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Natural de-stress and calming
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All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source.
Pet Remedy helps with dog anxiety, cat anxiety and general pet stress including reptiles, birds and larger mammals

7/10/19 Amazon

Wow, this stuff really works. Helped my chihuahua with barking and with noise. My brother had an elderly dog that frequently gets stressed when at my home and she Just slept when I used it for her

6/10/19 Amazon

It truly works my dog is a new dog thank you I will definitely buy some more

5/10/19 Amazon

The smell is a bit off-putting but the benefits to your furry or feathered friends are massive! Flea treatment time is no longer a problem, no more fighting, they don't disturb me at night as much, they are so much happier. A great company to work with, they are based in Devon and helped me with sound advice when I needed them. So recommended!! Worth every penny!

4/10/19 Amazon

Not too keen on the smell as we go past the diffuser but can see how effective it is by my cat’s behaviour!

Amazon Customer

The smell isn't very nice but does help to calm the nervous dog.

Karen Hamilton
30/09/19 Amazon

A slight smell when used but works a treat. Have noticed a big difference in my pets behaviour. My dog and cat are more relaxed instead of being hyper. Works almost immediately.

Penelope Ann Franklin
30/09/19 Amazon

I rescued two kittens in 2017. They were very very timid hid all the time. Got one of these and it really brought them on. Recently acquired a kitten was dreading two big cats hurting her and not taking to another addition. Got an additional plug in and wow they have taken to her better than I expected. Would highly recommend.

Ms E. Tydeman-Ashton
27/09/19 Amazon

So far incredibly helpful in helping cats feel more relaxed, placed in an already comfortable area, noticed the difference in the first days of use. It does seem that the oil might diffuse quickly but no apparent leaking and rings provided in case it does. Placed as described above floor. Came very nicely packaged. I could not really notice the scent. Was recommended by a vet at Blue Cross, after our cat had surgery. Was worth trying!

25/09/19 Amazon

I find this a lot better than feliway. My cat is naturally very stressy and the little spray really helps him when adapting to new spaces and visiting the vet; and only having to switch the plug in out every 2 months is great value for money. The smell takes some getting used to but otherwise a very good product. I'll definitely keep buying.

Wendy Clark
23/09/19 Amazon

I recieved them friday and plugged one in straight away.. Friday night my dog tess was up stressed and pacing at 3.30am .. but Saturday and Sunday night she wasnt stressed and slept all night as she always has.. I go to work in the morning n afternoon just for a few hours and tess wasnt panting like mad when I came home this morning.. xxx

Ian and Annemarie Gregory
23/09/19 Amazon

Didn’t think this calming spray would really work. Great to be proved wrong. Our dog is not a good car traveller - she hates it. Excitable then car sick. The spray worked really well. Still car sick but stayed still or asleep for the whole journey.

Erica Shemwell
23/09/19 Amazon

One of my cats can be pretty temperamental esp at vets. I saw this product used on a cover over his cage and by the time we got to see the vet he was in a zen zone - totally chilled! Have bought to use at home and 2 cats & 1 dog tend to just chill if used. Managed to clip female cat claws without risking limbs! It really does work.

Gem Partridge
22/09/19 Facebook

This stuff is absolutely magic... we have a poorly girl and this is the only stuff that chills her out and lets her be her, 2 days using the plug ins and no sign of the anxiety and panic freak outs that go with her EPI. 💜💜💜💜💜

20/09/19 Amazon

This works really well for my golden doodle. She was extremely nervous of someone letting off fireworks very recently before bonfire season gets started. Have recommend already to my friends with dogs.

19/09/19 Amazon

Used when I went on holiday to settle cats with new pet sitter. Took a few days but he said that he used the wipes and spray on himself and this seemed to work quite well.

L Woodier
18/09/19 Amazon

This is used at night as my collie barks quite a lot at this time. She hears things I don't and she keeps me awake. Her bed is sprayed, the plug in is switched on in the evening before bedtime and last night I used the small spray on her head and stroked her muzzle and ears. A much quieter night.

16/09/19 Pets at Home

I have 3 cats. One older cat and 2 younger, who are brothers to each other. The younger cats used to pester the older one, who would have none of it. Since getting this product, the boys have calmed down, and the older cat is more relaxed around them. It is definitely worth the money if you have an agitated cat

15/09/19 Pets at Home

We recently rescued an older cat and she was really jumpy and anxious in the house. Confined her to one room and sprayed this as well as plugging in a feliway diffuser. It is working a treat! She is much more relaxed and coming out of her hiding spots by choice. Very impressed with it. It does smell a bit but it's nothing too offensive!

Miss Daisy
15/09/19 Amazon

Got thos for my mum's Lhasa.. He was terrified of Thunder!! Started to associate Rain with Thunder Storms.. THIS IS MIRACLE STUFF!! He's like a different dog!!

Emma Young
15/09/19 Amazon

We bought this when we introduced our dog to the new kitten, we didn’t expect our dogs behaviour to change almost instantly when we plugged this in. He calmed down and stopped whining. As you can see they are now best friends.

Fi S
04/09/19 Amazon

I bought this in preparation for rehousing a rescue dog who was very nervous. I sprayed this on my hands and clothing, as well as in the crate I had ready in the car. Worked a treat. I also have the plug in and believe this is really helping her. Would recommend definitely.

11/09/19 Amazon

I have three quite strressy girls and having This plugged in near their sleeping area really seems to keep things calmer.

06/09/19 Amazon

We have two cats, one of whom (a neutered male, 14 yrs) is very aggressive towards any other animal who comes into his territory; fox, dog or cat. Our younger cat (female, 4 yrs) is dim, and keeps forgetting the "rules" that the older one has established - and he is unforgiving, initially leaving the screaming youngster with "holes" in her fur. luckily she is very furry! However with pet remedy in place a magical restraint seems to come over the house. I always know when the diffusers run out, as the aggression starts again.

The male still enjoys a fight and roams the neighbourhood looking for other cats to trounce, but at least our home is peaceful. We keep hoping that as he ages he will calm down, but no sign of it yet.

05/09/19 Amazon

I have a bit of a stressy scaredy-cat cat. Tried Feliway and it had no effect so my vet suggested this. And it does seem to help as I can certainly notice when it’s run out as my cat gets much more skittish!

03/09/19 Amazon

We have been struggling for a while with a Lurcher (rescue dog who had been found on the streets) who understandably has quite a few issues one being extreme anxiety in the house. This manifested itself with almost constant barking the slightest sound both from outside and inside would trigger this and it could take a while to calm him. He was always twitchy and on edge his ears pricked back listening never relaxed for long.

We had tried the Adaptil plug in as recommended by the Dogs Trust from where we re-homed him from but though at first it seemed to work, It ended up being a disappointment though it may work with other dogs it certainly did not with ours. It was then that we tried the Pet Remedy plug in though at first we admit we were not holding out much hope but thought wort a go. To our delight this product really worked we noticed an almost immediate difference with our dog simply chilling in his bed stretched out seemingly without a care in the world. Any barks were few and far between and also became extremely half hearted one or two tiny woofs without getting up or even raising his head. As if he was thinking that will have to do I am far to comfortable to bother with anything more then go back to snoozing. When up and about he wandered around the house just as calm and seemed to enjoy playtime much more.

One day we noticed he was on edge once more and the barking was starting up again so we looked at the plug ins around the home only to discover the one in the lounge had virtually dried up we immediately replaced the bottle and within a very short time a wave of calmness came over our dog. proving to us beyond doubt just how good this product is a total life saver. The reason we had missed this was the bottle had run out after just over a month, earlier than the advertised 60 days for one refill. we contacted actual company Pet Remedy who we have to say were amazing i had sent an email to them and was expecting it to be several days before i received a reply also by email but to my surprise we were telephoned within about an hour of my email being sent. An incredibly helpful man called Martyn from Pet remedy chatted for some time and it seems that the oscillating fans we have had running most of the days during the hot weather could be to blame due to the amount of air turbulence they create.

On the whole i would say it has had a massive impact for the better on the quality of our dog's life as he is no longer the same nervy dog that jumped at his own shadow. One final thing I suppose there can be no guarantees as all dogs are different but we would recommend most highly the trying of this product.

Amazon customer

Great for calming anxious puppy at bedtime..!

Nadine Daniel
02/09/19 Amazon

One of our young cats is quite timid. Recent building work and a pop festival in the park we live in resulted in toilet issues and a very miserable cat, which also effected his brother and sister. His breeder recommended this. I was dubious, having had poor results with Fenway. However, he responded really well. So much so we have bought the spray to use as well.

31/08/19 Amazon

Amazing for helping our old cat get used to our new kittens

30/08/19 Amazon

Brilliant product really works for my dog who is like roadrunner on speed!!

Magpie 1979
30/08/19 Amazon

I took my cat to the vets where they had this calming spray in the waiting room. My cat was very distressed and constantly meowing, until I sprayed this onto a towel and placed it over the carrier. He was silent immediately! I was so impressed, I took a photo of the product so I can buy it here.

Carole Mumby
27/08/19 Facebook
made a huge difference to my girl. Now a champion at 16 months of age. Just tried shampoo and conditioner well impressed with the quality of her coat afterwards
24/08/19 Amazon

This is amazing, I've been using them for years

21/08/19 Amazon

was dog sitting for family there was definitely a difference although only when door was closed and the scent is in one room, the smell is faint but noticeable i didn't find it unpleasant.

21/08/19 Amazon

It works wonders when you are travelling with puppy or need you pet to calm down in a new environment. I rub a little under his chin and spray a bit on the blanket and little soft toy. Seems to relax him and calms him down. I personally hate the smell. But my puppy seems to love it. Another thing is that it's a bit bulky to carry and leak so I transfer some in a little travel size spay bottle. Don't go any where new without it.

Trudy Baker
21/08/19 Amazon
Bought this to calm a contrary terrier who likes to hide if any noises or thunder or people about. She can't stand the hoover especially and disappears normally to another room. Since using this she will stand less that a foot from hoover without fear. She is calmer and less bad tempered to our other youngster. But make sure you put plug in somewhere near and accessible.
L Kaye
21/08/19 Amazon

I love pet remedy for my cat. It has a great calming effect especially when moving to a new place, new visitors and events where there are fireworks (holiday celebrations). It keeps her calm and balanced.

20/08/19 Amazon

Our dog actually came over to sniff where I sprayed & showed her approval. We spray her 'nervous' harness before visiting our elderly mothers in a care home where dementia patients will possibly try to rush up to her. Works well to take the edge off her stress (with cheese treats!!). Will definitely buy again, although it lasts really well.

20/08/19 Amazon

Easy to use and actually works! I was incredibly sceptical if I’m honest. My cat is incredibly timid and only comes to myself. Any loud noises and he’s behind the sofa. Today my partners cradled him like a baby as well as stroked him and the cat stayed lying down half asleep whilst I hoovered! I’m nearly concerned it’s working too well! Completely chilled out my cat! Hurrah! I just hope it continues!

20/08/19 Amazon

My moggies are quite anxious at the moment due to new kitty neighbor's in their territory, but since using my Pet Remedy diffuser and spray their stress levels have eased considerably. Thanks Pet Remedy.

Toni O’Neill
17/08/19 Facebook

Would recommended. Feel confident when useing this company they sure know what they r doing. Wipes and plug in on the way Carnt wait.

17/08/19 Amazon

Really help to calm cat when moving home

12/08/19 Amazon

Amazing. Recommended by vet as no strange chemicals. Really helps especially when I go away and vet visits.

Tima Lund
11/08/19 Facebook

This weekend was a big one for many Agility lovers. One of my young dogs was there and finding it very overwhelming, ....owner send me a text...my reply was, put Pet Remedy on a bandana... nearly instant change in him....and he goes and comes third !! Thank you Pet Renedy

Mrs K M Borg
10/08/19 Amazon

I bought this along with an anti barking collar and have been able to sleep through the night ever since, with my 14 week old puppy. I only switch this on when I am either going out, or at night,and it seems to do the trick. I cant smell anything, but have it plugged in just above her bed (she cant get to it) although on the first day I plugged it in, she growled at it, which I thought was hilarious.

10/08/19 Amazon
Works within hours keeps the dogs calm. Well worth it and very fast service thank you
Phillip Reeves
09/08/19 Amazon

Dogs were fascinated and drawn to the diffuser when first plugged in. I bought this as one dog has been ill with many
visits to the vets. The dog left at home with someone and lots of treats has taken to howling in addition to high
anxiety which has become a worrying problem. Came back from vets and not greeted . Night and day. The
dog at home was just lying in her bed and not bothered by our arrival. I am still in shock but also very very pleased and relieved.
Many thanks for a diffuser that actually makes a difference at last.

Lisa B
08/08/19 Amazon
My dog would shake like a leaf even on the shortest of journeys but this has stopped all shaking. Even on a 2 hour journey. No travel sickness either because he wasn't anxious. I sprayed his travel carrier with several sprays 20 mins before the journey so the smell would go, and off we went. The smell isn't great but its not as bad as other reviews say. I will be trying it on his harness and lead to see if it calms him on walks when he sees strangers. Fantastic product.
06/08/19 Amazon

Wow!These have had an immediate effect on at least one of our cats! We are having issues with bullying and decided to try this to calm things down and calm the bullied cat's anxiety.Seemed to work immediately. Fingers crossed that it's not just coincidence.
I am impressed
I'm going to buy plug in once my current plug in is ginished

Jasmin Owen
05/08/19 Amazon

I couldn't smell anything but it sure smelt of something to my dog. As soon as the parcel came she wouldn't leave the box alone. I noticed a huge difference in how calm and relaxed she has been ever since we have used it

05/08/19 Amazon

A pleasant smell for humans unlike other plugs. Provided a calm atmosphere for our dogs. Noticeable difference when we turned the plug off one day. Aides a better nights sleep for all.

R McGowan
03/08/19 Amazon

Had a very stressed puppy in her cage. Read lots of reviews and thought I would give a try. Totally different puppy sleeps all night and no crying.

Amazon Customer

Amazing! This calms my nervous dog and my cats really quickly. I’ve used feliway and adaptil before but this works so much better. It smells a bit but totally worth it for the result.

03/08/19 Amazon

My cat meows alllll through the night at the front door to be let out, so we ordered the pet remedy plug in and it’s a miracle she stops doing it and sleeps. She only begins to do it again when the plug in has run out. The smell that comes from them to me is not great but you can only smell it as you walk past it and it does what I need it to do so I’ll put up with it

Linda Francis
01/08/19 Amazon

Only got this yesterday but seems to work already Only got this yesterday but seems to work already

helen hadley
01/07/19 Amazon

Delivered less than 24 hours after placing the order. Unbelievable result for my very stressed rescue dog, no longer restless, agitated, drooling, pacing, it's a magic potion.

01/08/19 Amazon

Recommended product. Easy to use. Get free wipe inside box as well. Re-fill bottles well packed. Seems to work on our anxious staffie. Realised this as was without for couple months & noticed difference!

Charlotte Dixon
01/08/19 Amazon

I can't seem to convince myself it's not coincidence... My dog was stressing in the thunderstorm. I sprayed this on his bed, then on my hands and rubbed his face. He was asleep moments later. This stuff is magical.

30/07/19 Amazon

I have 2 cats, if I am stupid enough to let these plug ins run out I soon know about it! ... I prefer these over the “other brand” as they last longer & are cheaper - meaning I can afford to leave them
running 24/7 around the house.
One of my cats is quite sensitive (can’t believe I just wrote that about a cat!!) but if anything significantly changes in her cat world routine it normally involves a vet visit - last time this happened the plug-ins had all run out along with one of her favourite humans (the one who feeds her breakfast) was away on holiday.
The cat household is generally calmer and happier with these running - who am I to mess with that?!
Amazon is the cheapest place to buy these & conveniently they are available on prime for running out emergencies!!
The only downside to these is they have a very herbal smell - however you soon get used to it (& the other big brand smells of wee in my opinion ... so I know which I’d prefer to smell in my house!!)
The cats also respond better to the pet remedy plug ins as opposed to the other big brand.
We have a 3 bedroom house and have 2 of these running which seems to be adequate - one in the cats favourite room of course!

28/07/19 Amazon

Our cat was slightly stressed(he is a rescue cat) the product arrived very quickly. When we first plugged it in, not keen on the smell, it smelt like hopps/yeast. After 48hours the smell goes. Our cat is more chilled out now so it was worth the money

27/07/19 Amazon

When I bought the plugin for the first time, as adaptil didn't work, I was given a small free sample of the spray . It is a miracle recipe, works a treat. I have 5 dogs and the youngest can cause havoc sometimes. When they are all barking at each other and I feel like pulling my hair out, I just spray a couple of times in the air. They start to drop like flies. It's amazing. Quite funny to witness.

