog down. Have tried other similar products but this is by far the best
Lorraine Foster
12/6/17 Facebook
This my border collie Marley he is nervous around young children and traffic we had pet remedy recommended by the behaviourist and this has helped keep him calm when we are working around young children and traffic this stuff is brilliant and helps keep him calm thank you so much
Joanna Bell
11/6/17 Facebook
A very relaxed happy Mommy waiting on her babies❤ a week ago she and my other pregnant girly were at odds and as soon as as we popped the Pet remedy Plug In in and popped on our diffuser there was peace in the land and happy content mummies. I totally recommend this product to all Breeders.
Pat Langston
10/6/17 Facebook
It's an amazing product! ! Would never be without it have plug ins in the house and caravan and spray for the journey and thunderstorms
10/6/17 Amazon
I knew when it run out dog started wimpering at night again. Got a refill and one happy dog and owner.
Carole Foster
10/6/17 Facebook
Thank you so much for your donation to our rescue, we really appreciate it. We will certainly be recommending your products to our members as lots of sled dogs have issues which could be helped by them. Our facebook auction group is Reach Sled Dogs Auctions and auction starts on July 16th
Tina Brown
10/6/17 Amazon
Excellent product, works within a couple of minutes. Good price.
Sharon Steer
9/6/17 Facebook
I tried it for the first time last night, we had 2 very nervous, shaky dogs when a thunder and lighting storm was overhead - a few sprays on a tissue attached it to their collar and very quickly calmed them both down
9/6/17 Amazon
Brilliant stuff I always know when this has run out,our yorkie gets very grumpy with our other dog. Brilliant price. And delivery was very prompt. Def recommend this product
X Nic X Waite
9/6/17 Facebook
I have two cats and a collie cross german Shepard and i recently brought home another smaller dog. I brought this product to help the cats with another dog coming into the home but its worked great for all four animals. The cats went to sleep next to the new dog on the chair next to the plug in. Was amazing! Worth the money
Hayley S
9/6/17 Amazon
Being used in a veterinary practice and so far I think this works well
Sarah Hunter
9/6/17 Facebook
I've used pet remedy to help bond my rabbits and worked a treat!
Robert Shelley Tyler
9/6/17 Facebook
We’ve been using the Pet Remedy plug-in regularly as it really seems to help keep our 7 year old house rabbit calm and relaxed in our busy home. He’s always been very frightened when visiting the vet for claw clipping, so last time we tried the Pet Remedy spray in his carry box … FANTASTIC RESULT!    So much calmer and less stressful (for him and us!)
Carole Wilson
4/6/17 Amazon
This does help a little with one of our dogs who has separation anxiety. Easy to use and good value in a bigger size.
Lisa Britton
2/6/17 Amazon
Half the price of Feliway and works just as well, if not better. Last longer too, provided you use their own plug in - feliway plug ins burn too hot for the product.
Lynzi Jones
17/5/17 Facebook
I 2nd that. It works on pretty much every animal including birds and reptiles. My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home. It works on us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too. It's totally genius stuff
Lynzi Jones
17/5/17 Facebook
I 2nd that. It works on pretty much every animal including reptiles. My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home. It works on us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too. It's totally genius stuff.
Jo Bevan
15/5/17 Facebook
We use it on this lady too ! Dentist last week and she almost fell asleep while she was working on her teeth ! Just ordered 5 bottles to give as pressies! this amazing product
6/5/17 Amazon
Seems to be doing the job and lasts longer than other well known products I like that it's using a natural oil and not synthetic will buy again
Jules Godwin
5/5/17 Facebook
This is the most successful, natural pet calming remedy on the market, I can't praise it and the company enough.
Jamie Hopkins
5/5/17 Facebook
Works a charm, they haven't layed like this since the passing of one of their own
K. L. Hopwood
2/5/17 Amazon
Used this for my birds when moulting or stressed for a while now and it works brilliant. Great price too.
Melody Ibbett
28/4/17 Amazon
Seems to work. I've only used it for a couple of days. I tried it because I found that Felway was having no affect.
Pamela Weaver
We love Pet Remedy at Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue! It helps so much when we take in ferrets to the rescue, especially if they have been straying and feel unsafe. We also use it during first playtimes as it can be really scary for the ferrets coming in to the house for the first time, especially if they've never been allowed out of their cages in their previous homes. Many have never been played with before and find it all a little overwhelming but the spray helps, although it's not just the ferret it helps! I find it calms me too, allowing me to work with them better and be a calming influence too. Pictured below is our special boy Raphael
Lisa Fiona
4/4/17 Facebook
Pet Remedy has been plugged in for just under 2 hours. I have two seriously chilled out and sleeping dogs! Ordering more for the rabbits.
Sarah Cockburn
2/4/17 Facebook
We have 3 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs and two rats the diffence in them all is amazing
2/4/17 Facbook
Martyn was sooo helpful with his advice and after rubbing pet remedy in the corners of the vivarium they calm down instantly. Thank you!