Panthera’s Persians
23/07/19 Facebook

Started using Pet Remedy around 3 months ago.
As Gill advised me I started with the prewash only using 6 sprays into Enzo’s fur coat and I honestly could believe how he was after only 15 minutes.
After spraying him with the prewash he strolled into the living room, literally plonked himself in the middle of the floor and rolled around completely relaxed.
I took him upstairs to the bathroom and usually he would start crying as soon as I close the door however it didn’t happen he sat there just looking at me get he’s bath ready.
I picked him up, gave him a cuddle and a few kisses like we usually do because I’m already feeling a little bit guilty about him being so upset with me.
I lowered him into the bath and I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears for that matter, he just sat there, no crying, no trying to grab hold of me, no trying to climb up my chest to run, nothing!
Bath time for the first time since he was about 8 weeks old was easy, relaxed and quite, I seriously couldn’t believe what I was seeing, absolutely amazing.
After he’s towel pat down, it was blow drying time and he just sat there, I couldn’t stop laughing about how chilled out he was!
When we’d finished I opened the bathroom door and he strolled out onto the landing, laid down and eventually fell asleep right there in the same spot.
Honestly I can’t thank you enough Gill for introducing me to these products, if my Enzo is happy I’m happy.
It was such a lovely experience to not have him so upset at Bath time for once.
Im so impressed with these products and I think everyone should have them on hand for kitties that have a hard time dealing with a bath.
I’m genuinely really impressed with the results, great stuff!

Christine McCathy
21/07/19 Amazon

I have a deaf 15 year old cat and a 10 year old feral cat in the same house, they both benifit from having these plugged in everywhere

20/07/19 Amazon

Works well I have a hyper labrador this takes the edge off, works on people also

Louise Leverton
18/07/19 Facebook

I use their products a lot in the past for one of my dogs, amazing products can really see a great difference in behaviour! highly recommend x

Rebecca Vaughan
17/07/19 Facebook

I started using Pet Remedy to calm anxiety in dogs that were boarding with me but found that my dogs were more relaxed and playful when the spray was on, so now I keep it on all the time. I wouldn't be without it now.

Karen Peedle
17/07/19 Facebook

Nice relaxed birth. 4 girls 2 boys. Bella says thank you Pet Remedy.

16/07/19 Pets at Home

Brought this the other day after trying most things and nothing worked,was amazed By this product as to how effective it was managed 40 miles in the car round trip to the beach With no sickness.,where as couldn't do 4 before amazing would most definitely buy again

Deborah Anne
16/07/19 Facebook

I use your spray on a bandana for my firework nervous dog and it works really well, - but I never expected it to work so well on our herd of semi-feral conservation ponies!
I'm a volunteer with Natural England and regulalry go out to check the herd/gates/water troughs etc, - and they usually wait with me for a few minutes - a couple of scartches, hello and they're off grazing again.
I sprayed pet remedy on my trousers yesterday and had the entire herd follwing me around a 2,800ha reserve while I checked the gates and water troughs - it was incredible!
We'll be using this when we do round-ups for vet and farrier checks in future - absolutely amazing xxx

Deborah Anne
16/07/19 Facebook

We thought the product was so good that we trialled it with the more feral ponies on the moors up in mid Cornwall, when they were due to see the farrier. There are 7 ponies in particular who the farrier has not been able to trim, although fortunately, their hooves have always been good and trimmed naturally by the terrain they live on. In mid-Cornwall there is a cattle crush to help with farrier and vet inspections, and the ponies are walked through this even if they won't allow anyone near them, simply to help with desensitising them. On the first farrier day, our farrier trimmed 20 feral ponies, and was really surprised at how well the pet remedy worked as he watched nervous ponies sniffing the pet remedy I'd sprayed just inside the front of the cattle crush, and putting their noses on my arm where I'd also sprayed some. On day 2 we had the 7 very nervous ponies, so this time our farrier decided to rub a little pet remedy on his hands. Ad the ponies came into the crush, he reached out to give them a quiet touch to calm them, then rubbed their muzzles. The results were amazing - he was able to attend to all 7 ponies for the very first time. They only allowed him to lift their front hooves and trim them, but our farrier is confident that by using pet remedy the ponies will be calm enough to learn that he won't hurt them, allowing him to progress to trimming their back hooves. Needless to say both our farrier and the staff at the mid Cornwall reserve, will all be using Pet Remedy in future.

Rose Burns
16/07/19 Facebook

I’ve bought this a few times and it didn’t work for my dogs, but my kitten wakes up every morning around 3-4am, and nothing gets him back to sleep. He sprints around like a crazy boy. I thought I would just try this, although I wasn’t hopefully. I was wrong. I sprayed it over a pillow and placed him on the pillow. He sniffed it, rolled on it and lay up in a ball on it and went straight to sleep. This wasn’t a one off, I’ve done it the past 3 nights and it’s worked every time. Very happy kitten mummy!

Donna Lee Young
11/07/19 Facebook

This is my beautiful 5 year old Lhasa Apso Micky, he is terrified of the car and going to the vets. When my dad was in hospice (sadly passed in jan 2019) all he wanted was to see his little boy every day. We only found out about Pet Remedy when we took him to the groomers for the 1st time. I used the spray as soon as we brought it from the groomer who is a good friend) and its helped him calm down around people and also its helping him when he goes in the car. He used to be sick all in the car and now he just pants and shakes.
I would totally recommend this product to my friends. In fact i have given some of the wipes to friends to try.
I just plugged in the air remedy one as its thundering here at the moment and i hope it helps him

Katie Manning
09/07/19 Facebook

Merlin loves it. We spray #PetRemedy on his Teddy bear and it chills him right out. Helps him relax and rest his trick knee

Lindsay Bottomley
09/07/19 Facebook

Saved this lady by using this product. She was so anxious when we bought her she wouldn't eat or anything so daily spritz of it and she began to relax and now is in the field with 22 other goats 💕

Elaine M
08/07/19 Amazon

I bought this set as I’m a mobile dog groomer, it’s great use the calming spray when I have nervous dogs, have the plug in all the time. The wipes are good too if dogs are nervous of the spray. Great product

31/07/19 Amazon

Excellent purchase, all in and small bottle is great for in the car. Have one dog that stresses at a noise i dont even hear, gave the room a squirt whilst plug-in started up and fingers crossed hes spent the day much more relaxed. The cat absolutely loves it she rolls on the floor around the plug-in. Cars are fussy so must me good.

Ruth E Hargreaves
06/07/19 Amazon

For a particularly stress prone rabbit, this has worked a treat. No more over grooming!

06/07/19 Amazon

this item works well to calm our dog

Carol Phillips
06/07/19 Facebook

It’s an amazing product, I use it all the time for my foster cats, and we are going to use it for the very scared dogs we have in our rescue. Thank you very much for your donation, I will let you know how quickly it works 👏

05/07/19 Amazon

This did the trick with my 11 year old Westie who started having anxiety attacks. Tablets didn’t work and I was not about to buy the expensive diffuser if I could help. The reviews for this one were actually better than the big named brand and I worked for my dog. Within minutes he started to relax. I also purchased the spray that I use on a bandana when needed. I have actually turned to diffuser of as we seem to be ok now. But if I notice he is not settling I use the bandana.

Jessie Orange Dawes
05/07/19 Facebook

If anyone has any doubt that Pet Remedy may not work 😉😉😉 Loved his Pet remedy wipes xx ❤ Thank you

04/07/19 Amazon

I bought this as I just moved house and the dog was seemingly a bit anxious, following me around constantly (more so than normal), and very skittish about noises. So far after a day or so I think it is having some impact he genuinely seems more relaxed and more content to chill out.

I’m not sure how this works, is he effectively stoned? I hope not, as he has days out at friends’ places. And I don’t want him to have a come down

Regarding the smell, it’s different but not horrible. The package says the earthy smell will weaken over time aka you get used to it. It’s not unpleasant it’s just different and not unnaturally sweet like a glade plug in just not artificially clean smell. Like a deep smell. I quite like it after a few days.

04/07/19 Pets at Home

I've just adopted a 6yr old dinner jacket moggie who is ever so cute, but because of being mistreated and moved about from pillar to post, has developed an aggressive attitude towards anyone who approaches her. I plugged in the diffuser and used one of the hand wipes on myself - the reaction was instant and amazing. All of a sudden she has stopped attacking me and wants to be my friend. I would imagine that it doesn't work with every cat, but I shall definitely buy a refill when the diffuser empties

Sue Newman
04/07/19 Facebook

I swear by Pet Remedy. I have a very timid cat with a heart condition. I spray her carrier and tie a wipe to the door. No howling in the car, no stress what so ever when she goes for a check up etc

Jessie Orange Dawes
01/07/19 Facebook

Was lovely to see your stall at cat fest and as always thanks for all the great products from very happy cats and dog 😉

01/07/19 Amazon

This product works excellently. Highly recommend for cats and dogs.
Only issue is that the pump spray stopped working after the first usage, and after transferring this into another container it seems to have lost its potency however is still somewhat effective.
Doesn’t smell lovely when sprayed but doesn’t last long so it’s not too bad.

01/07/19 Amazon

Our older dog recently passed, leaving our 6 year old dog lonely. As a result she was afraid to be left home alone and would bark and howl when we left her alone. We have an internet camera we are able to monitor her on, and we was heartbroken hearing her when we left her and was considering dog sitters etc as was no nice at all.
We were recommended to try this and a bark collar. The bark collar was ridiculous as delivered a small shock not what she needed as it was clear she was needing companionship. We almost resorted to purchasing another dog to keep her company.
So we plugged the diffuser in and within minutes she was much calmer and now when left there is minimal barking and NO howling it’s like we have a different dog.

Denise Smith
28/06/19 Facebook

Here is Jess with her new bandana She is very happy wearing it and is becoming gradually calmer.

26/06/19 Amazon

I’ve had this now for two months seem to be doing the job when my cat comes in. You have to use the little round disc as the smell isn’t unpleasant or pleasant but there. When you use the disc it goes away. All round Loki seems more calm.

Keran Sunaski Gilmore
26/06/19 Facebook

Thank you Pet Remedy and Dayle Pierce. Little Harper a very kennel stressed rescue staffy, sporting her new Pet Remedy Bandana & spray.

06/19 Pets at Home

Bought this to calm my two cats down as started fighting for now reason. Calmed them down and you can use it on furniture and read instructions. Definitely buy again.

06/19 Pets at Home

Bought spray as moving home and long car journey. My cat usually resists his cage but sprayed cage and left in lounge for him to investigate he went in and refused to come out and went to sleep very relaxed

Yvonne Taylor
24/06/19 Amazon

This spray is now known in our household as the “magic spray “. Multi cat home, we get a few niggles and attitude, and that’s before we redecorate or the neighbours’ dogs start up. Now we’re able to restore calm with a few sprays - genius! Not quite so nice for the human nose, and we’ve learned not to over use, but generally I can’t praise this product highly enough.

Rachel Wagstaff
24/06/19 Facebook

Seregon Clara Talini fully endorses your plugin diffuser!!!

Amazon Customer

Best thing ever for a nervous pet highly recommend

Amazon Customer

Super fast delivery and seems to be helping my 2 dogs settle into their new home with a resident cat (normally a battle zone)

Amazon Customer

We moved home and the dogs would whimper and howl most of the night, so much infact that myself or my wife would have to sleep on the sofa telling them to be quiet. the first night with this not a sound and ever since its amazing. its easy to set up and smells pleasant.

Caroline Spencer
23/06/19 Facebook

OMG I wish I had filmed the miraculous turn round. Sat outside a coffee shop. Dog next to me barking at absolutely everything. Had a pet remedy wipe in my bag. Gave it to the owner to give to his dog and she is now crashed out on her side. No reaction to either dogs or people. 🐶🤗 it happened in under 30 seconds. 🙏👏

20/06/19 Amazon
Multi cat household and trips to the vet. Much cheaper than similar product
Mrs Wobble
20/06/2019 Amazon
I have a rescue cat who can get very nervous over certain things. Washing machine running, hoover on, but this seems to help keep her calm. She lays on the sofa and sleeps, instead of hiding in the bookcase. So 2 refills should keep her happy.
15/06/19 Amazon

Would recommend this product. My dog Reggie was very nervous and anxious but this definitely helped to calm and relax him. I use it all the time.

15/06/19 Amazon

I was a skeptic when I bought this but it was recommended & I needed something to help my dog. It’s fab! Highly recommend for anyone who’s dogs needs help chillin out

15/06/19 Amazon
Wish we had bought this earlier , I’ve had a rescue cat for about 5 years , she is such a scaredy-cat that we just thought it was her nature . We had builders in so thought this might help , we have been using it for about two weeks , gradually she is becoming less nervous and isn’t always on red alert listening for the slightest noise . Today she turned into a real cat and hasn’t scarpered when my sons friend came and has sat with me on my lap , wow who has stolen my once timid cat and replaced her , will be buying this on a regular basis now
Tracey Cuthbetson
14/06/19 Facebook

Helping rescue dogs can be challenging at times but I always find pet remedy works wonders.

Jason Wedgwood
14/06/19 Facebook

Bonnie was so delighted when her calming wipes arrived from Pet Remedy. It really put her at ease. Thank you,Gill.

Patricia C
12/06/19 Amazon

Good calming product bought this for my Yorkshire terrier after my husband passed, found it very beneficial for him.

Kindle Customer
12/06/19 Amazon

I was a bit of a sceptic to begin with but my son nagged me to try it and I must admit it does seem to make a difference to her behaviour. She is very clingy and doesn't like being left and would cry but not so much now. Yes I would recommend it.

Nikki Phillips
12/06/19 Facebook
I have a multicat household with 6 Tonkinese cats and have used both the spray and plug ins and they are amazing. Happy cats
11/06/19 Amazon

Just a little spray on the chest keeps my dog very calm in thunderstorms, or fireworks. It really does work. Seems to relax him

Neva Madison
10/06/19 Facebook
I just want to say thanks to George at pet remedy today for the advice for my cat gizmo. I have bought the combined pet remedy pack, the spray, the wipes and the plug in and I bought a separate pet remedy plug in. I hope this saves my poorly cats life who can't get over his latest bout of cat flu. Hopefully this will calm him down x
08/06/19 Amazon

I personally don't like the smell of this but I have one very highly strung mieowy cat. When we have this going he does calm down so much more. Mine came with a free calming wipe which I used on the same cat during a mieowathon and it seemed to work so I will look at getting more of them in the future. We've had 4/5 of these and they definitely do help.

06/06/19 Amazon
Very easy to use and install and seems to work as it says think this is really good for people that have a scared or stressed cat 🐈
05/06/19 Amazon

This does actually work and keeps my dog from having heart attack’s when fireworks are about. Also works very quickly the downside of this product it’s a bit smelly

Harriet Attwell
05/06/19 Amazon

Wow honestly I am amazed how quick it started working on our bichon he is much calmer and a lot happier

Jane Fletcher
04/06/19 Facebook

I would just like to say thank you to Gill at Pet Remedy head office for taking the time to answer my email and for answering my questions over the phone . Great customer service and knowledgeable help . Pet remedy was an amazing product that helped my beautiful boy(photo) 💔🌈🐾 and I hope it's just as beneficial to my new puppy xxx

04/06/19 Amazon

Within a few minutes of plugging this in in my kitchen (where the dogs sleep) I noticed an improvement in my anxious toy poodle's behaviour. He was weeing in the kitchen when left with his companion dog (separation anxiety). I got so fed up I bought calming drops, used adaptil spray on their bed and even bought a dog nappy... It turns out the only thing I needed was this amazing plug in! Since using it he hasn't done any wees indoors and has been very relaxed. He still complains when I go out but he doesn't wee so the product seems to be working! At first I kept his dog nappy on him as I didn't know if the plug in would work but there was no wee in the nappy on inspection later. A few days later I tried him without a nappy and he didn't wee! The plug in is the only thing that has worked: the drops seemed to do nothing, the adaptil spray helped but he still weed in the kitchen. I'll keep the nappies aside as he's nearly 9 so may need them when he's older. But I will be using this plug in every day now. We have two dogs and a cat and all of them are happier with it on. Highly recommended. Much cheaper than pet specific products like adaptil and feliway and works better. Thank you to the manufacturers!

04/06/19 Amazon
My 2 adopted cats came as a "bonded pair", but actually do not get on. I tried feliway to no avail, but pet remedy seems to mellow them slightly. It has a slight odour when in close proximity to the diffuser, but it's not offensive. I've had continual good service ordering from this seller.
04/06/19 Amazon
Definitely noticed a difference in the behaviour of my 4 cats. I had been using Feliway but swapped after a bit of a falling out between two of them right in front of the diffuser !! Pet remedy seems to calm them down .
03/06/19 Amazon
Having read the reviews I wasn't holding much hope for this to work but I have been proven wrong. It's worked brilliantly.
Lilian Eldridge
02/06/19 Amazon
Excellent product completely calmed my kitten down
Carly Stokes
01/06/19 Facebook

Used both the wipes and then the spray and they helped my nervous dog brilliantly with fireworks and thunder storms. He genuinely relaxes and actually falls asleep as opposed to nervous shaking and hyper salivation. It's affordable and accessible. Excellent product.

Amazon Customer

Pet Remedy was recommended by my vet after a particularly stressful appointment, I had tried lots of other products and medication and nothing had made any difference in the past so I was skeptical.

Prior to trying this I hadn’t been able to leave my dog alone at all without him literally screaming the place down as soon as I headed for the door (no exaggeration) but using Pet Remedy actually managed to leave the house for a short period of time without any fuss. I then tried leaving him for longer periods of time and now 4 months later I’m able to leave him for 3 hours and possibly longer with no fuss at all.

I have the plug in and the spray which I use on his bed about 20 minutes before I go out. I haven’t really used the wipes very much.

For me it’s been life changing!

The added bonus for me is that I started using the plug in overnight when I had a friend stay as they were coming back to the house late and he barks at the door, not only did he not bark but for the first time in 2 decades I’ve been sleeping through the night. Before I was sleeping for 2-3 hours and lying awake for the rest of the night and was permanently tired! One night he barked and I didn’t sleep very well and realised in the morning I hadn’t switched it on. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be used in this way but my physical and mental health has improved dramatically, both from getting a good night’s sleep every night and also being able to have a little bit of freedom.

The spray bottle and plug-in have both lasted about 4 months, I didn’t have it switched on 24/7 maybe 10 hours a day.

Just another Buyer
31/05/19 Amazon

I cannot fault this it works great
my puppy was irritatingly bouncy and jumpy but she is not now
she also got very stressed with certain noises but now she is fine
she is still a bit bouncy

29/05/19 Amazon
I bought these for my cat that has cystitis I think it’s helped to calm him when he is in the house. He’s not in much really with it being nice out. Husband says it has a funny smell and as you walk pass where it is plugged in and it does give off a funny smell.
PJ Potts
27/05/19 Amazon

Started to cheer up my dog after day 1- Great easy to use. Instant effect

27/05/19 Amazon

This product does calm my dog I had purchased the diffuser from our vets and it worked so I have ordered refills at a lower cost.

05/19 Pets at Home

Our cockerpoos crys during car journeys. I purchased this spray and both my dogs slept the whole 2 hour journey! Highly recommend

Amazon Custer
Finally good to have found a product that really works - Has calmed our cats right down
21/05/19 Amazon

Works like magic! - This is amazing! I have a small pomeranian and she has a habit of barking at me non stop for no discernible reason!! Usually standing by the treat draw! I spray this in the air, she doesn't get scared like if it were water just within about 20 seconds comes to me for a little cuddle and the lies down and goes to sleep! It calms down that anxious part of her that I am sometimes at a loss to know how to remedy. My dog is 9 years old and weighs about 10 pounds, she's very spoilt and used to a lot of attention. This product works miracles!

Ricky James
21/05/19 Facebook
Picked up my newest addition to the family today, Luna the Maine Coon. Thanks to Pet remedy she had a very relaxing journey home last over an hour of which she slept for 50 minutes of! Thank you Pet Remedy! ❤
Charlotte Boileau
21/05/19 Amazon
I never write reviews but this works and has helped me so much. My adult ragdoll cat was not taking at all to the new kitten I bought home. She would hiss, spit, attack and refuse to come downstairs. I was so scared I lost my baby girl. However, within minutes of spraying, wiping the laminate floor with wipes and plugging in the diffuser she came down and is now interacting with myself and the kitten. Still a few hisses here and there (can't work miracles after all) but it has helped her feel more at ease. I actually can't get over how instantly she reacted!
Amazon Customer
I wouldn't normally write a review but this is amazing. 100% reccomend. When I first had Frank he used to love sitting on my lap and having fuss but lately he's been having scraps with other cats in our area stressing him out, so he has not wanted any fuss for a while. I bought this in an attempt to de-stress him and boy has it worked! Within the first day he was super cuddly and has been loving the fuss. The picture shows my boy after about an hour of cuddles on my lap. So glad to have my sweet little boy back and calm!
Panthera’s Persians
17/05/19 Amazon
He was chilled out for hours after he’s bath & blow-dry, I can’t recommend it enough!
Amazon Customer
15/05/19 Amazon

Not the most pleasant of smells, but not unpleasant. Dog was very nervous about travelling in the car, panting and drooling. A couple of sprays of this onto the bedding and he has vastly improved - still not happy about travelling but a vast reduction in panting or drooling. Will be buying again once used up.

15/05/19 Amazon

I can’t seem to smell it as some
Comments suggest. But the dogs deffo sleep
Better and longer when it’s turned on

Emilia Ray
15/05/19 Amazon

I have an extremely nervous cat and within five minutes of plugging this in I managed to get the hoover three foot away from him (while on) before he walked away. Not ran. Walked. This cat has gone off the rails at the sound of his sister jumping onto the floor to give an idea of how nervous he was. Smell isn't unpleasant but can be over powering.

Linda Jarvis
13/05/19 Amazon

Good product, prompt delivery, this works well with our over excitable lurcher and smells fine

Niamh Stocking
30/04/19 Facebook

100% recommended using Pet remedy for nights such as fire work (which help my cat and dog as it was the first firework night they had) or even if you are travelling with your pet , which I will be soon and will definitely be using the bandana kit while we travel for 3 hours with my boy! 10/10🌟

Bianca Hermina
04/05/19 Facebook
In beginning you notise it a lot. But after a day or two even for me the little bit of smell was soothing and homely. I really like it. And well it is worth it. It works like magic here for cats and bunnies 😊👌🏻
Tracy Maddox
04/05/19 Facebook
I use the plugins at home the spray in the car the wipes at the vet and the wash kit highly recommend great in a closed environment would love a collar for outdoors
Shonagh Staten
29/04/19 Facebook/Ailurophile

I’ve decided the ideal item to begin with is the Pet Remedy diffuser. The reason being, in my opinion it’s rather invaluable in multi cat households like mine.

I’ve been using the diffuser for around three years now and although I’d never claim there isn’t any disruption between the massively diverse personalities, I believe there’s a lot less than there would be without this invention.

The diffuser vial contains a herbal compound especially produced to reduce stress and anxiety in quite a number of species, cats being one of them. It seems to do its job pretty efficiently on a day to day basis, because most of the time The Mob co-exist quite happily.

Most issues within the household are not caused by personality differences within the home but actually things that happen outdoors.  Even  that is only minimal disruption usually.

I’d highly recommend the Pet Remedy diffuser if your cat is showing signs of distress, anxiety or is generally highly strung. It’s well worth the money it costs.

Pam Dennis
11/05/19 Facebook

I've tried other plug ins didn't work, the spray is brilliant if it thunders or motor bikes are about a lot, but I use plug in and spray during firework time, my dog still hides and is still upset but doesn't shake with fear and pops out from her tunnel from time to time if anyone drops in or just to be nosey,

Rhiannon Mcnulty
10/05/19 Facebook

My fear free patients love Pet Remedy....I spray it onto vetbedding mats for the consult and they like to roll on the mat to cover themselves in the scent....it also works on us Humans too...keeps me lovely and calm

Monica Graham
10/05/19 Facebook
I can honestly say Pet Remedy plugins work, I live in a high rise apartment even though I was putting 3 cat trays out for my cat while I was at work my cat would wet In the hall and living room the vet wanted to put her on tablets for her nerves they would of cost about £400 for one month and made my cat very drowsy so I said no I don't want the medication. I had tried plugins from the vet at £40.00 a time and they were rubbish when I went to pick up my cat from the cattery I told them that I could not stop her from wetting on my carpet and they suggested Pet Remedy plugins, so I search all pet shops for weeks until I found them. Anyway it was on special they came with the plug in and two bottles of the pet remedy and a spray for £20.00 I'm being honest they were only in a hour she was relaxed and using her trays, its awesome
Miss EYP
09/05/19 Amazon

I never thought plug ins would actually work on my nervous rescue collie he would wreck the place for a year but this has settled him right down

Charlie Dixon
09/05/19 Amazon

I bought the diffuser about 2 months ago and noticed my dog was a little calmer, but we haven't had it plugged in for a while. Bought the refill at the weekend, arrived first thing Tuesday, plugged in and just the next day my grumpy stressed dog was chill and having fusses. It has made a huge difference to his anxiety and over all well-being I just hope it isn't coincidence and continues!

08/05/19 Amazon
I bought this product on the strength of the reviews and so far I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly it works and how well. I have used other well known pet calmers but they haven't worked at all. I have only used the infuser and the pet wipes to date but both of my cats are super chilled out and this happened almost immediately after the infuser was plugged in. One of my cats couldn't get enough of the pet wipe but then generally cats do like the smell of valerian. I have bought the product mainly for travelling and calming whilst in the cattery, as both of my cats get very anxious in the car. I am quietly optimistic that Pet Remedy is really going to help. Regarding the smell of the product, I do not find it overwhelming or too strong and actually find it rather pleasant, as you can smell the basil and the clary sage coming through. On my personal experience, I can definitely recommend this product and this all in one kit is really good value too.
Mr. Lee H
07/05/19 Amazon

Great item. My dogs have calmed down. And we are able to train them with what has been their fears

Vivian Jack
06/05/19 Facebook

Great customer care fab products. My dogs suffer from noise sensitivity and hyperactivity nothing works. Tried everything for the noise and allsorts of walks and games for the hyperactivity nothing. Until now finally seems to be getting somewhere. Thank you Pet Remedy.

Vivian Jack
06/05/19 Facebook

Great customer care fab products. My dogs suffer from noise sensitivity and hyperactivity nothing works. Tried everything for the noise and allsorts of walks and games for the hyperactivity nothing. Until now finally seems to be getting somewhere. Thank you Pet Remedy.

06/05/19 Amazon
Really calms my cat. The spray is really strong smelling so use this when an extra calming boost is needed. Use the plugins daily. Wouldnt be without them and recommend them to anyone with pet problems.
Bianca Hermina
04/05/19 Facebook

It helped so good with my nervous bun Robbie.. I now bought more for his hormonal bun wife 😍 I haven't stopped using it 😊

Sue A
04/05/19 Amazon
Superb value pack. This is amazing stuff and calmed our cats down when they were bullying one of our other cats to the point that they no longer do this. It has an incredible effect - they go soppy and seem to tolerate each other with no scrapping. The smell is noticeable but I don’t find it unpleasant- more of a herby smell, although I have switched off the diffuser after a while to stop this. You do get used to it and it’s not an issue. Buy it and try it - it’s worked for us!
Anne Bush
03/05/19 Viovet

Have been using this for my cat for over 5 years now as he is an indoor cat and know when it is running out. Great product and cheaper than Feliway

Amazon Customer

Elderly dog was showing signs of dementia, running around the house and peeing everywhere. Bought pet remedy and it helped loads, my pet is no where near as anxious. I'd definitely recommend pet remedy 100%.

Amazon Customer

My dog is a diffrent dog now x

David Glover
02/05/19 Amazon
Great stuff, cat has been amazingly chilled during recent building works to our house.
Doesn’t work on wife though.
02/05/19 Amazon
I foster cats for my local rescue and use this product to help them relax in their new foster home. I usually plug it in as soon as I know a cat is on its way, these refills are great value for money. I have also recommended it to my sister for her collie that gets stressed and it seems to help him as well. I will add that I always feel relaxed in my cat room so think it helps people too
Sarah Parker
30/04/19 Facebook

This is Nuka, she is my fully qualified ADUK assistance dog with the amazing Charity Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability)
She is the first ever Alaskan Malamute to become an ADUK assistance dog here in the UK, she helps me with all kinds of tasks, including opening doors, pickingnup items from low down shelves, brings me my medication along with many other tasks. She is my super dog. We use Pet Remedy bandana and wipes when ever we have long trips in the car or if we are going to busy events. Thanks so much for the products I would be lost without them.

Leanne Roger
27/04/19 Facebook
Great products that help my cat feel less anxious when confronted with situations he finds stressful ❤️
Freddie Frog
26/04/19 Amazon

Bought this for our dog when she feels stressed.

25/04/19 Amazon
We rehomed a cat from Battersea and she seemed to be a bit stressed, so we chose to buy the Pet Remedy product, because it was natural, made with essential oil, instead of chemical product. it seemed to have worked.
Dog Owner
04/19 Pets at Home

I have recently changed my dog, (a JRT) bedtime routine for various reasons; one of which is I will be putting him in a kennel or boarding for two weeks over the summer for the first time (he is 5) so I wanted to get him used to sleeping on his own again (he was crate trained as a pup) First two nights the dog was unsettled, barking, whining & soiling. On the third night I went to my local pets at home to buy the calming spray, I put some on his bedding approx. 4 hours before bed, then rubbed a little on his chest just before bedtime. He was quiet for the entire night and did not soil at all. I have to say although by the third night he was maybe getting more used to the routine, I feel this spray worked well for calming anxiety and distress. Consistency with routine and a combination of the spray has worked very well for anyone unsure.

04/19 Pets at Home

We bought a sphynx kitten and she didn't sleep and she was very stressed and she cried all day and night so my friend recommended me this spray and it worked instantly so we all could sleep and she was all alright like she felt really playful and calm and not stressed at all after we sprayed it in the room it worked like magic 10/10 !

Dawn Nelson-Whitehead
22/04/19 Facebook

I also use it on one of my dogs that is not keen on groomer same thing rub on nose and tye to coller

Sheryl Glover
18/04/19 Facebook
Amazing product but the last order I received was the old light coloured liquid ...still works but not as well as the new darker formula
Wouldn’t be without pet remedy with stressy Bengals x
Ricky James
17/04/19 Facebook

Recently purchased this to try out as my rabbits were having a hard time getting along after a long journey. this worked perfectly well at bonding my two rabbits Roman and Trudy over the last week! Trudy has found the Pet Remedy plugin very calming and I find she sleeps next to It a lot. Trudy had a vet appointment on Sunday and I was told she was pregnant and that babies would be here in 3-5 days! well the babies arrived just 2 days after! she had 3 little bunnies yesterday at 8:30am and has been very relax through the whole process thanks to Pet Remedy.

Mr. Dj Sleen
17/04/19 Amazon

Seems to work on the dog. Cant smell it myself

Amazon Customer
This stuff is amazing! I have two cats that don't get on....and I mean they hated eachother! They would tolerate eachother to a point but would end up fighting. After one of them became unwell and had to go back and forth to the vets that just made things worse. They would fight constantly to the point where I had to separate them. Once my male cat was better and I didn't need to worry about him getting injured I tried reintroducing them but it was not successful! Before pet remedy I had tried feliway normal diffusers and feliway friends and it made no difference at all and was really expensive. I tried the pet remedy diffusers as I had used the spray when my cat was unwell and it really settled him at the vets. Within a few days of the diffusers being in I noticed a massive difference in both their behaviours. My male cat had stopped stalking and chasing the female (he was the bully) and my female seemed a lot more chilled out. Within a week all doors were open and no fighting. Couldn't have asked for a better result! I even noticed the difference in their behaviour when it ran out as they started scrapping again, so I will keep buying! Bought the pet remedy spray which does work but I find the diffuser more effective as it circulates the full house. I have a diffuser on each floor and despite other reviews, you hardly notice the smell. Maybe only once in a while when you walk past the diffuser and even then it's very faint. The spray does smell quite strong in comparison. Either way I've got two happy chilled out cats and I will continue to buy this product. Thank you pet remedy!
Paula Quinn
16/04/19 Facebook

I have the plug in diffuser at home & it’s amazing for my greyhound. Keeps him calm and settled when I’m at work. I couldn’t manage without it 🙂

Pam Myers
15/04/19 Amazon

My dog seems so much calmer now

Kim Reynolds
11/04/19 Facebook

Giving the bandana a go to see if it helps reduce his anxiety when having physio/massage treatment..... Fingers crossed  🙂

10/04/19 Amazon

I recently purchased the Pet Remedy plug in and noticed a considerable calming effect on our young dog very quickly. It came with a free wipe to try, which I used today when she got into a bit of a barking fit - this seems to happen when she starts barking at a strange noise and then gets worked up about every subsequent noise and can't seem to stop barking, despite trying every method in the book to calm her down. Today this lasted about 20 minutes, and eventually I pulled her into a cuddle (still barking) and used the wipe gently over her muzzle, chin and chest. She stopped barking immediately and I watched her visibly relax and calm down. There was the occasional "ruff" after that but then she curled up in a ball and had a nap, seemingly forgetting about the noises outside. Can't believe how well this worked. Definitely ideal for intense situations like that where your pet can't seem to get themselves out of their anxious state. Will be purchasing some more for sure.

Dawn Nelson-Whitehead 09/04/19 Facebook

This horse had never been in a box and needed to go for an operation 10 miles away the pet remedy whips wiped on nose and tyed to head coller

04/04/19 Amazon

I have tried alot of things over the years for my dogs, these certainly work to help them chill alittle, would recommend

Amazon Customer

Used on my young dog and was delighted with the results. Stopped the chewing around the home within the first week of use. Recommended to a friend and it's worked it's magic on her dog too. Her dog was a barker and it's helped to settle the dog when on his own in the house. Highly recommended.

Jackie Latto
04/04/19 Amazon

My old dog gets anxious at time but this has stopped any of that! I tried collar but saw no real difference but since getting the diffuser he hasn’t displayed any anxiety.

K A Simms
03/04/19 Amazon

This was recommended by a friend to try on our pup who gets anxious in the car. It seems to have worked.

Amazon Customer

My 7 month old Bichon was very excitable and gets very anxious when I go out he would pee everywhere not now tho he is so chilled and has stopped peeing, it really does work instantly

Lincoln Lady
02/04/19 Amazon
I bought this to try having used feliway in the past. It works really well on our cat. He's so much calmer when this is plugged in. It works on the other half too, so that's a bonus 🙂
02/04/19 Amazon
Absolutely reeks occasionally but absolutely works. Stressed cat over grooming leading to bald patches, plugged this in, within a week patches were growing back. We can tell when it runs out as the over grooming starts again. Feliway had no effect so switched to this.
Gucci Lover
01/04/19 Amazon

This item was suggested by a friend so I checked the previous reviews and was somewhat sceptical as to whether it would work. We have 3 dogs who love each other to bits. However. have to say we are absolutely amazed in the difference of our dog, Meg. She is a Spanish rescue dog who was dumped at the side of a main road at 4 weeks old. We adopted her at 2 months old and is the most gentle and loving dog ever. She is now 16 months old, a fantastic dog UNTIL we leave her! The maximum we ever leave our dogs is 4 hours, and that’s after they’ve all had a 2 hour walk (off the lead) running and having fun.
Meg clearly suffers from severe separation anxiety and has previously ripped whole strips of wallpaper off the walls, ripped up a new stair carpet, totally destroyed a cage when we attempted crate training, chewed through skirting boards, curtains, tie backs, etc. We were at our wits end but rehoming her was never an option as she’s very much loved and part of the family. So, ordered this item and it is proving its worth every penny! First evening we went out for a meal to our local - we left her for 2 hrs and came back home to NO DAMAGE! I couldn’t believe it! We have since used the plug in on 5 evenings over the last 3 weeks and Meg hasn’t damaged or chewed anything!! We can now leave her for up to 4hrs without worrying about her getting stressed or destroying our home! If you’re dog suffers from separation anxiety I cannot recommend this highly enough. It has transformed our social lives and we have a much calmer dog!!