Carina Evans
1/4/17 Pet Remedy USA
Excellent, I bought the whole range because I was so impressed with the small spray on my horse that travelled badly and my dogs that USED to fight, really pleased!
Denise Wilkinson
18/3/17 Facebook
I have used the spray with my stressy thoroughbred horse that I used to have. I sprayed my legs while riding to a dressage competition as he had been wound up at a previous show. It worked a treat. I have also done the same with my dog to keep him calm while training
Robyn Fiddes
I use this for my snake and it works very well, she is so much calmer these days
Gabbi Jeffrey-Carne
14/3/17 Facebook
Me and Manny (my horse) moved to a different yard a few weeks ago, he was an absolute nightmare to turn out as he had to stay in for a week.. the first day he went out was horrible, he was bucking, he kicked me in the leg, he ran into the road, he bit my mums finger and he was just an absolute nightmare. We were slowly but surely getting somewhere with him, but he still freaked out at some things which he wasn't used to. I bought some pet remedy spray and the atomiser. The atomiser hasn't yet been put in his stable but I used the spray on myself as he stays really close to me so I knew he'd get the effects. I was a little skeptical as sometimes these things don't work, but as you can see from the video he was so chilled out. All the things that normally bother him just didn't he was excited to go out and as soon as I used the spray he was so chilled. Would highly recommend this to ANYONE with a pet that's stressed or a nightmare. I will 100% be getting some more (really wish I knew about it a few weeks ago)
Jayne Teasdale
14/3/17 Facebook
My bunny is addicted to the spray x
14/3/17 Facebook
We have had great feedback on the Pet Remedy products....a completely natural de stress and calming product......customers have used it to help with cats and dogs with great results but the one I want to tell you about is birds......very few products can be used with birds, especially parrots......one of my customers has two African Grey parrots and each spring one becomes very hormonally aggressive and can't be handled for weeks......this year with a bit of misgiving he decided to try the Pet Remedy Plug In........the next day he was amazed that he could handle his bird normally although she was still displaying the hormonal signs.........he has also noticed that his other bird, who hates and bites his partner, was completely settled and allowed his partner to stroke and hold her with none of the usual aggression........four weeks later he is still amazed at the behaviour of both birds and has finally agreed it is down to the Pet Remedy.....a definite success story
Louise Caldwell
11/3/17 Facebook
So popped yo your stand yesterday at crufts, so i tried the wipe on my tortoise who was gifted to me a few weeks ago, he has had a trauma to his eye which went untreated and the body has attacked the eye, unfortunately he's too small to have it removed and stitched up. So daily cleaninng for the next 10 years until he's bigger and can have the operation, the wipe did seem to keep him calmer guess I'll be purchasing some tomrrow..#petremedy
Mart Collins
Amazon 24/2/17
African grey not plucking as much and not so aggressive. Will buy refills and see if she keeps improving. Feathers are starting to grow back now she looks much better.
14/2/17 Amazon
It relaxed me and I think it did relax my rabbits, I had a good nights sleep
Nadine Townsend
25/1/17 Facebook
Sorry it's a dark picture - but this is what pet remedy does to my two indoor buns. They have the plug in for their room and I'd just replaced the diffuser. Within half hour they were snuggled and the dominant bun (sat up) has been sat grooming her friend
Sharon Jones
17/1/17 Facebook
I really can't recommend Martyn, his team and Pet Remedy enough. We always use a plug in if stressful situations are ahead of us (fireworks etc) and recently used the spray to help our dogs cope with a 2000 mile road trip and to settle into their new home in Bulgaria. I now always carry a small spray with me. Martyn has also very kindly donated some items to our new auction group which will be launched in March (BAD Auction - details to follow) to help the abandoned dogs in Bulgaria, those that are street dogs and those that are in pounds and rescues. Martyn and his team always, without a doubt, put the health of pets right at the top of their list and never ever fail them. Thank you Pet Remedy xxx
Rosie Gilles
Facebook 30/12/16
Pet remedy works!!!!! I have 3 cats aged 9,9 and 18. A 5mo puppy and a budgie. All feel the benefits of it. Thank u x
Samantha Gilbert-Morris
Facebook 30/11/16
I have! I have used it with one of my friends hamsters which was very nervous and I did help! I would like to get some for myself as my reptile is a bit nervous around me so I would like to try it!
Kerry Taylor
Facebook 30/11/16
Yes I use the plug ins for my 10 cats and 5 snakes, brilliant product chilled kitties out no end and stopped stress urinating xx
Suzanne Ormand
Facebook 30/11/16
I've never used it personally but know people who have/do and they say it's very effective and more cost afforable than adaptil/feliway and this can be used on reptiles unlike the aforementioned products
Kiren Amazon
Pet remedy is brilliant, I've used it with animals from dogs and cats, to bearded dragons and hedgehogs. It seems to work on them all, and the local rescue centre are getting through dozens of bottles and plug ins. Don't expect a 100% calming effect immediately, nothing works that well, but it should at least take the edge off. With bonfire night coming up, it's best to start dosing the house and especially your pet's bed/crate/room a week beforehand to get the best effect.