Mr James Grew
27/03/19 Amazon
calmed my cats down
Amazon Customer

This product really works. My poor dog suffers with car sickness and anxiety in the car and spraying this on the towel in the car and on the bandanner around his neck worked amazingly. No issues at all in a 2 hour car journey

Amazon Customer
Our 15 yr old cat had a fit andcit may have been caused by stress. She has been calm and happy since we brought this product
25/03/19 Amazon
Cats were jostling to get close to this as soon as it was plugged in and it appeared to settle them. They seen to love it. It is a bit smelly though.
23/03/19 Amazon
Our cats being little divas, fell out and things were pretty tense. I didn’t want to pay feliway prices so tried this instead and it definitely helped. Both cats did calm down after it had been on for an hour or so. As an aside, I can also recommend the wipes as we had one free with this and our cats were obsessed with it - rubbed it all over themselves and carried it around all day
20/03/19 Amazon

Bonfire night, and New Year both passed without any stress, much better for dogs and owners alike!

Amazon Customer

My 3 year old Yorkie would shake and pant uncontrollably all night long from just the sound of slight wind or rain, and fireworks, motorbikes etc would make it ten times worse. We have tried everything, even anxiety medication from the vets and nothing worked. Within the first couple of days of using this plug we noticed a huge improvement and now it’s like she is a different dog. If it is windy or rains, she will just curl up on the sofa beside you, no anxiety at all!! Worth every penny and will continue to order!

19/03/19 Amazon

Works well. Would recommend. Used for dogs, cats and parrots. Arrived quickly. Good price.

17/03/19 Amazon

Bought these as a replacement.
There was some tension between the dogs in the house.
They settled down within hours of plugging the diffuser in.

16/03/19 Amazon
Great set at good price (my vet recommended) cat brought for not used much of the products yet but handy to have if there is an issue.
16/03/19 Amazon

My dogs behaviour had suddenly changed after staying at a friend's whilst I was in hospital. My usual chilled, happy dog seemed hyper alert and was running to the front and rear door whining, refusing to go toilet in the garden and when resting he was shaking. I sprayed this product on his beds and within a day he was back to himself again. Such a relief!! People mention the smell of the product in the reviews. After an hour the smell disappears so please don't let this put you off.

Susan Bunchanan
16/03/18 Amazon

Smells nice and it’s used on our dog and hedgehog. Settles the dog for travelling. Definitely buy again.

16/03/19 Amazon

I love these plug ins they make my dogs calm

Amazon Customer

Bought this for our 5 month old indoor rabbit and it worked a treat from the moment it was plugged in. No more chewing the carpets from him either! He was relaxed and content from the get go after just a day!

Karen Bunny Ladhams
04/03/19 Facebook

We use your spray and wipes to keep bunnies and Guinea pigs relaxed on there holiday. Thank you for such a amazing product.

11/03/19 Amazon

It smells a bit weird to start with but it works wonders in keeping my jumpy house rabbit calm.

Jay Mallaney
11/03/19 Facebook

I thought I must share this with you guys at Pet Remedy.
If you remember we spoke about our new puppy not sleeping long at night 2-3 hours max and we spoke about different options.
We decided to go with the heat pad. We/I’m so happy we did as he slept a whole 6 hours. Woke at 5 for a wee then went right back in his cage until 8:30. !!
There’s either some kind of witchcraft going on or the heat pad is as good as you say it is !!
Thank you for a great product and a great nights sleep!

Sheryl Glover
11/03/19 Facebook
Wouldnt be without this amazing product
Bob Troup
10/03/19 Amazon

Does what it says on the packet. My Westie is a lot more sociable and calm when meeting strange dogs.

05/03/19 Amazon

We can’t live without this.
Bought it originally as a Last resort to help with severe separation anxiety. That was 8 years ago and we haven't looked back!
Not only does it work on my dog but I can tell when it's running out as my husband starts to get grumpy too!!
We keep ours plugged in all. The time and even take it on holiday with us if we're taking the dog.
Cannot recommend highly enough!!

Maggie Loughran
08/03/2019 Facebook

Have been using Pet Remedy plug in for nearly 2 years. I have a re-homer Clumber Spaniel who was very very stressed when he first came to us. Pet remedy has helped a lot to reduce the stress - leaving us with a delightful dog we can work with. We also use the spray on his neckerchief if going somewhere he finds a bit stressful.

Lille Abbot
08/03/2019 Facebook

Thank you pet remedy for helping me to calm my boy Lazarus down after someone ran over him with a trolley at Crufts, wipe down with Pet remedy and back at his bench with his sister and he is much happier 😁

Chris Rundle
08/03/19 Amazon

Does the job, calming the dogs

08/02/19 Amazon

This is a good calming spray I used it for one of my dogs who gets stressed out in my husband's car. She's fine in my car, I think its something to do with the noise of his exhaust system. The only draw back with this spray is the smell. I didn't like the smell of the spray. We used it several times for car journeys long and short, but the smell was rather strong to me. It works well and the dog responded well to it. I just had to take her bed out the car and wash her blanket each time.

Stephanie Dawkins
08/03/19 Amazon
Amazing, worked immediately. Both my cats and ferrets love it and my home is now a little calmer.
08/03/19 Amazon

Blissful house at last - Fantastic plug in. When u have 3 cats all fighting together. This plug in cured them within a week. They now live in harmony x x

Amazon Customer
Our cat was originally a stray that we rescued. He was okay indoors but not for long periods, since we moved he has had to stay inside and this little miracle made sure that we have had a smooth transition into our new home, and the cat has been brilliant. He has stayed very calm and is not scratching at doors or windows to try and get out like he would have before. So glad I purchased this!
05/03/19 Amazon

the dog r calm when we plug it in

04/03/19 Amazon
This works! Calmed down 2 very stressed mogs during a house move.
Tracey Dawn Evans-Ball
03/03/2019 Facebook

Theo my 18month collie gets a bit stressed with life at times but i have started using these de stress and calming wipes for when he is in the car.... you wipe it around their muzzle face and chest... he is SOOOO much calmer in the car its unreal... well worth a try. And they last for up to 6hours (meaning he isnt worked up when we get to work) they are eco friendly too made from viscose (similar to paper) so even better x

Jilly Rivers
2/3/19 Facebook
Mini Pin looks all sweet and innocent but she hates our handyman at work and goes mental at him!
I actually use your products for my Jack Russell that whinges but thought I’d give the bandana a go with Mini Pin one morning at work . . . .
She walked into the room where the handyman was and she totally ignored him and walked past him without a peep! She also barks a little when people come in to the office but in this day she was quieter 👍 xx
1/3/19 Amazon

This does help with anxiety in one of our dogs so recommend

28/2/19 Amazon

After trying many similar thing with no effect. I tried this after it was recommended to me by a dog behaviourist.
It has been very helpful for my dog, who is rather timid and does freak at various things when we are out so I spray it on a bandana attached to her collar. I also use the diffusers.

Cliente Amazon1
28/2/19 Amazon

Works less 24hr!!!!Every morning my Yorkshire wake up so angry....this morning he wake up calm and easy O.O Thanks !!!!

26/2/19 Amazon

I am never without this in my cupboard - it is absolutely amazing and really does calm my dogs down.

P J Cottrill
26/02/19 Amazon

Really helped calm my dog

Barry Mckenna
25/2/19 Amazon
My Cats absolutely love this product, arrived in good time too - highly recommended
25/2/19 Amazon
Ordered the atomiser and plug-in on the 14th of February and parcel arrived on the 20th of February for my stressed cats. I have noticed some improvement in my two females, they are calmer, not hissing so much and they do not hide that much from the kittens currently fostered at my place. For my 2 boys I did not see any difference so far, but I am still observing as effects may appear within some weeks
25/2/19 Amazon
Have been having issues recently with my cat and some anxiety issues. Have used feliway diffusers before but don’t notice much of a difference in his behaviour. Bought this as recommended by me vet. Sprayed a little on my fingertips and stroked the cat. You could see an instant change in his behaviour. More relaxed, purring away and now fast asleep! So impressed by this stuff.
Matthew Zoe Phillips
21/2/19 Facebook

Brought a bottle out to Pats Rescue Retreat in Spain and started using it on a little scared boy called Benji.
He was physically shaking at first, but several blankets sprayed with Pet Remedy and he allows us to smooth him.
I know he’s uncomfortable but we only have a week so working a little faster than I’d prefer but Pet Remedy works miracles!
If you could find it in your heart to donate some to the rescue it would be out to the best use ♥️

Amazon Customer
It does really work our dogs are more settled – Really works
Poobearspad Carol Kelly‎
12/2/19 Facebook

My very abused rescue dog who gets very stressed chilled out with her petremerdy bandaner on I will now be highly recommending this company to my customers
Thanks again guys

14/2/19 Amazon

This product does exactly what it says it does. Been using it for almost a week now and from day 1 our 3 year old beagle was significantly more relaxed than previously. We really wish we had tried it sooner. Obviously we don't know how it will last in the long term but we are really enjoying the peace we are getting at the moment.
We are not however using this in isolation - we are also making sure that we give her 2 good walks every day (and not just on some days). We are also trying to stick to more of a routine and give her lots of praise for the good behaviours and ignoring the bad when we can.
To be honest we had contacted Beagle Welfare with a view to rehoming her because of the issues we were having - we know that we have caused these issues over time but are now ready and able to address them - we are awaiting an appointment with a behaviourist too.
Please, please, please, if you are reading this - buy this product and recommence a training program NOW, before it gets too far. Our dogs deserve the best but we have to make an effort.
If this post makes a difference to any family then I am an extremely happy furbaby mum 🙂

Samantha Price
16/2/19 Facebook

I have 5 cats and 2 dogs . Within 10 minutes of plugging in this is what my ex Ferrell cat did , please see video in comments.I’ve spent the last 8 months at home due to my health I’ve just started leaving the dogs for the first time and they were trashing the house and pulling up the carpet . Our first week of using the plug in and they have been left for up to 2 hours and no problems, even calm when I return. I think I might be sending the dog cage back I ordered as there is no need for it now . I’m truly amazed.

mrs a goff
15/2/19 Amazon

I love this product. It seems to keep my 3 cats from fighting One of my cats is particularly nervous and used to be afraid of my huge male cat. Things have really calmed down now. ANDREA

Mikey’s Girl
11/2/19 Amazon
Calms my dog and cat down amazingly. There is a smell that comes from it when plugged in but it is bearable, it's not that strong. Never thought that it would work as well as it does. No need to buy 2 separate bottles at a much higher price. Will always buy this version while it's available.
Helen Roland
17/2/19 Viovet

Great plug in for cat tensions-This is the best plug in product I have found to help ease tensions between my 2 cats. I have one in the room they spend most time/sleep in, and another in the lounge. It has really helped reduce cat fights, and the subtle fragrance from the diffuser is pleasant to humans too. I'd recommend this to any cat owners with sick or troubled cats as it really does calm them down, without any druggy side effects.

Shelly Knowler
17/02/19 Facebook

Just a couple of sparys on a bandana every few hours quickly calms your dog. Smell is pleasant. Expensive but does last a while. Works great with the plug in pet remedy.

Goldie Horne
13/2/19 Amazon
Very Good For Calming Cats - Handy to have when your cats need calming.
Astrid Schuilenberg
10/2/19 Facebook
Such wonderful stuff, at the moment I don't need it, but I always keep some just in case, it has proved it's worth!!!
9/2/19 Amazon
Pet remedy is the best of its type out there; I’d tried several others but none of them work as well as this. I find the plug in useful as I don’t have to think about it; I can just totally forget about it and it does it’s job.
I rather like the initial smell, it fades fairly quickly but I still get an occasional burst as I pass by. I have seen a visible change in my dog when she’s in a room with Pet Remedy.
I very much like that it’s been proven to work on many animals; I think it has a calming effect on me too. It lasts weeks so it is quite economical.
Ian Featherstone‎
6/2/19 Facebook

Hi - I’ve been using the Pet Remedy spray on my dogs and it’s been brilliant.

This morning I met a dog owner with two very large standard poodles that were totally over excited and getting out of control. The owner mentioned he had tried tablets to calm them down and nothing worked.

Well I had one of the free sample sachets of the pet remedy in my pocket and asked if I could use it on his dogs, it almost instantly calmed the 20-month-old and had a very good effect on the 10-month-old.

I have directed him towards your website as he was very impressed with the outcome.

Just thought you may wish to know a real-life example of your product

Keep up the good work

Tracy Jefferson
5/2/19 Amazon

Really helps with my Staffy boy, especially bonfire time, highly recommend to try this product

Leanne Sharman
4/2/19 Facebook

Great product and worked a treat on both my dogs

Zoë mannion
3/2/19 Amazon

This product was amazing from the day I plugged it in! My Siberian husky would destroy the house whilst I was at work every day without fail regardless to what I left her to chew, eat or play with. I plugged this bad boy in and have come home every day since to not one thing touched and a happy girl asleep with the cat on the sofa. Even the cats more chilled and loving. I can smell it slightly but it’s a nice smell and not at all offensive. I would highly recommend trying this plug in.

2/2/19 Amazon

Brilliant my Sprocker now goes to boarding with a waggy tail

2/2/19 Amazon

Used before, who needs an air freshener when you can chill out the hounds AND change the doggy aroma!

Fiona Kane
2/2/19 Facebook

I use pet remedy for my African Grey only product that has ever helped him

Danielle Howens
28/2/19 Facebook

Great product really helped our rescue dog

Inez van Paassen
2/2/19 Facebook

I use it in my cat grooming salon and it works zo good ♥️

Tima Lund‎
2/2/19 Facebook

Today I went to microchip 2 young cats who were recently rescued.. I don't do many cats, so brought the Pet Remedy wipes with me. Wiped my hands before saying hi to cats. Got owner to wipe each cat with a wipe each...
Then we got down to business...
Chipping done; minimum of fuss from either cat... The fun bit was what happened next. Bear in mind I'd just jabbed a needle in each neck.. Neither cat ran off..they both went to table where the used wipes were lying...grabbed them and proceeded to roll around like it was catnip!! Instant happy chilled cats!! Wish I'd filmed it!! Owner ( dog and horse lady) was very very impressed!! Not with my stress busting cat treatment..no..it was all Pet Remedy....So another convert!!

Miss Sophia Squires
1/2/19 Amazon

omg I have tried everything with my border collie and it's not worked. This was delivered3 days early (wicked) and has been plugged in a hour. She has laid down with two of my other collies (never happens) I'm so impressed and going to order one for the downstairs. Thank You

Simon J
30/1/19 Amazon

Works wonders, you get the occasional smell from it but it’s totally worth it for all the good it does to both my cat & dog.

Joey Jones
29/1/19 Facebook

When my senior Rescue was diagnosed with Cushings he was often restless at night..Sleep deprivation nearly killed me. I bought the plug-in and despite it's slightly farmyard smell I was happy to have the product. Eventually my boy settled. I just use the spray now and then (on his bedding) when he is struggling with his condition-as I did last night and it worked a treat......Funny story..When I first used the plug in, my other little dog slept for about three days, so calm was she...

Deeside Angie
29/1/19 Amazon

Unlike another branded one on the market, this works 👌. The smell can be noticeable but it’s well worth it to have two happy moggies 😽😸.

Cora Orphant
27/1/19 Facebook

Pet remedy diffuser has helped my sugar gliders settle in and after their castration. Highly recommend pet remedy for exotics, works with my African Pygmy hedgehog too!

27/1/19 Facebook

It helps this softy!! Trust me I got him off gumtree nearly 2 years ago for 50 pounds he’s American bulldog Cross with Staffordshire bull terrier he’s scared of everything lol he’s amazing! But buying pet remedy plug I have told so many people about this plug and everyone came back to me and says it works! X

Sue Hales
27/1/19 Facebook

Use this all the time for my cat Jess Have done for ages and it works. The vet thinks she is part feral and was treated badly by former owners she still has her moments but is calmer and relaxed recommend this highly

Shereen Elizabeth Meanwell‎
26/1/19 Facebook
Wow what can I say until today never heard of pet remedy. We have just got a 6 month old kitten who is quite scared she has only been with us for 2 days so far but I got home sprayed this around the house and wow she came around the side of the chair where she's been hiding when we call her watching and listening for a fee minutes then going back behind but that is massive progress she wouldn't have done this even this morning will be buying more for sure and going to try it on my dog for walks who gets nervous around to her dogs thank you pet remedy xx this is Jess
26/1/19 Amazon

Used a well known brand & didn't see any difference in our cats behaviour. But with the help of Pet Remedy we have just moved a big stray Tom cat in with our already cranky cats with no problems at all 👍🏼
Dare I say they are now a big happy family

Amazon Customer

Great for anxiety in animals, dogs allot calmer highly recommend the plug inns

Twin Spirit
24/1/19 Amazon

Happy with purchase. Happy to recommend. Works well. Smells ok. Not horrid or overpowering

Alicat Ware
13/1/19 Facebook

Pet Remedy products are above and beyond all its competitors. we run a cat sanctuary and have 22 cats. Pet Remedy is the key to all our furries living in harmony.

23/1/19 Amazon

I got this spray for my coton de tulear 3 year old dog. He has had a couple of bad experiences with a groomer and a vet. He now has anxiety when being groomed and sometimes snarls and is a little aggressive. I read the reviews on this spray and decided to try it. Am I glad I did. I even bought a muzzle to use alongside it but I didn’t need it. From the moment I put a couple of sprays on his bandana and tied it round his neck he was completely calm. I never write reviews so I must feel strongly about this. I could clip his hair with clippers and he was like stunned and licked my hand when it went near his mouth. As soon as i finished I took bandana off and he jumped down and started playing with his toys! So no after effects either. I’m so happy. Thank you to the manufacturers.

23/1/19 Amazon

I was sceptical of these sprays, but a behaviourist suggested this for a dog with very noisy separation anxiety and this has helped. Sprayed on bedding and collar this spray has definitely made a difference to him being calmer and quieter. The smell is not as awful as some reviews suggest, its just a very herby scent.

Amazon Customer

Very good product for the money as works well to keep our dogs calm. Also, oddly works on me as well so I don't know what that says about me! We've been using this for about two years and are always impressed about how long each plug in lasts as we have it on all the time (roughly 3 months!). Thank you!

Charlotte del Rio
19/1/19 Facebook

112 Carlota Galgos is a sanctuary for the rescue and rehabilitation of the Galgo Español. They are similar to a greyhound. But not the same. Galgos are used in hunting hares and their traumas are high.
Our sanctuary takes in alot of hard fracture cases and which are traumas. Mentally spiritually. Many stay with us a long time. Many are victims of hanging. Beatings abandonment or dropping in wells.
I decided to try placing in each bay (as our galgos live in wooden bays not kennels. With heating and music and comfy beds) pet remedy sprays. It has helped immensly. Infact I am overwhelmed by the results and would be proud to recommend the product.

Margaret Maddocks
19/1/19 Facebook

Fantastic had to use today taking Bella (cat) to vets .normally she would.be drooling and poo herself .Nothing and so chilled at vets .xxx

Linda Fry

Perfect for my dog definitely helped with his anxiety of being left alone

12/1/19 Amazon

We use it in the car and it works well for both our dogs. They are much more relaxed and seem to bark less

Amazon Customer

Just plugged in on Friday, we are looking after our daughters yappy Yorkie, he misses his mistress and frets , he barks at everything and causes damage around the house.. he calmed down almost immediately when I used this product, we want a happy calm dog and this has definitely helped. Would highly recommend this product

12/1/19 Amazon

I’d read the reviews and was worried about the smell but we found we hardly noticed it. Both our dogs are more relaxed and seem less stressed. We will be buying again.

Amazon Customer

Easy to use, pleasant smell and it works on our three nervous rescue dogs, they’re calmer and more relaxed.

Clarissa Wolf
10/1/19 Amazon

Amazing really calmed my cat down during the firework season

Rush Jewitt
9/1/19 Facebook

I cannot believe how incredible this product is ! I have two young dogs who suffer from separation anxiety , especially at night when left alone. The effect of the plug in diffuser has been sensational - . Thank you so much. Even my cats who dislike each other intensely are now chilled in each other's company. Peace & harmony reign 😊

Liz Craddock
8/1/19 Amazon

Worth Getting - Worked on my 2 dogs

Miss Y Tumulka
8/1/19 Amazon

I've been buying these for a while and notice a difference in my dog when they run out. They are just as good as the more expensive version and I'm considering trying the wipes when he is in the car.

Karen Rodgers
7/1/19 Amazon

Fantastic product. We recently adopted a rescue dog and turned out she suffered with separation anxiety, this product calmed her very quickly. Although not the answer to our problems, but definitely a help to get us started with separation training

6/12/19 Pets At Home

I have multiple dogs/cats and although mainly fine they did used to have the odd squabble. This has stopped this behaviour. All but one of the dogs seem much calmer and all the cats are too. Also great for parrots and rescue Hedgehog. Much prefer it to Adaptil. It does have a bit of an odd odour but it's not unpleasant. Definiely worth a try.

5/1/19 Amazon

All in one kit - I have two golden retrievers. One is constantly hyper and anxious, the other seemed a bit depressed and has barking issues. They had resorted to being messy in the house. We have had this stuff a week now, from the very first day we noticed a difference. It has calmed them right down. We have only had one accident and our dog is barking a lot less. We are using the plug in and we spray the curtains. The dogs are listening to us more due to being in a more relaxed state. My husband refers to it as “ puppy dope”. I do notice that we do have to spray the curtains every couple of days to keep it’s full effects. We don’t notice the smell, perhaps due to having one of those release air freshener sprays. Highly recommend as long as you constantly spray with it.

5/1/19 Amazon

Great Stuff - Always have some of this in the house to keep our cat and dog calm. Works brilliantly.

Amazon Customer

Calmed my dog with the arrival of a new puppy. She was dribbling with stress but this kept her calm. Great for fireworks also.

Amy Gunson
1/1/19 Facebook

Last night I proved to my husband how well PR works! We always have it plugged in upstairs for the cats but last night when the fireworks started (approx 8.30pm!) My two usually quite chilled labs got anxious, they were pacing, salivating, vocalising and restless. I brought the plug-in down stairs and for good measures used a pump of the travel spray on their beds. Within 5 mins both were fast asleep and neither were bothered by the fireworks for the rest of the night despite them going off until 1am. 👏👏👏👍👍👍 He accepted it does work very well!!

Debbie James
31/12/18 Amazon

This is a great buy as my dog is really highly strung and gets anxious with a lot of loud sound. Especially when there are fireworks going off it calms him enough so he can sleep.

Claire Cayton
29/12/2018 Amazon

Great product worked at reducing my dogs fear of fireworks

Deb Hellyer
28/12/2018 Facebook

Used our new Pet Remedy plug in for Christmas Day, as all the family were here. Definitely noticed a vast improvement in our dog, she was pretty calm all day.

Lynzi Jones
27/12/2018 Facebook

I took my kitty to the vet today for his 3 monthly cardiology check-up. Whilst I was waiting there were 3 other pet owners discussing fireworks and their respective pets reactions. I immediately piped up about how great Pet Remedy is. 2 of the owners then bought the spray to try with their dogs. Which was great, except then the vets had ran out and I couldn't buy one for myself 🙈

Brian Jollands
21/12/18 Amazon

The product arrived 2 days early , I have a rescue cat she is very nervous but within half an hour she was relaxing in her basket and purring when we stroked her , good product , p&p a little bit expensive .

19/12/18 Amazon

We have a 15 week old puppy and she’s absolutely bonkers, of course! As she should be! But we also have a 9 week old kitten, (because my hair isn’t grey enough), so in a bid to calm the dog down so she can meet the kitten without scaring the life out of her, I bought this.
I have to say, she is instantly like a different dog. Someone on these reviews said it’s like the dogs’ true lovely personality can now shine through as it takes the edge off the more undesirable aspects of puppy behaviour. This could also be in line with us responding correctly to her behaviour and her learning very quickly that she mustn’t bite so hard, however I think it’s possibly a mixture of the two. She’s still a puppy, but so much more chilled out. I will be buying again.

K Owen
14/12/18 Amazon

Calms dog. Excellent price and delivery

Katie Manning
13/12/2018 Facebook

I tie these to my chihuahua's collar, they work wonders!

Veronica Childs
10/12/18 VioVet

My dog seems much calmer now, she is usually frightened of everything definitely seems to be working.

Amazon Customer

This seems to work. My two cats since the arrival of my grandson have been urinating on our beds and carpet . Since this has been plugged in - NO MESS!

Sarah Jane
9/12/18 Facebook

Fantastic product used daily in my salon as a spray , we've sold many to our customers. its a very useful helping hand in the salon . Pet Remedy are a lovely company to deal with and are extremely helpful. Thank you very much . Sarah .Dog Grooming by Sarah Market Drayton.

Christine Farley
9/12/18 Facebook

They are very good it certainly has helped our dogs when fireworks are going off still

Shelley Knowler
6/12/18 Amazon

Brilliant product,highly recommend, works quickly,calmed all my animals down and my young one dog has stopped howling at night. Wouldn't be without it now!

5/12/18 Amazon

We've had some good results with this spray. We used it for some rescue cats we've rehomed and there was a marked difference in before and after using the spray and matching plugin.

3/12/18 Amazon

Smells very earthy but calmed the cats down whilst a major decorating overhaul of the house is going on

Micky Carter
28/11/2018 Amazon

Finally, a pet calming product that works, I’ve tried a lot of others and had no success including the plug ins and drops to put in water and tablets and nothing has worked better than this has, when the fireworks were going off around the 5th November, we sprayed his bed with it and he stayed in his bed the whole night and not a whimper our of him, we had to keep checking him to check that he was alive still as he was so quiet!

Moira Quinn
28/11/2018 Facebook

Pet Remedy is the best. I've watched ferals rubbing themselves against the sprayed towels.

Ayrton Beatty
28/11/2018 Facebook

Pet remedy is great. My Alfie gets very anxious and I use it with him. He doesn’t hide as much when people to the house, and has even let one regular visitor cuddle him x

Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue
28/11/2018 Facebook

We would like to say a huge thank you to Gill from Pet Remedy for sending our ickle Zazu one of their heat pads & accessories to help us keep him warm in this cold weather.

As many people know we have used Pet Remedy since it first came on the market and comes highly recommended by Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue to help in a multitude of anxious animals, not just cats. We use it ourselves 24x7 at the rescue as well as in our shop Cat Care Centre Lochgelly from Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue where we often have samples to offer to customers pets in need.

Thank you so much Gill & Martin for the kindness you have shown the rescue over the years and your incredible generosity for little Zazu. 💖🐾🐈🐾💖

Adrian Uren-Holtum
27/11/18 Amazon

‘Does what it say’ Crumbs is a very highly strung Jack Russell so this has been a godsend

Nick Hart
27/11/2018 Amazon

Great Results - Our young cat would never calm down no matter what, this product has great results, she is so much calmer now.

26/11/2018 Amazon

I put this on every night for my 2 staffys so they can sleep calm

26/11/2018 Amazon

Feline Hyperesthsia Syndro - I don't normally write reviews for things I buy, but I definitely think this is worthwhile if anyone is in the same position as me with my pet cat.
My 7 year old male cat was diagnosed recently with feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, which there is not an awful lot known about. He is prescribed gabapentin to keep his episodes at bay and make them less distressing, however I was told by the neurologist that the condition never fully goes away.
When doing some research online on other ways I could improve his quality of life, one of the main suggestions coming up was to reduce stress. He is naturally a very anxious cat so this seemed like an impossible task.
I came across these plug ins while looking for inspiration and thought "well, can't do any harm" - and I'm so glad I bought them!
Along with his regular medication, the plug in has helped him so much and his episodes are much less frequent. He's a lot calmer and friendlier and it's really lovely to see.
A lot of people mention the smell, but personally I think it maybe goes on a product by product basis. Mine is in the kitchen as he spends a lot of time in there (his favourite bed is on top of the fridge) and sometimes I notice it and others I don't. I don't find the smell unpleasant, it's just sort of earthy? The valerian is the most obvious smell to me, which I recognise having tried rescue remedy(for people) on myself. Hard to explain, but certainly not offensive.
Would definitely recommend trying for anyone else who has a cat with this condition, or an anxious pet.

Jane Shiels
24/11/2018 Facebook

Already use the spray but bought a plug in as i was going away for a couple of days and although hubby was home with the dogs my male is a real mammy's boy, he wasn't brilliant but hubby said he didn't fret too much, ate his meals but wouldn't go for a walk but at least went in garden, he normally wont go out with any one except me

Mrs Christine Lee
23/11/2018 Amazon

I found this plug in helped to relax my dogs during the fireworks season. Whilst they still got distressed they weren’t anywhere as bad as in previous years. Have also found it stops my Bichon getting so anxious when I have to go out . I would definitely recommend this product.

Amazon Customer

Great Product - Love it ..my cat is so calm now.

Jill Whelan

Worked really well for our Cocker, who was having stress issues.

Highly recommend I use this for my 16 and a half year old Chihuahua and it works really well

Ashley Franklin
17/11/18 Amazon

Bought this to help with my Himalayan Dwarf bunny's aggressive behaviour.
I'd already ordered this plug in before asking for advice in various care groups and we have been using it for a few days now.
Its incredible.
Toby is back to being cuddly and affectionate with us, for the first time in months. We haven't tried him with other animals yet as it us still early days but it's made an absolute huge difference.
It was inexpensive and even came with a calming wipe to use if we need to transport him anywhere.
I'm so pleased Toby is feeling more relaxed and happy again.
I really would recommend this product to anybody who is struggling with aggressive behaviour or stressed out bunnies.

17/11/18 Amazon

Amazing Difference - I bought this in an attempt to stop our 1 year old cavapoo constantly barking (often whilst looking out the windows). I wasn’t expecting it to work but thought it was worth a try. Within half an hour of it being plugged in we noticed a difference and 24 hours later it’s like we have a different dog! She hasn’t barked unnecessarily and she’s been much more relaxed.

It does have a slight smell but not unpleasant and not very noticeable.

Hazel Prosser
17/11/18 Facebook

The old ingredients I'm afraid just made me feel sick, but since having the new plug in, not only is the omitted scent pleasant, it's greatly helped my cats. Thank you 🐱🐱🐱

Charlotte Boulton
15/11/2018 Facebook

Cant recommend highly enough. I've used atomiser for house bunnies and great for calming after neutering.
Wipes and spray used as convenient for cats dogs and bunnies vet trips (dogs also have the bandanas which are great)

Kim Mohan
17/11/18 Facebook

Just home from London Vet Show and picked up a Pet Remedy bandanna and spray for my anxious terrrier. All I can say is wow how chilled he is and happy too! Thank you!

Ms. J. F. Burrington
13/11/2018 Amazon

Have a very anxious breeding dog, spaniel, she's so sensitive to noise and fireworks scare her and send her under the bed. The vet recommended this and I thought it was a lot of mumbo jumbo but tried it and put it on...fireworks started and she fell asleep next to me! just couldn't have believed it but tried it the next night. The one night I was away at friends, we didn't' have it with us she started getting anxious, scratching the carpet trying to hide behind the tv. So its a must in my house and have recommended it to other pet owners. Better than adaptil....bought the spray as well, not tried that yet.

Emma-Liegh Quinn
13/11/18 Facebook

Thank you pet remedy for the fabulous donations for my charity Christmas dog show in aid of guide dogs. This is amazing. Having used your sprays for years with my own dogs I love that I now have the opportunity to show others how amazing your products are as well as raise money for a fabulous charity

Debbie Palmer
13/11/18 Facebook

Its brilliant really helped my dogs on the build up to bonfire night x

Wizz Fletcher
13/11/18 Facebook

House full of feral cats at Wizz Catz so love their products, especially the spray as it instantly calms them down! <3xx

Lauri Fox
12/11/18 Facebook

Thank heavens for Pet Remedy! I used the plug in for our 47 wild hedgehogs in care here at Caistor Hedgehog Care out in the hoggery on a very loud bonfire night and it kept them calm with no losses to stress! Thank you!!

Kirsty Lawman
12/11/17 Facebook

Would really recommend this product - it helped my dog with the fireworks and settled him very quickly

Tima Lund
12/11/18 Facebook

I'm using this on my girl who has just given birth, and her rear end needs daily washing...it makes the whole experience much calmer, and day by day she is disliking it less!! Fabulous

Tony Gomm
9/11/18 Facebook

Excellent product. Great customer service. Used to smell awful but not now. They listened to customers and sorted it. Would whole heartedly recommend.

Sam Dimond
9/11/18 Facebook

Diffuser has a great calming affect on my dog. Thankyou

Shonagh Staten
31/8/18 Facebook

Thanks to Pet Remedy for assisting with this little lady. This is Finnegan; she's around four months and was found in someone's garden. The finder (her current foster mum) has a boisterous boy, and the diffuser has been set up today to see if it helps calms things between the pair of them. Hopefully it'll work it's magic on her foster brother.

Kickboxer Carole
8/11/18 Facbook

Fab with fireworks my cats didn't stress hardly

Jane Austin
7/11/18 VioVet

I was very pleasantly surprised, because it was really good. My Jack Russell is literally petrified of fireworks. In past years she has needed prescription sedatives & has wet indoors through the night.
This year however, she was happy in her bed which was liberally sprayed with Pet Remedy Essential Calming Spray & placed in a dark corner behind my arm chair. She ate her meals normally & wasn't sick & she woke us up in the night to toilet ... I will definately be keeping a bottle of this stuff from now on.