Robyn Fiddes
i've been using the pet remedy for my corn snake with an attitude Doro and over the last couple of months i have seen a huge improvement in her temperament and since i stay above a pub she has been getting significantly less stressed if it gets a bit loud. thanks for the happy snake
william malcolm jones
04/11/15 Amazon 5 Stars
Ideal for calming a stressed parrot
Angela Kingshott
03/10/15 (Facebook)
Yet another for pet remedy success , rescued cockatiel plucking feathers now fully feathered thank you!
Rebecca Crossman
14/08/15 (Facebook)
It's made from Valarian, a natural plant.
Louise Forrester
31/07/15 (Facebook)
I am proud to say that i stock the Pet Remedy Range in my Pet shop, Which is based in Westbury, Wiltshire. Not only is it a brand that customers can trust, but its a brand that works day in day out.
Parrot Rescue UK
04/02/15 (Facebook)
New Life Parrot Rescue
5/06/14 (Facebook)
As an essential oil user of one particular brand in a cold diffuser for our rescued parrots, I had concerns of whether the essential oils in Pet Remedy were pure and of high quality. After speaking with Martyn and receiving genuine guarantee of quality and safety, with supportive data in use with birds and mammals, I was eager to try this promising product! I put the sample package to use as soon as it arrived (the following day! Thanks Martyn!). The spray is awesome! I successfully used the spray on a towel for a blue and yellow macaw that is normally great but is currently very tetchy due to an abundance of pinfeathers coming through. I had to shower her and she wasn't her usual cooperative self. The sprayed towel worked a treat! She immediately calmed down! Fabulous product! Must also mention that I am seeing subtle improvements only after two days with the plug-in for an African grey parrot with a nervous disposition and fearful of hands. She has a severe condition under both her wings and loathes us having to catch her up in a towel for treatment. I have no doubt the spray will further enhance her improvement when her wrapping towel is sprayed prior treatment.
This product has every chance of bringing the breakthrough that this dear parrot and all who are caring for her desperately need! Watch this space!
New Life Parrot Rescue
31/01/14 (Facebook)
Those of us in animal rescue know that it can be very stressful, so PET REMEDY is not only good for our animals, but for us also! I spray it on my top most days and find that It certainly takes the sting out of those stressful moments! We are delighted that our rescued African Grey parrot, who in December 2011 arrived with'Web-Wing', ill and terrified of human hands and closeness, despite her being hand-reared, has made a giant leap forward in trust and handling her for treatment thanks to the PET REMEDY plug-in and spray! Her fear of hands and capture in the towel hampered the progress of her treatment with her panic attacks, resulting in her flapping her wings causing her to split delicate healing tissue under her wings. It was a vicious circle of repair and split with very little progress. Since using the Pet Remedy to reduce her anxiety, we having amazing results with her much improved disposition and effective treatment protocol! Must also mention that Pet Remedy plug-in has helped to restore calm with three of our rescued Grey, who share a room but have been out of sync with each other of late, and is helping to calm a blue & yellow macaw, single hen whose behaviour suddenly became frantic! However, must add that we she is seeing the vet next week for a full blood profile in case a medical condition is responsible for this sudden behavioural change. Martyn, you're a genius! I could squeeze you, for you don't know what this product means to us, especially with Miss B, the grey with 'Web-Wing', for now I see a healed precious girl with a happy future! Thank you!
Lauren Mulhall
10/10/13 (Facebook)
This is Squiggle my Little Owl. I started using pet remedy when he began to become territorial and stressed by visitors. I have been using it 1 month now and have seen a remarkable improvement. He is now calmer, friendlier and I have had friends comment on how chilled out he is. I will definitely continue to use Pet Remedy and recommend it to everybody!
Lisa Simms
11/06/12 (Facebook)
LOVE this stuff Chills me, Beardies and my cats right out!
Beth Railton
10/06/12 (Facebook)
Since using pet remedy my Norwegian forest cat has chilled out and his lady friend is a lot less skitty. My dogs seem to be less noisy and the cockatile spends less time hanging upside down winding the dogs up!! 😉 I have recommended pet remedy and still do, I have started stocking supplies in my grooming salon with great feedback. I even have a plug in in the salon to try and make the grooming experience a little easier for the shy and reluctant dogs.
Busy-Beaks Cockatoo Rescue
22/03/12 (Facebook
We have been trialing Pet Remedy diffuser on our rescued Parrots, many have long term self mutilation issues by the time they get to us & we have found that Pet Remedy has helped a great deal in calming them, we’ve also found it has reduced self mutilation in some birds & has also created a much calmer atmosphere & reduced the squabbles between them. We will definately be continuing to use this great product & would recommend it for anyone who has a parrot.
Diane Wilsher‬
09/11/14 (Facebook)
Wow. This product is so brilliant they sold out at my local pet