7/11/18 Amazon

This was bought for my daughter's dog to help him cope with the bonfire night weekend.
It worked perfectly - whereas last year he was very agitated, this year he was calm and not phased by the continuous loud banging. Well worth the money

Paula Mitchell
6/11/2018 Amazon

After having an anxious pup last year with fireworks I thought I’d give this a go. Plugged it in late afternoon to start it working. Fireworks started a couple of hours later, telly turned up a few noitches.
Even though Flynn could hear them now and again it definitely was a more chilled out pup this year. Not so anxious and actually dozed through most of them, still aware but no pacing and shaking 👍

Paula Topping
6/11/2018 Facebook

Really pleased I picked a new Pet Remedy plug in at Luminos, not only was it Bonfire night my poor Boo, had spent 36 hours in the vets on a drip with pancreatitis and was home over night.

ShanTails Dog Grooming salon
5/11/2018 Facebook

Pet remedy has worked a treat on Toby!! He’s now fast asleep and relaxed !!! So glad!! ♥️♥️😊

ShanTails Dog Grooming
5/11/18 Facebook

Erin all settled now after using pet remedy! And so is the cat!! Xxxxx

JynxnJessie 5/11/18 Amazon
5/11/18 Amazon

Just great. Helped calm down our kitties on Bonfire night 🙂

Sarah Firth
5/11/18 Facebook

Many thanks for the help and advice you gave me at the National Pet Show in Birmingham yesterday. My 6 month old kitten, Ernie was not dealing well with his first exposure to fireworks. Within an hour of putting in the plug-in, last night, Ernie was much more relaxed and calm, sleeping through the fireworks which still were being let off late last night. He was so content that he fell asleep in his play box on top of his fleecy blanket. Many thanks. I will certainly recommend this product to other owners and top up my plug in as and when required.

ShanTails Dog Grooming
5/11/18 Facebook

Erin all settled now after using pet remedy! And so is the cat!! Xxxxx

Tracey Alstrom
4/11/18 VioVet

This is really good! I admit i wasn't sure it would work but has helped my dog with this years fireworks! She is terrified of them and thus helps her to relax, its not a cure but has really helped her, instead of her wondering around panting she lays in one place for a while at a time!.she is not so stressed at all, im really pleased with this, it has really helped! Its not a cure from being scared but helps!..AAA++

Sarah Lewis
4/11/18 Facebook

To Gill & Pet Remedy Staff,
So every year Ben’s fireworks phobia has gotten worse & worse to the point he paces up and down, crying & whining but more disturbingly as he’s trying to get away from the noise he jumped out of the bedroom window last year and this year the window is shut and the bedroom locked so he can’t get out that way although he just head buts the front door, which is very distressing as you can imagine. I’ve tried in the past calming tablets, calming liquid you add to the dog food, adaptil plug in and spray and getting Ben a thundercoat to wear. So this year knowing I had to try anything and everything no matter the cost I came across You... PET REMEDY who were selling a kit comprising of pet wipes, 200 ml spray, plug in, 15ml spray ( for when your out n about ) the set was £36.00 I was willing to try anything so when the kit arrived I was armed n ready!
Saturday there were firework displays going on so I used a wipe and some spray and Ben was a different dog yes he was slightly agitated but he laid at my feet and that’s where he stayed for the 4 Hours it was going on. If I moved then Ben got up and followed me so closely I almost fell over him a few times but as soon as I sat back down so did Ben .... I don’t know what is in the make up of ingredients but THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH PET REMEDY I know where I’ll be getting more in the future and recommending it to all my doggy mates who go through the same.

Pic 1, Ben with his pet remedy kit, 4 pics of the start of Ben getting agitated in the first 5 minutes of fireworks, then after Ben using his pet remedy spray & wipe just laying next to the sofa for 4 hours. Thank you

4/11/18 Amazon

I thought I had tried everything for my extremely nervous dog who shakes so much at fireworks, storms etc but I tried this and the bandana with the calming spray and what a change in her! Yes she still shakes at the extremely loud fireworks but she now stops as soon as the fireworks stop as before she would be in a terrible state for at least 30-45 mins after they had finished! The last couple of nights she has just been so relaxed and stayed with me the whole time rather than going off to hide! I know every dog is different and it might not work for your dog but give it a go. I’m glad I did!

Georgina Abigail Mandeville Keen
4/11/18 Facebook

100% recommend pet remerdy. it has worked so well for my dog who is terrified of hiccups fireworks and the like sound on Facebook.... my cat also love it

Ingrid Thompson
2/1/18 Facebook

I can vouch for the Pet Remedy calming spray. It seems to work really well on cats

Victoria Wright
1/11/18 Amazon

I plugged this in when I got it and almost immediately our dog seemed calmer. He is not so stressed when we leave the house to pop out now. The smell seemed fairly strong when first plugged in but I don't even notice it now and didn't after about an hour of having it. Will definitely keep buying this.

Emma McKeaveney
31/10/18 Facebook

I got one of these on Saturday at the supreme cat show. With on hours of plugging it in at home I noticed a difference in my cats they was very relaxed. They didn't really notice the fireworks going off out side. To anyone thinking about buying one it's MUST!

31/10/18 Amazon

The smell of this is lovely, not overpowering or chemical smelling like so many diffusers are. I have noticed it has had some calming effect on my cats but it is being used in a large area so clearly the effect will be limited and is certainly better than other calming diffusers I have tried previously. I will continue using this product by purchasing refills because I would miss that gentle background aroma if it wasn’t there. I have absolutely no negative comment to make about this diffuser.

30/10/18 Amazon

Only had this for just over an hour. And my dog has gone from a shaking wreck (she literally sits and shakes all day long) to calm and playful. Tried lots of different things but none have worked except this. Haven't tried walking her yet but happy with how it's helping in the house. Started working in about 30mins. Two spays on bandana. Hoping it will help with fireworks and walking her as she is terrified of the outside world, loud noises, children, men, big dogs, fast moving objects, balloons, anything loud that's moves that's big lol and she's only small so most things are bigger than her. Serene um calm she's been on for a week and no improvement. So very happy with this.

Julie Cusack
29/10/18 Facebook

I have 3 Pet Remedy diffusers around the house. This wee girl always lets me know when it’s time to put in new refills and she instantly becomes a little angel again, much to the relief of her big sister. Big thumbs up to Pet Remedy.

27/10/18 Amazon

For years I have used felliway. I wasn’t sure if it worked. Tried this one because it says it’s natural, it seems to work with our four cats so I will use this make in future.

26/10/18 Amazon

I was concerned about firework season this year as I have four gorgeous dogs, three of which are rescue dogs. My boy is highly strung, temperamental and grumpy and I’ve tried calming stuff in the past to no avail. I
honestly was really sceptical about diffusers, and I was worried they wouldn’t affect my dogs. I have a 7 month old pup who is petrified of loud noises especially fireworks. I honestly can say this worked almost instantly for my four. They settled down, and loud noises didn’t startle them, infact they stayed asleep and we jumped!! They seem much calmer now, and didn’t even flinch when a firework went off!
There is a bit of a smell, reminds me of the plug in mosquito repellents but you get used to it and forget it’s there. It uses little electric (have a smart meter) and Is easy to assemble. I would recommend this to anyone with animals, especially around firework season.


This has really calmed my cat. She no longer over preens herself and no longer runs away.

Daphne Hall
25/10/18 Facebook

Seems to help one of my Border Collies relax when going to bed, when she was always anxious this does not seem to be the case now

Carol Ashworth
18/10/18 Facebook

Great as a calming aid with our rescue dogs.

Hecate Trivia
18/10/18 Facebook

Have been using Pet Remedy for a couple of years & it's brilliant! Works better than anything else for my cats & also helps me to relax
Martyn couldn't have been more helpful - thank you for sorting the new atomiser

Karen Kattery
18/10/18 Facebook

Our cat Tiffany was extremely distressed when we bought our new puppy Cooper in to the home. Tiffany disappeared for 18 hours and refused to come back in the house. We tried various different things to calm her but nothing worked. A relative suggested we try pet remedy, it was a instant success. Tiffany loved the plugin purring and rolling around next to it whilst the puppy watched her! We also used the spray and wipes. Tiffy is happy to be around Cooper now, even next to him on the floor, which was a definite no, no. I can’t recommend these products enough. I have a happy house again

Christine Bland
16/10/18 Facebook

Fantastic stuff really works for my whippets was sceptical but so happy I started using it

15/10/18 Amazon

I think pet remedy is fab it’s helped my dog greatly, I would definitely recommend to others. One very happy customer and my dog is very happy too. Thank you

Debs B
15/10/118 Amazon

Seems to be working well - will find out when fireworks really start but bought it early to hopefully help prior to all the noise.
Dog seems a lot calmer and happier in herself.

David Clover
10/10/18 Amazon

Nice to have a product with natural remedies and no toxicity problems. Worked really well for a household with 5 cats. Very pleased with the purchase and as I write this review a couple of months after purchase, I can say that I have now bought the refills too. Thank you Pet Remedy.

9/10/18 Amazon

The smell is far less offensive than the dog's farts. The spray itself seems to have worked. I no longer have "I'd rather cower in my basket and feel pathetic than go outside and play because my dad isn't home for another few months". I spray a little on my hands and gently massage it around his head, leave him 5 minutes, and he (the dog, not the husband) comes prancing around me asking to go outside and play with his equally huge brother. No hesitation to recommend this (not least because it's cheaper than the other brands).

Dilys Barr
8/10/18 Amazon

Brilliant has really made a difference to our cat who has big anxiety issues

Kickboxer Carol
6/10/18 Facebook

All these products are great I use all of them for my stressed out cat he's gone from pulling his fur out literally to being contented again I'd recommend them all

S. Wheler
1/10/18 Amazon

Since installing this product my Jack Russell dogs have been calmer when balloons fly overhead. Will wait to see what happens on bonfire night this year!

Jo Titman
1/10/1/18 Facebook

My two adorable gremlins enjoying the sunshine. Both rescues had the one at the back 4 years now now age 9 and newbie 18 months in the front who arrived last weekend after my boy sadly losing his friend a couple of months ago. Both settling in to the changes brilliantly with the help of pet remedy, thank you.

Esther Froy
1/10/18 Facebook

This stuff is brilliant i use it for 3 of my staffs as they hate fireworks i rub the pet remedy wipe under there chins and over there body also use the spray and plug ins too helps alot for fireworks

Charlotte Freeman
28/9/18 Facebook

Don't think we'd get threw bonfire night with are cat without PR !

Joe Hamilton
28/9/18 Amazon

We think this has helped one of our cats quite a lot who is constantly stressed and on edge. He seems a lot more relaxed and less anxious. At the beginning we used to have it on for long periods of time and move it from room to room. He became noticably more relaxed over the few weeks and has now reached a point where we no longer really use it unless we have friends or family around as he hides under the bed, we turn it on and a few hours later he often will come out. The only problem is that it does really smell of stinky feet. It’s not unbearable and doesn’t make the whole house smell but it is quite strong and will stink out a small room. Once it’s turned off the smell does go quite quickly. For us, the bad smell is worth having a happier cat

Amazon Customer
26/9/18 Amazon

Really calms my anxious dog
First time we plugged it in, he slept next to it for hours and was so calm and relaxed.

Diane McMilan
24/9/18 Amazon

I rescue shih tzus & this is a god send for nervous little dogs it definitely has a calming effect.

Gill Andrew
23/9/18 Facebook

These are our pigs,the little brown one is Kevin. He’s a rescue piggy who arrived 2 weeks ago All the changes he’s had in the last 9 months have made him a bit snappy. After spraying his hut and surroundings with Pet Remedy spray we can definitely see a difference in him today. He’s a lot calmer and seems to be settling down with his new friends Peppa,Hattie & Babs!

Debbie Mitchell
23/9/18 Facebook

I have been using this for my Welsh collie for the couple of yrs. When there's thunder & bonfire. New year's eve. It's great. I can even put it on my sofa ( that's where she goes when she's scared) & it doesn't stain it. It really calms her so much she goes to sleep. Wouldn't use anything else.

Sarah M Collins
23/9/18 Amazon

Found the smell to be quite overpowering for the first few weeks but I don’t notice it at all now. It seems to be helping my cat more now, four or five weeks in. She’s eating better when am out and not waiting at the door every time I come home so ordered refills, She keeps getting better with it

Helene Louise Lave r
23/9/18 Facebook

Our cat Tiffany was extremely distressed when we bought our new puppy Cooper in to the home. Tiffany disappeared for 18 hours and refused to come back in the house. We tried various different things to calm her but nothing worked. A relative suggested we try pet remedy, it was a instant success. Tiffany loved the plugin purring and rolling around next to it whilst the puppy watched her! We also used the spray and wipes. Tiffy is happy to be around Cooper now, even next to him on the floor, which was a definite no, no. I can’t recommend these products enough. I have a happy house again

Taylor T 95
18/9/18 Amazon

Absolute live saver. I have a saint Bernard who decided he would try and eat the walls every time we left him. I bought my first one of these in 2015 and buy the refills about once every 4 months. I have only just had to replace the actual plug socket which for me was amazing as it is always switched on. This is well worth the money

Claire Brimble
15/9/18 Facebook

William who is one of the many bunnies I care for in my rescue recently had an operation on his ear. He wants to say thank you Pet Remedy for the sample box yousent as it helped him on his journey to and from the vets and at home while he recovers, we will be highly recommending your products to all adopters x

Sara Barton
14/9/18 Amazon

Have brought several, seems to work well, we have 11 indoor Cats, and 4 Dogs. All act so much calmer. Can tell when need to replace chemical.
Price is very reasonable compared to other brands, and works for a variety of animals, not just ‘Cats’ or ‘Dogs ‘ like other makes.

Mike Taff McAuliffe
12/9/18 Facebook

I use this for my stressy staffy and can endorse it. Works wonders for her.

Louise M
7/9/18 Amazon

Seems effective. I spray a little inside my puppie's blanket which covers his crate, to help him settle.

Miss Tara A Crocker
5/9/18 Amazon

My cat had to have stitches the other day and has been confined to one room. I bought him home some wipes and he immediately started dribbling and loving life! Will be recommending pet remedy to all our clients at our dog grooming salon!

Rosie Miles
5/9/18 VioVet

I got a new tall boyfriend heavy on his feet.tge cats used to run&hide while he was here but the calming atomiser an hour or 2 before he arrived then while he was here, calmed them beautifully.

Kitty Chaloner
3/9/18 Facebook

My cat had to have stitches the other day and has been confined to one room. I bought him home some wipes and he immediately started dribbling and loving life! Will be recommending pet remedy to all our clients at our dog grooming salon!

Lisa W
2/9/18 Amazon

This has been a god send, my dog had a trip to the vets for dental work, last time he was fine after surgery but this time he wouldn't settle in his crate at night and hated being in the dark, this product was recommended to me and after reading other reviews, I decided to give it a try, Its worked wonders, a couple of sprays before we close his crate at night and he settles much quicker, last night we even managed to switch the light off! 😁 Happier dog and even happier owners x

Anna's Cat Feeding Service
31/8/18 Facebook

I love this product! Pet Remedy is something I always use on my visits, especially with the slightly worried cats. I also see in practice how this product can often have a very calming effect on cats. I use the spray but it comes in a plug-in diffuser and handy wipes too.

Shonagh Staten
30/8/18 Facebook

I've been using Pet Remedy in my own multicat household for a number of years now, and it is absolutely one of the reasons the cats co exist so well together. Can't recommend it enough.

Casey Jo Thompson
29/8/18 Facebook

Best ever product for de stressing your dog I love it and use it for so many different things ! Can’t recommend it enough

Mick Moore
26/8/18 Amazon

Soon got use to the smell and our dog has settled down

26/8/18 Amazon

Two sprays on my dog's bandana was enough to calm him considerably. He was so stressed with a skin complaint on his neck and back but this really helped.

Meg Richards
25/8/18 Facebook

I have an extremely nervous cat who reacted to our new puppy by spraying on the carpets. We tried other plug ins but pet remedy has made such a difference - he actually sits next to the plug! And no more spraying! So lovely to see him relaxed again!

Julie Michaels
23/08/18 Facebook

I am a dog groomer and have used these products just recently..unbelievable..the power of calm..

Amity Pet Care
21/8/18 Facebook

To the average person, this will look like a really boring photo, however, I wanted to document this, as this is one of the first times I've ever seen this girl eat from a bowl! She has lots of issues around eating enough food, lots of allergies, and normally has to go out on a walk to eat her meals, and even then often refuses. She also has to have treats for lunch and throughout the day to stop her from vomiting bile.

I did mix in some of her treats in, and we use and stock Pet Remedy products to help the animals to be calm and relaxed, and do as much as we can to support each individual animal, but I'm pretty mind blown that she are everything bar about 5 biscuits (she was full up)! Hopefully this is a major step in the right direction!

Jane Hamilton
18/8/18 Facebook

I bought a heat pad to keep newborn puppies warm.
It's a high quality product which performs really well.
The fact that you can detach the power cord make it really easy to fit between the bars of a puppy pen.
The last pad I had didn't have that which was quite annoying!
Fabulous customer service. Really recommend!

Moorland Paws
16/8/18 Facebook

It works though. I use it to help my doggy customers relax when they are being groomed. It is worth it for sure.

David Pillsworth
15/8/18 Viovet

It appears to have helped our two cats and may it continue. We will certainly be ordering more as required, shame it doesn't have a better aroma for human nostrils.

For the first time we was able to take our dog on a 30 min car ride without her been sick. Very happy

Irene Moore
13/8/18 Facebook

My dogs been shaking and trying to scrape walls and escape didn't know what was wrong with him.PDSA couldn't give him anything, now after 24hours using pet remendy spray he's back to himself, amazing product recommend it to everyone who has a pet


13/8/18 Facebook

Smell not too offensive and my cat seems to be Chilled around this

Lizzie Yeliab
11/8/18 Facebook

This really helped my old dog with dementia and is now helping the other dogs now he has passed recently.

Sonia Smart
9/8/18 Facebook

I have 50 cats, all rescued. There are skirmishes, specially since we are in the middle of the moonsoons, so the cats are pretty much indoors all the time. I sprayed Pet Remedy in trouble making spots around the house. And I must say there was peace. So thank you.

9/8/18 Amazon

Following one of my cats moving out and living on the wall due to fighting with the others I had to try something. My mum told me about the spray so thought I would give the spray and plug in a try. I was massively impressed within a couple of hours all the cats were in one room and not a single hiss has been heard since. The cats all seem more relaxed and actually like each other again.

Lakshmi G
8/8/18 Facebook

Three tiny bottle-fed rescue kittens in India got to spend their first night ever on a heated pad last night.

Thank-you Pet Remedy for the heated pads, fleecy covers, calming wipes and calming sprays which have now completed their journey of over 7000km to reach the 60+ rescue cats and kittens at Cat Sanctuary Goa in India.

The small, the sick, the weak, and the post-op cats will benefit hugely. Their carers will have more time to focus on feeding, cleaning and giving treatments, rather than constantly filling and refilling hot water bottles. The terrified cats and dumped kittens that they rescue from the streets will be calmed more easily with the scents.

A big thank-you from me, and from Sonia and her CSG team - and from the kitties of course!


Tamsin Liesel Fletcher-Salt
6/8/18 Facebook

The first time in about 6 months our female cat has slept in the house. We're not sure what occurred but she has only been coming back every 2 or 3 days for food. Since using Pet Remedy for only 48 hours she is coming into the house and relaxing again

Justine Allen
3/8/18 Facebook

This is Pippa the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel trying the Pet Remedy shampoo system. It worked incredibly well, not only was she relaxed throughout her groom but her coat was left in beautiful condition.

Tara Louise Markham (Mrs
2/8/18 Amazon

Seems to work, not tested with fireworks yet just thunder. My x Jack Russell is definitely calmer

Amazon Customer
26/7/18 Amazon

Helps when we have to go out in the cat box😻

Melanie Lynch
24/7/18 Viovet

My dog was howling when I left her but she stopped when we started using the calming plug in. She's much calmer too.

24/7/18 Amazon

Love this item. Calms down both cats and dogs. Easy to use and great refill.

23/7/18 Email

Dear Pet Remedy


I’ve just been made aware of your product and I’m already a fan. As a danish rabbit expert I would like to help other rabbit owners become aware of your product, which could benefit a lot of rabbits.



I have a bonded pair of neutered rabbits.


They have been living together without any problems for 4 years. I sometimes takes rescue rabbits in and get them spayed/neutered, vaccinated and healthy.


Two days ago I took in a male rabbit, who isn’t neutered. My male rabbit reacts immediately and this has always been a problem. They aren’t in the same room, but the smell is enough for him. My rabbits started fighting, pulling fur and chasing each other like I’ve never seen before. I thought about the bottle of Pet Remedy I’ve been given by a friend and thought it couldn’t hurt.


Honestly not believing it would help. Not even 1 minute after spraying my rabbit calmed down. I’ve never experienced anything like that before!


They had been fighting for almost 24 hours and with a few sprays they were friends again and haven’t been acting up since!


I need to tell people about your product! Oh and I also need to buy a lot of your products since it’s only a small 15 ml bottle.


Thank you so much!


Sincerely Mai-Britt

Pets Global
23/7/18 Facebook

Ayra the gorgeous Main Coon in for grooming today Totally chilled out and fell asleep on the table! All thanks to the use of Pet Remedy

Andrew Hill
20/7/18 Amazon

I was so very, very skeptical over this product but felt that we had no alternative but to try it.

Our 4 year old cat had started peeing on the livingroom rug, bedroom carpet, bottom step of the stairs and on the kid's wooden train tracks. We could not work out what was worrying or stressing her and she did not have a urine infection. In addition she was hiding from us and we would also find large clumps of fur lying about that she had pulled out.

We bought this and gave it a spray round the areas where she normally sleeps, where she had been peeing and where we were finding the clumps of hair.

Do not get me wrong - this stuff stinks worse than many of the things I have smelled in my live (it kind of smells like a huge, wet, muddy dog) and after spraying it round I started to regret even having bought it. The smell doesn't linger for too long though.

Within about 30 mins we noticed that our cat was spending quite a bit of time sniffing about where we had been spraying this stuff. I was convinced that she was about to squat down and pee, but she didn't. A little while later she came up beside me and snugged in. She has stopped peeing on the carpet and is much more affectionate.

We found our other cat sprawled out on the sprayed area in a drunken stupor.

I am not sure that this stuff will work for everyone's cat, and we still don't know what was causing our cat to do what she was doing, but she isn't doing it any more.

Susan Bell
18/7/18 Facebook

Just purchased your Pet Remedy plug in, dogs are well chilled thank you. On the down side, I am really sleepy is that normal?

Denise Francis Wint
16/7/18 Viovet

Effective, purchased this as my vet had sold me the small one to help with a puppy with separation anxiety found the larger spray on Viovet worked out more cost effective

Maddi O’Neil
15/7/18 Amazon

Has really helped to relax one of my dogs who suddenly became anxious of being in the kitchen. Have also used the spray but prefer the diffuser.

Nicola Speke
13/7/18 Facebook

This is Pudd's my 10mth old foster kitten who I'm fostering for Rotherham Rescue Rangers, Pudd's requires on going treatment at the vets. On each vet visit Pudd's has hissed and been very difficult to handle despite trying lots of distraction techniques. Today I wiped her with a pet remedy wipe before going into the vets and during consultation and Pudd's was so much more settled and easy to handle. Fantastic result and will be using these on each visit x

12/7/18 Amazon

My cats love it .
They really enjoy every single time .
When they get too stressed I'm just using on them and they calm down and enjoy.
Brilliant .

Pets Global
10/7/18 Facebook

Maya fell into our grooming salon by mistake having previously gone to another groomer. She had to begin with a severe fear and intolerance of the dryer to the point she would vocalise and attack it as her defence mechanism.

Numerous de-sensitising sessions later and we are now able to fully groom her which is a miracle. This is down to Jillian’s perseverance, commitment and determination to help Maya overcome her fear and Jill our groomers patience, understanding and compassion.

The result speaks for itself. Maya went out the door today half sleeping and totally chilled with the help of Pet Remedy shampoo and leave in conditioner

Sue Williamson
5/7/18 Facebook

I have been using Pet Remedy in my grooming salon over the last couple of weeks. The difference in the anxiety levels of the dogs is amazing. A brilliant addition to the salon. I ordered a starter kit on Monday to sell products myself, it was delivered yesterday. Brilliant services as well

Mai-Britt Edvart Nielsen
2/7/18 Facebook

I tried the spray on my bonded pair of rabbits a couple of weeks ago. They have been living together for 4 years, but due to a not neutered male rabbit staying here for a week, they started chasing each other, pulling fur and acting up like I’ve never seen before.
A friend gave me the spray a few months ago, but I hadn’t used it. Just three puffs in the kitchen and they were calm almost immediately! Honestly never experienced anything like it before.
Tomorrow we are visiting the vet for their regular health checks and vaccinations and I’m definitely going to spray some in their carrier

1/7/18 Amazon

We used another well known product on 3 different cats who have lived with us over the years, on the advice of our vet. One cat actually sprayed the diffuser and the other 2 cats it did nothing for them. This time we have 2 rescue cats who are on their 4th home. One was highly strung and terrified and the other was marking on curtains and carpets. The vet even had to anaesthetise one of them to check them out before we were given them. We even hired a Pet Psychologist to help them. That helped a bit but we still had problems. Last year our vet recommended and used Pet Remedy in the surgery and what a difference. The cats became more settled and peaceful and we could not believe how good the remedy spray was. The cats were also became stressing out when we went away on holiday. We now use plug ins when we go away and that keeps the cats settled. We have now had these cats for 4 years and because of Pet Remedy they have a better, less stressed life. No more wet curtains!

Amazon Fanatic
1/7/18 Amazon

Definitely works.

I have 3 cats (2 females and one male). The male is now 10 and since he was born has been a very soppy cat, very attention-craving and suffers with separation anxiety, seriously! He has got worse with age. As of late he has been peeing on the beds (AGGGGGGGGGGGGH!) and then developed a urinary tract issue (very expensive vet bill and a Veterinary diet). I work at the vets and saw this, but I bought this on Amazon as it is a lot cheaper - I also have the spray.

Since using this diffuser and the spray to occasionally spray areas, and the cat, he has calmed considerably - it's almost as though he is constantly stoned, yet still his lovable, talkative self 😉

It does have a strong whiff (especially the spray) but that's Valarium, and as it's a natural herb (not a chemical smell, which I hate) I can deal with it. The main thing is he is less stressed, as any stress brings on his issue. We recently had a new door chain (fly chain) fitted, and this is what started his recent episode of urinating in the house as he was stressed, hence developed the urinary problem. He has been petrified of going through the chain, whereas the others do with no problem. This has enabled him to be less scared of the chain and anything else that would normally stress him out. The smell is really not that bad, you get used to it, and we only occasionally catch a whiff.

Julie Lynne
29/6/18 Amazon

Very effective. Helped a lot for two upset cats. Would buy again.

Lakshmi G
27/6/18 Facebook

One of my 4 rescue cats from India, now living in Bulgaria with me, on one of his many Pet Remedy heated pads. These heated pads are very important to my cats, particularly for this ginger cat, Mango, as he only has one lung. When he gets tired he knows he always has a warm place to sleep.

Angelica Herra-Pertopoulou
26/6/18 Facebook

Samantha feels quite happy lying on Zoro’s (the dog) body wrap, which was earlier sprayed with pet remedy, due to summer thunderstorms in Greece!

24/6/18 Amazon

Works very well from my sometimes highly strung husky.

Natasha Underdown
20/6/18 Facebook

Pet Remedy has been an absolute godsend for me over the last 5 weeks, my horse had a fall in her field at the end of April resulting in her having to be stabled 24/7 for the last 5 weeks. She’s usually extremely highly strung and in all honesty the thought of having to keep her in for that long was daunting, however I bought a bottle of the pet remedy spray from my local pets corner and it has worked wonders! It’s an absolutely amazing natural product that I would defiantly recommend to everybody!
See below my previously scatty, stroppy and sometimes aggressive mare who is now a very relax happy girl!
I can’t recommend pet remedy enough!!

Angelica Herra-Petropoulou
17/6/18 Facebook


My little helper in cat rescue is the pet remedy spray !!
I spray on the cloth in the cage and the cat stops "miaow"ing and relaxes until we get to the vet for neutering!!

15/6/18 Amazon

Brilliant, I just wish I had known about this years ago. My dog is terrified of fireworks & loud bangs. This spray helps him to cope with it a lot better.

Christine Cook
14/6/18 Facebook

poor lexie lost her beloved Leo last year and pined. Having got a kitten after 5 months she wasn't having THAT, thankyou very much! We got a plugin...and hoped! We hadn't allowed for the fact that a middle aged cat might not want a 3 month old Billy Whizz in the house demanding constant attention and 6 hour playtimes! Pet remedy took the edge off all the angst...and they are now BESTEST FRIENDS !

13/6/17 Amazon

This stuff definitely works. Tried Adaptil first time round. It's very expensive in comparison to Pet Remedy and is man-made. Pet Remedy is natural and so much more affordable. True - it stinks for the first couple of days but that wears off and you don't notice it. Takes affect on nervous dogs immediately and has no negative side effects. My dog is an extremely nervous boy and this is the first time he has been chilled out. Would definitely recommend.

Rebecca Cheng
13/6/18 Amazon

Brilliant product, I always have Pet Remedy plug ins around the house and my cats love it. Fireworks, loud noises, thunder, not a problem

13/6/18 Amazon

This is wonderful for my cats, I was recommend this by the cat rescue scocirty that I received my kitts from and they used it to calm the cats they rescued. It seemed to work well for them and helps my cats be less anxious. My kittens were initially federal , so very apprehensive but this intally helped them feel safer at home and I have confined to use it for the last year, espcaoly when I’m away .
I recommend it to other people too and my friends have had great success with their pets too.
I previously used feliway and it really don’t work .
The only thing with this Is it has a very distinctive smell , like old socks that my partner hates. Personally I don’t car as if the cats are calm then that all that matters , and I notice they are more anxious without it . However I just admit the smell is inisally not pleasant for us humans !

Barbara Lee
8/6/18 Facebook

Really great product. ...use at work for all our worried patients of all species. Try the new wipes that can be used directly on your pets x

Lorraine Stewart
6/6/18 Facebook

We started using pet remedy 6 weeks ago for our 1 year old basset x beagle who used to bark and howl everytime we left the house. We use the spray and bandana every morning and its calmed him down so much and no more barking! Couldn't recommended this product more

Tima Lund
4/6/18 Facebook

FIRST ENCOUNTER with the new 3 step grooming product.
I am not a groomer; but have a cocker spaniel girl with 2 week old pups. Daily washing of rear end and feathers are needed in the first few weeks after giving birth. The new mummy dog doesn't like being away from her pups and stands at door of shower and is impatient to get back to them. Yesterday, a warm summer day, I thought I'd give her a full wash using the new 3 stage products. You can't see the difference much in myphotos, but the softness and shine afterwards is very noticeable. HOWEVER, as a trainer mainly interested in the welfare of my dogs I noticed that the bathing experience was noticeable nicer for Zola, she stood calmly in shower, not trying to rush off back to her pups. So, once again, thumbs up to Pet Remedy for producing another product to help our pets live a happier less stressed life with us.

Chris Rundle
3/6/18 Amazon

Works well with excitable dogs

Lynne C Malone
3/6/18 Facebook

The best product in the market for calming dogs and cats. I swear by it for mine too

Gillian Reynolds
2/6/18 Facebook

Flora chilling after her drive

Christine Durrant
2/6/18 Facebook

Pet remedy is really good i use it for my dog and cats it really works

Christine Durrant
2/6/18 Facebook

Pet remedy is really good i use it for my dog and cats it really works

Kath John Neilson
1/6/18 Facebook

It calms my patterdale bitch fireworks wen daughter's dog visits. I spray on my hand sit her on my knee let her smell it rub under her chin

Bianca Hermina
1/6/18 Facebook

This product , spray and plugin, helped me bonding my, so scared, adopted bunny and his new lady bun! At same time it helped stopping the cats fight and brought more peace to another bunny couple that were having fighting times! It is great! I know it works because if I don't use it the cats start to fight again. Bonding went even better with these products. He is still a stressfull little boy so we only use the plug in now and use the spray when cats have their moments. I highly recommend this! Thank you Pet Remedy

Sue Hopgood
1/6/18 Facebook

I'm using the diffuser & spray for my very nervous kitty Bella. She and her sister Saffy have lived with me for over 4 years but Bella still panics if I move wrong! Pet Remedy just helps dial it down for her. Bella is in front.


Marney Vierthaler
31/6/18 Facebook

I am writing a great big thumbs up recommendation for this product. The example I am going to share is him wearing the spray on a bandana during a heavy thunder and lighening storm this week. In days past he would automatically run and hide cowering in the bathroom (his chosen safe spot). As you can see from the photos, with the aid of the calming spray he remain calm and relaxed. Wonderful.

Laura Grantham
30/5/18 Facebook

I would like to say a massive thank you to pet remedy, your hard work and support for rescues is amazing. I for one have seen a massive differance in our rescue dogs and my own using all the different items you guys sell.

Kindle Reader
29/5/18 Amazon

Makes all the difference in the world for the kitten and the five-year-old cat when I use these. The first time the older cat experienced one of these wipes, she rolled around on it as if it were catnip. I've tried the other name brand product here on Azon (the spray and wall plug-ins, which cost more), yet this product works much better for my particular cats. I also use the cat brainwave music album sold on Amazon.

25/5/18 Amazon

Perfect for my dog who suffers from anxiety. We spray before a storm or fireworks and it really helps him stay calm

Ingrid Venables
23/5/18 Facebook

This company and it's wonderful staff deserve a 5* The products have helped our anxious kitty and his sister for as long as I can remember and they are 7now.

The defusers emit a calming effect over our kittys and the additional spray at times of vet visits and visitors to the house help too.

We tried the wipes during unexpected situations and these were exceptionally good for both of them.

Martyn and Gill have been most helpful with questions always happy to give advice or offer a solution to try.
A5* but a 10 in our house

21/6/18 Amazon

Dogs were calm within 48hrs

Busy like a bee
21/5/18 Amazon

works a dream in the car, spray blanket a few mins before i put the dogs in and they totally relax. Beware spraying to much at a time as it can stink a bit

21/5/18 Amazon

Pleasant aroma. Peaceful interactions between my cats. Excellent product.

Anne Russell
20/5/18 Amazon

Calms everyone down. Smells like freshly dug earth. A bit weird. But if it helps kitties I don't mind.

Mimram Vets
19/5/18 Facebook

This is the lovely Boris who took advantage of our home visit service for his annual health check and vaccination. Here he is enjoying being weighed thanks to the Pet Remedy spray that we use. A happy cat

Carol Gibbs
13/5/18 Viovet

My dog can be a nervous wreck but not after a slight spray

Angelica Herra-Petropoulou
13/5/18 Facebook

I'm really happy with all your products. I use the spray every time I frame a stray cat for neutering until we get to the vet's. I use the tissues in my 1-2-1 dog training classes when I first meet with the dog.
I use the plug in diffuser in my place for my dogs, I also fancy the smell of it!! Great products

Denise Moxon
12/5/18 Facebook

On behalf of Appledown Rescue & Rehoming Kennels, I would like to say a massive thank you for the products you donated to our recent auction. The auction raised an amazing £6,700 and your products were extremely popular with our members. It would seem a lot of their animals benefit from your product, especially around tricky times of year involving fireworks but also travelling. I have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for your continued support x

Amazon Customer
12/5/18 Amazon

This is so good sprayed this around the dining room where our cat sleeps and he has stopped doing his poo on the floor he now goes in his tray. This was recommended to me by my brother in law. Will highly recommend

Paline Wales
11/5/18 Facebook

We got the spray & the diffuser in march 2018 for our rescue who suffered from stress & separation anxiety really badly we were sceptical about it but we are so pleased with it she is much more calmer now & is also able to be left for a while so thankyou so much for recommending your products & we tell all our friends who are having problems with there fur babies

Pauline Wales
11/5/18 Email

Hello we met at crufts & you asked me to let you know if it worked on our rescue staffy cross who was suffering really bad with stress.

The diffuser & wipes have worked really well with her & my other two dogs are now so laid back.

Thank you very much for recommending this product

Tracey Maddox
10/5/18 Facebook

Had our rescue Collie 15mths he wasnt in good state when we got him needed a good groom but thought it was more important to get him settled,today was grooming day they came to us but we struggled to get him in the van he wouldnt even make eye contact then i remembered pet remedy wipes got one rubbed his muzzle and head and within seconds he was in the van he didnt rollover and submit but i think it made a bad situation easier

Hawkeye 9/5/18 Pets at Home
9/5/18 Pets at Home

I don't tend to write reviews normally but I am so impressed with this. Needed to take our 15yr old cat to the vet due to an itchy rash. This was a problem as despite being very affectionate with the family he is terrified of people he doesn't know and gets extremely stressed and panicky if someone comes to the house. Also loves being petted but doesn't like being picked up even by us. I wasn't sure how we'd get him to the vet but figured I would give this spray a try. Sprayed it on the underside of a blanket I put in the cat box. I am literally shocked at just how well it worked. He calmed right down. Stayed relaxed and calm right through the appointment, let the vet examine him with no fuss. It completely stopped him getting stressed. Cannot recommend this highly enough

Mary Dyson
7/5/18 Facebook

I use this on my wire fox terries it is great when I leave them for a few hours it works great stuff

Mike Bunn
5/5/18 Amazon

Only had the product a few days,l can already see a huge difference with our dog.

Marney Vierthaler
5/5/18 Email

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with the pet rescue calming spray! The 1st time I used it was on New Years Eve, in previous years I had put a thundershirt on my nervous dog. He now though I am sure assocciates the thundershirt with uh oh something scary is about to happen! So this last NYE as I had just bought my 1st calming spray I thought I would try it out. Wow. Rather than him cowering behind a partially closed door (which has become a safe place for him, even in a thundershirt) I found him floppxed out on my bed wearing his sprayed bandana, calm as calm can be. Amazing.
Initally I had bought the spray as I knew I would be taking him across London via tube then train, and another train journey a few weeks later. I had taken him on a couple of mini tube rides leading up to this in training, like 2 stops and not even going underground. When it came to 'the big journey day' wearing his sprayed bandana, and a couple of sprays on my coat sleeve, he made the trip with a lot more calmness than I could of dreamt of. He even flopped his head on my chest during the tube ride. (I even think the spray I too was inhaling made me calmer as well).
A couple of weeks later when I took him on the train, he was clam enough to settle in the seat next to me and doze for a couple of hours.
I love this product. I will only use it for high stress situations, and now I feel freer to travel with my sweet little dog as I can rely on the calming spray to take the edge off his fear!
The bandana donation you offer I will buy once the bottle of spray I have needs replenishing.
Thank you
Marney and Miyako the Chinese Crested. x

Gemma Louise Aldridge
2/5/18 Facebook

I am a full time dog walker and I have personally seen how great this product is and I have also heard amazing results from my customers using Pet Remedy at home too. Highly recommended.

Gemma W
. 29/4/18 Amazon

Sooo pleased with this product. After reading some reviews I bought the plug in for my 3yo labradoodle who is nervous around my 1yo son. Within 2 weeks of use their relationship has totally changed they play together and no more nervous growling from the dog! I work in a vet practice and will definitely be recommending this to my clients!

Alexandra Simpson
29/4/18 Facebook

- this is the stuff i was telling you about that made such a massive difference to my cat. xx

Fay Lees
27/4/18 Amazon

I have to say I am so impressed with this product. I have an old American bulldog who barks a lot for no apparent reason I’ve only used this for the last few day but noticed a massive decrease in his barking would Defo recommend this product

Client d'Amazon
26/4/18 Amazon

Cats love it and does seem to calm them a bit.

Lisa Bluett
24/4/18 Facebook

I am biased yes, because I sell this product but I have SO much positive feedback on it it is unbelievable. I speak to hundreds of vets and nurses and I could fill the internet with stories of all the happy pets it has helped.

Charlotte Bradley
24/4/18 Facebook

Brilliant work👍🏼Pet Remedy a great product too, it helped my Dog through his grief when we lost our other Dog, his best friend😢and calmed him and helped him sleep at night.

Donna Saunders
24/4/18 Facebook

Omg I have been using pet remedy spray in the vet practice where I work for calming our inpatients. But the plug in has just wowed me beyond belief - I’ve had 3 x 6 wk old feral kittens for 4 days with very slow progress being made to tame them - I plugged in the pet remedy about 2 hours ago and i cannot believe I was just able to stroke every one of them and they all purred for the first time and where so relaxed couldn’t recommend this product more, it’s amazing !!

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Sharron Terry
23/4/18 Facebook

What an amazing team of people. Helping out these dogs.
As for pet remedy well I cannot speak highly enough. One if the best products I have ever used. Not only for my rescue dog but for the dogs I groom in my salon. Helps calm and relax them so much. Not to mention all the dogs at the local rescue I volunteer at.

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Sandra Aylett
23/4/18 Facebook

I am a Dog groomer in Torquay, I have lots of nervous dogs that really benefit from the Pet Remedy products, I use the De-stress and calm wipes and spray and also use the new shampoo/ spray trio includes de stress and calm pre wash, de stress and calming shampoo and a lovely de stress and calming leave in coat shine and conditioner.
They really are fantastic products and I would recommend to any owners who’s dogs get stressed during grooming they really do work.

Allison Hodgson
23/4/18 Facebook

I love this product it helps my cavalier with separation anxiety issues.
I’m also I’m a veterinary nurse and we love this product at work use the plug ins and the sprays and it helps dogs, cats and rabbits settle and have more relaxed visit with us.

Dee N
22/4/18 Amazon

Combined with extra exercise, the diffuser has helped calm down my two adolescent male rescue guinea pigs who were chewing at their c&c grids and just generally rather crazy. They had started to fight with each other and although the pet remedy hasn't helped with those two, it has helped me bond one of them with one of my older boars and they make a much better pairing personality wise. The diffuser does have quite a strong smell which I can understand why people don't like it but I got used to it after a week or two.

Michelle Blom
20/4/18 Facebook

great product we have a cat who is blind and now has a low form of dementia ,its calmed her alot .the other cats like it and jacob keeps rubbing his head on the plug 5 star product

Amazon Customer
20/4/18 Amazon

This is great for anxious dogs. My Dog is frightened of wind and anxious in the car. And this works a treat.

Willet House Veterinary Surgeons

Rosco update. Rosco has responded really well to Pet Remedy and is already starting to make an improvement! He came in today for a cuddle consult with our Head Nurse Gemma. Cuddle consults are a good way to build up your pets confidence in the surgery, and the best news is they are free! If you would like to arrange a free cuddle consult with one of our nurses please contact your local branch

Amazon Customer
20/4/18 Amazon

This is great for anxious dogs. My Dog is frightened of wind and anxious in the car. And this works a treat.

Lynzi Jones
19/4/18 Facebook

I've been using and recommending Pet Remedy for years now.
Since you were introducing a very new product in a market dominated by another high profile brand.
I honestly wouldn't use anything else. The fact that this can be used across nearly all species of animal makes it a world class game changer when it comes to calming our beloved pets.
I don't go a week without suggesting that someone try the brand and watch in awe at the near instant reaction given by their animals.
It truly is a remarkable product. I'm pleased that I have been able to watch from the sidelines as it took off and grew in to the trusted household name that it is today.
You deserve all the praise you are given. There are thousands of chilled out animals out there benefiting all because of Pet Remedy.

Joan Shaw
19/4/18 Facebook

I always do this when I have to take any of my cats to the vet it helps a bit as some are still rather feral xx

Chloe Humphries
18/4/18 Amazon

I've had this for 4 days now plugged in and so far it's amazing. My dog is 9 years old and suffers terrible with separation anxiety. When ever we go to bed or go to work she would shake before we leave and we would always come back or come down to pee all in the kitchen. Since I have had this plugged in not a single day have we come down to pee in the kitchen. So for so Good! She's like a new dog!

Barbara Lee
16/4/18 Facebook

We use Pet Remedy all the time to help our patients through their visits to our practice. Spraying on their beds and on bandanas when they come in for procedures xxx

Barbara Lee
16/4/18 Facebook

We use Pet Remedy all the time to help our patients through their visits to our practice. Spraying on their beds and on bandanas when they come in for procedures xxx

helen South
16/4/18 Facebook

We have a plug in for our dog and he’s so relaxed when it’s on , no barking / whining like he usually does so hopefully it’s working !

RSPCA Harmsworth
13/4/18 Facebook

Say hello to Dermot. Dermot was a little bit stressed whilst waiting to see the vet for his enema! So we gave him a towel to place over the carrier, with Pet Remedy sprayed onto it, to keep him nice and calm and relaxed. And it worked! Dermot is now happy back at home and loving life
We are proud users of Pet Remedy products here at the RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital, and we recommend them daily to our clients.

Benjamin Smith
12/4/18 Facebook

Magical product! We rehomed a 1 year old Lurcher and she howled and howled for 4 nights! Night 5 we plugged in a Pet Remedy plug in and... not a peep! Incredible! She looks rested this morning, and we couldn’t be happier

11/4/18 Amazon

Bought this for my new cat to finally branch out of his acclimating room. Set it up before bed, woke up and he was happy and relaxed enough to follow me up and about the house. Was using the feliway spray but that didnt seem to work as well. Fortunately this has a nice natural scent and my timid cat is roaming around happily!

Tate Boat
11/4/18 Facebook

Thanks for the spray and bandana which I now use on my little man

Collette Harvey
10/4/18 Facebook

So far so good!!! I’ve been struggling with an anxious dog for a couple of years .. I’ve been using this product for less than a week and he seems like a totally different dog !!! 10/10

Natasha Colcombe
9/4/18 Amazon

This stuff has helped my anxious kitty so much. It has a bit of a funny smell but you soon get used to it and don't notice it anymore. The difference is amazing and it's worth every penny for my cat to be happy and confident. It's helped 2 cats get on better as well. I wouldn't say they were best friends but they'll both lie on the bed at the same time now and there have been a few nose bumps on good days.

Ann Reddy
9/4/18 Facebook

Definitely works, noticeable straight away,I won't be without the plug-in.

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

The reason I've used it for years is because from the 1st use I could see results and the more I used it the better the results. It's also 1 product for all my animals!

Matthew Bell
7/4/18 VioVet

It just works!
I've used the spray for years, first with my Husky, then my horses, then the rabbits, and now the cats.

Used with the dog after he broke his toe as a pup and adaptil didn't seem to work for him.
The horses when I clip them.
The rabbits when we can to go to the vets for checks or jabs.
And the cats... Well, we don't ever have to worry about getting the cats in there carriers when it comes to a vet trip! The difficult bit is getting them out when we get home!

We have a towel in the bottom of each carrier. 2 or 3 sprays (which is more than enough!) On the towel and the cats go straight in a settle down.
When we get back home, we leave the carrier doors open and they just choose to spend a few hours in there relaxing.

We also have the heatpad that PR do and we apply 1 spray to it here and there, followed by the cats trying to sleep on top of each other.
We, and our animals, love this stuff!

A few things to bear in mind...
with natural products they will smell of their natural ingredients and this may not be loved by all owners but you aren't buying this for yourself or your benefit, you're buying it for your pet, so just because it's not the best smell for you doesn't mean it's a bad product!

If your animal is in a stressful environment don't expect any calmer to remove the psychological stress of that situation the first time you use it! Especially if the 1st time you use it is in that situation!
Use the product a multiple times before the situation arrives.
Before you go out for a walk.
Before feeding them.
Before cuddles or positive interaction.

Teach them the smell means a positive outcome.
If you use it straight into the stressful situation (firework night, a long journey) where they are very stressed, nothing but actual sedatives are going to be effective and your animal is more likely to associate a products smell to the bad situation!

The oils PR use are known for their calming properties and I've seen it work time and time again, but you still need to apply common sense and husbandry.

Small spaces to hide.
An environment they can feel safe in.
Familiar faces.

The reason I've used it for years is because from the 1st use I could see results and the more I used it the better the results. It's also 1 product for all my animals!

Lucy Proctor
6/4/18 Amazon

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Brilliant product, both my cats and dogs respond really well to this. I bought it to help my cats on a long journey abroad when we move house next month so needed to see if it worked prior to going. One of my cats rubs himself all over where I spray and then doesn't leave the bed! So I'm guessing it's a hit.

Sarah Parker 1/4/18 Facebook
1/4/18 Facebook

Nuka loves her bandana, she is training with Dog A.I.D to become my assistance dog, we love the bandana and the wipes they work great for stressful situations and keep Nuka nice and relaxed.
Thankyou to Pet Remedy for such amazing products, they truly do work wonders. X

Mr P Hickey
1/4/18 Amazon

Miracle worker! Works a treat on my cats. Well worth having in stock.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger
1/4/18 Facebook

Thank Pet Remedy using some of your de-stressing products on Dogs in Romania via Paws 2 Rescue, amazing!

Sandy Morwood
1/4/18 Facebook

Hi, my plug in is on 24/7 in my lounge, it keeps my golden retriever calm all the time, He has no reaction to the odd farmers gunshot or scary bin day collection which sound to him like thunder when they are rumbling back empty! On pet remedy website it states it lasts up to 8 weeks per 40ml I find it lasts longer, you can check when liquid is nearly used up, when I can't see any more liquid in bottle to soak up wick I change it, you can use 4 x 40ml refill bottles to 1 plug xx

Vicky Pamela
1/4/18 Facebook

Thanks I personally highly recommend it it works brilliantly I use it for my 15 and a half year old Chihuahua

Carole Gillett
1/4/18 Facebook

We have used the spray for a few weeks now on Baxter as every night when we went to bed he scratched at the door to get out. We came to the conclusion that he had separation anxiety. In desperation we thought we would try the de-stress & calming spray. We couldn’t believe it as the first night we used it we never heard a peep from him and this has been the case ever since apart from the few occasions when it has been raining heavy as he hates the rain. But we can live with that so I just want to thank you as this spray ensures that we have a good nights sleep as well as calming him down. Thank you

Katie Manning
31/3/18 Facebook

Thankyou for our samples, hoping they will help Merlin stay nice and relaxed during recovery of his luxating patella operation in 2 weeks.

Dogs on the Street
29/3/18 Facebook

We believe in all pet remedy’s products & use them all the time at our stations including the calming bandana as seen in picture on Mr G , so if you have a dog who is anxious/ nervous we at DOTS highly recommend all pet remedy products

29/3/18 Amazon

Could not live without this product! My two cats are much calmer when this plug in is on.

Dympna Kavanagh
27/3/18 Facebook

Tilly totally relaxed while wearing her new bandana

27/3/18 Amazon

Really works my cat get upset she soon settles down when I plug in Pet remedy

Wendy Shuffle-Botham
26/3/18 Facebook

Amazing product! I recommend Pet Remedy to all of my clients at my dog training classes. It works in front of your eyes. Lovely smelling too.
I keep a small spray with me at all times. The large atomiser is great to hang on the wall over a stressed dog. Works on people too!

Pat Rogers
26/03/18 Facebook

Pet Remedy is a wonderful product, I show my dog Tipsey but about an hour after we got back home from a show she would get very restless wanting to go outside where she will eat anything dirt, leaves until she was sick then she would be okay. I took her to the vet and they said it was stress and it would be better not to show her I tried tablets from the vets and every natural remedy I could find but nothing worked so I decided it wasn't right to keep showing her so Crufts was going to be her last show but thank goodness I saw the Pet Remedy stand there. Spoke to Gill and brought some and used it at Crufts and plugged the diffuser in as soon as I got home and a miracle happened Tipsey was very relaxed and calm. I used it again at the weekend after another show with the same result I am so happy I discovered Pet Remedy I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a stressed dog, I can continue showing Tipsey knowing she is no longer stressed and enjoying her day out.

Jane Tharby
25/3/18 Facebook

I have 2 Pet Remedy Diffusers, your Ginger is like my Harry